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'60 Minutes' Transcript
Sunday, December 28, 2003
First public comments from Michael since allegations broke

On December 25th 2003, CBS's Ed Bradley interviewed Michael Jackson.

The interview is due to air in America on CBS at 7 p.m./ET, 6 p.m./Central.

Below is a transcript of the interview:

ED BRADLEY: What is your response to the allegations that were brought by the district attorney in Santa Barbara, that you molested this boy?

MICHAEL JACKSON: Totally false. Before I would hurt a child, I would slit my wrists. I would never hurt a child. It's totally false. I was outraged. I could never do something like that.

EB: This is a kid you knew?

MJ: Yes.

EB: How would you characterize your relationship with this boy?

MJ: I've helped many, many, many children, thousands of children, cancer kids, leukemia kids. This is one of many.

EB: So, when he would come over, what would he do? What would you do?

MJ: I'll tell you exactly. When I first saw (BLEEP), he was total bald-headed, white as snow from the chemotherapy, very bony, looked anorexic, no eyebrows, no eyelashes. And he was so weak, I would have to carry him from the house to the game room, or push him in a wheelchair, to try to give him a childhood, a life. Cause I felt bad. Because I never had that chance, too, as a child. You know? That the, and so, I know what it, it felt like in that way. Not being sick, but not having had a childhood. So, my heart go out to those children I feel their pain.

Michael says he tried to help in the healing process by taking the boy
around the grounds of Neverland to Jackson's favorite places.

MJ: He had never really climbed a tree. So, I had this tree that I have at Neverland. I call it, "My Giving Tree." Cause I like to write songs up there. I've written many songs up there. So, I said, "You have to climb a tree. That's part of boyhood. You just gotta do it." And, I helped him up. And once he went up, up the tree, we looked down on the branches. And it was so beautiful. It was magical. And he loved it. To give him a chance to have a life, you know? Because he was told he was going to die. They told him. They told his, his parents prepare for his funeral, that's how bad it was. And I put him on a program. I've helped many children doing this. I put him on a mental program.

EB: What was going through your mind when you're taken into a police station, in handcuffs, to have a mug shot taken, that you know is gonna be shown around the world?

MJ: They did it to try and belittle me, to try and to take away my pride. But I went through the whole system with them. And at the end, I, I wanted the public to know that I was okay, even though I was hurting.

EB: What happened when they arrested you? What did they do to you?

MJ: They were supposed to go in, and just check fingerprints, and do the whole thing that they do when they take somebody in. They manhandled me very roughly. My shoulder is dislocated, literally. It's hurting me very badly. I'm in pain all the time. This is, see this arm? This is as far as I can reach it. Same with this side over here.

EB: Because of what happened at the police station?

MJ: Yeah. Yeah. At the police station. And what they did to me, if you, if you saw what they did to my arms, it was very bad what they did. It's very swollen. I don't wanna say. You'll see. You'll see .

EB: How did they do it? I mean, what, physically, what did they do?

MJ: With the handcuffs, the way they tied 'em too tight behind my back

EB: Behind your back?

MJ: Yeah. And putting it, they put it in a certain position, knowing that it's going to hurt, and affect my back. Now I can't move. I, I, it keeps me from sleeping at night. I can't sleep at night.

And Michael says there was more:

MJ: Then one time, I asked to use the restroom. And they said, "Sure, it's right around the corner there." Once I went in the restroom, they locked me in there for like 45 minutes. They was doo doo , feces thrown all over the walls, the floor, the ceiling. And it stunk so bad. Then one of the policemen came by the window. And he made a sarcastic remark. He said, "Smell, does it smell good enough for you in there? How do you like the smell? Is it good?" And I just simply said, "It's alright. It's okay." So, I just sat there, and waited.

EB: For 45 minutes?

MJ: Yeah, for 45 minutes. About 45 minutes. And then, then one cop would, come by, and say, "Oh, you'll be out in, in a second. You'll be out in a second." Then there would be another ten minutes added on, then another 15 minutes added on. They did this on purpose.

EB: How did you feel when they went into Neverland, I mean, with a search warrant? I mean, what were they looking for? What did they take?

MJ: My room is a complete wreck. My workers told me. They said, "Michael, don't go in your room." They were crying on the phone, my employees. They said, "If you saw your room, you would cry." I have stairs that go up to my bed. And they said, "You can't even get up the stairs. The room is totally trashed." And they had 80 policemen in this room, 80 policemen in one bedroom. That's really overdoing it//They took knives, and cut open my mattresses with knives ...just cut everything open.

EB: Did, did they take anything from Neverland?

MJ: I'm not sure what they took. They never gave me a list.

EB: But you're saying that they destroyed your property?

MJ: Yes, they did. And then they, what they did was they made everybody that work at the property (SIC), they locked everybody out of the house. They had the whole house to themselves to do whatever they wanted. And, they totally took advantage. They went into areas they weren't supposed to go into, like my office. They didn't have search warrants for those places. And they totally took advantage. And the room is a total, total wreck, they told me. I don't think I wanna see it. I'm not ready to see it yet.

EB: So, you haven't been back there?

MJ: I've been back there. But not in my bedroom. I won't live there ever again. I'll visit Neverland. It's a house now. It's not a home anymore. I'll only visit there.What time is it? Cause I'm hurting. You know what? I'm, I'm hurting. I have to go pretty soon anyway. Yeah. Okay. I don't feel good.

Michael goes on to talk about how he thinks it's all about the money...

MJ: Somewhere greed got in there, and somebody, I, I can't quite say. But it has to do with money. It's Michael Jackson. Look what we have here. We can get money out of this. That's exactly what happened.

EB: You had helped him with his cancer. What I don't understand is why today and I know you say it's money, but why would he turn around and say, "Michael Jackson sexually molested me," if it weren't true?

MJ: Because parents have power over children. They feel they have to do what their parents say But the love of money is the root of all evil. And this is a sweet child. And to see him turn like this, this isn't him. This is not him

EB: So, you don't think this comes from him? This...

MJ: No.

EB: ...comes from his parents?

MJ: No. This is not him. No. I know his heart

Michael said he would NEVER settle this case.

EB: When the accusations that were made, the allegations back in 1993, you were innocent of those allegations then?

MJ: Yes.

EB: So, if you were innocent, why would you pay, I mean, to keep you quiet? I mean, why not go into court, and fight for your good name? I mean...

MJ: I'm not allowed to talk on that...

Male Voice: I'm gonna stop you for a second.

EB: Sure.

Mark Geragos (Michael's Lawyer): I mean, remember what happened to him ten years ago. He was humiliated. He was... he went through where somebody... was examining him. Was photographing him. Was having him, humiliating him in the worst way in terms of looking at his private parts and photographing his private parts. And, and he was subjected to some of the most, just intrusive kinds of things that you could ever imagine. I can only try to put myself into that situation and, and say look; If money could make that situation go away, maybe that, that was the calculus then. I don't know and I don't wanna second guess it

EB: But, but what you end up with is the public perception that this has happened not once, this has happened twice. That young boys have, have come forward to accuse him of, of sexual molestation over the last ten years. And he has made public comments about how he enjoys sharing his bed with children. Can you understand how the public might feel that, hey, maybe there's something here. There's a lot of smoke.

Mark Geragos: Well, look. There's a lot of smoke. But a lot of the people who blow the smoke are, are twisting what's happened. I understand when people say, now, there's somebody else who came forward. But I, I think, in all fairness, most people 'get it.' Most people understand that this case is not about anything but money.

EB: That British documentary last February, which you didn't like...

MJ: Yeah, I didn't like it.

EB: You, you said in that documentary that, that many children have slept in your bedroom.

MJ: Yeah.

EB: You said, and, and I'm gonna (SIC) quote here, "Why can't you share your bed? A most loving thing to do is to share your bed with, with someone."

MJ: Yes.

EB: As, as we sit here today, do you still think that it's acceptable to share your bed with children?

MJ: Of course. Of course. Why not? If you're gonna be a pedophile, if you're gonna be Jack, the Ripper, if you're gonna be a murderer, it's not a good idea. That I'm not. That's how we were raised. And I met, I didn't sleep in the bed with the child. Even if I did, it's okay. I slept on the floor. I give the bed to the child.

EB: You're a parent. You've got three children.

MJ: Yes.

EB: Would you allow your children to sleep in the bed with a grown man, who was not a relative, or to sleep in the bedroom?

MJ: Sure, if I know that person, trust them, and love them. That's happened many times with me when I was little.

EB: Would you, as a parent, allow your children to sleep in the same bedroom with someone, who has the suspicions and allegations that have been made against you, and about you today? Would you allow that?

MJ: Someone...

EB: If you knew someone, who had the same...

MJ: I'm not...

EB: ...kind of allegations...

MJ: Ed, I, I know exactly what you're saying.

EB: ...that were made against you, would you let your children...

MJ: My children?

EB: ...sleep in that man's bedroom?

MJ: Mmm, if I, if I knew the person personally. Cause I know how the press is, and how people can twist the truth, if I knew the person personally, absolutely yes. Absolutely. I wouldn't have a problem with it.

EB: Do you know how this looks to a lot of people? I mean, do you understand that?

MJ: How does what look?

EB: How the fact that you...

MJ: Know why? People think sex. They're thinking sex. My mind doesn't run that way. When I see children, I see the face of God. That's why I love them so much. That's what I see.

EB: Do you know any other man your age, a 45-year-old man, who shares his bedroom with children?

MJ: Of course. Not for sex. No. That's wrong.

EB: Well, let me, let me say, from my perspective, my experience, I don't know any 45 year old men, who are not relatives of the children, who share their bedroom with other children.

MJ: Well, what's wrong with sharing your bed? I didn't say I slept in the bed. Even if I did sleep in the bed, it's okay. I am not going to do anything sexual to a child. It's not where my heart is. I would never do anything like that. That's not Michael Jackson. I'm sorry. That's someone else.

EB: What, what has this done to your career?

MJ: What, what has it done to my career?

EB: What has it done to your career?

MJ: In what way?

EB: How has it impacted, you know...

MJ: I'm, my album...

EB: ...touring, record sales...

MJ: ...album is number one all over the world. All over the world. America is the only one, because I... I don't wanna say too much.

EB: But it's not number one in the United States?

MJ: It's a conspiracy. Yeah. I'm getting tired.

EB: Michael, what would you say to you, your fans, who have supported you through all of this, and, and who today, some of them might have questions? What would you say to them?

MJ: Well, I would tell them I love them very much. And I, I, they've learned about me, and know about me from a distance. But if you really want to know about me, there's a song I wrote, which is the most honest song I've ever written. It's the most autobiographical song I've ever written. It's called, "Childhood." They should listen to it. That's the one they really should listen to. And thank you for your support, the fans around the world. I love you with all my heart. I don't take any of it for granted. Any of it. And I love them dearly, all over the world.



Official Spokesman Stuart Backerman Resigns

Michael Jackson's chief spokesman resigned on Monday, citing "strategic differences" with other members of the embattled pop star's team over the handling of child molestation charges.

Stuart Backerman stepped down a day after CBS News broadcast an interview with Jackson in which the onetime "King of Pop" said he still saw nothing wrong with sleeping with children and claimed to have been mistreated by police.

"I resigned today over strategic differences with the way things are going," Backerman told Reuters in an interview. He declined to elaborate on those differences. "The one thing I will say is that I love Michael Jackson and his fans."

Backerman said he had no firm plans for the future and did not know who would replace him as spokesman for the 45-year-old entertainer 

Source:Associated Press


Michael is Gold in America!

'Number Ones' moves half a million units in the States

Michael Jackson's Number Ones has officially gone gold in America, according to the latest edition of Billboard magazine. Gold status represents shipments of more than 500,000 copies to US retail and is measured by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The album is currently at No. 65 on the US Top 200 Album chart, up four spots from last week.



Michael Jackson Interview To Air Sunday

An interview with Michael Jackson will air on the CBS show '60 Minutes' this Sunday. Ed Bradley, correspondent for '60 Minutes', conducted the interview at a hotel Thursday, according to a CBS spokesman. The interview lasted for 30 minutes. This will be Michael's first interview since the recent allegations.

Also announced by CBS is the rescheduling of a Michael Jackson special for Friday, January 2. The original program was postponed when news of the allegations broke. The special is to include performance footage, as well as interviews with Dick Clark, Beyonce Knowles, Mary J. Blige, and others about Michael's influence in music. The special is called, 'Michael Jackson Number Ones'.

Source: AP / MJFC


Gathering Of Friends And Family At Neverland

Friends and family gathered at Neverland Valley Ranch on Saturday, December 20, in a show of support of Michael Jackson who is fighting child molestation charges. It was a private, by invitation only gathering but that did not stop fans from gathering by the gates with signs of support and encouragement. "This event is to show Michael that he has the love and support of his friends and family," Jackson's spokesman Stuart Backerman told reporters outside the estate. The event was titled "You Are Not Alone" after the popular song.

The event drew approximately six hundred people including celebrities such as Serena Williams, MC Hammer, Eddie Griffin, Jermaine Duprie, Chris Tucker, Lionel Richie, Rodney Jerkins, and DJ Ryan Seacrest. Michael's parents as well as Janet, LaToya, Randy, Tito, Marlon, and Reebee were also in attendance.

Musician Edwin Birdson reported that Michael was quiet and subdued as various supporters honored him. "He just said 'Hi' and smiled" Birdsong told reporters, noting that the overall feeling of the event was upbeat and happy. Birdsong reported that a gospel choir led by Andrae Crouch performed and added the names of celebrities including Robert Townsend and former baseball star Darryl Strawberry to the list of attendees.

Actor David McKnight said that various guests and children whom Michael has helped over the years took turns giving tributes, adding that there was "a lot of food, a lot of eating and a lot of celebration, camaraderie, holding hands, cheering and praising Michael Jackson." Guest Katherine Rogers reported that Jermaine performed a song and actor Tommy Davidson acted as master of ceremonies. Michael himself did not perform. When Stuart Backerman, Michael's official spokesperson, was asked by reporters how Michael was doing, Stuart replied "He's doing fantastic. He's doing well. He's holding up fine. He's clearly fighting mad regarding the allegations." but declined to answer further questions regarding legal difficulties.

As the cars begun to leave the ranch, passengers in one car threw T-shirts to the fans waiting outside the gates. The shirts read "I Support Michael Jackson." Brian Oxman, a lawyer and friend of Michael's echoed Stuart Backerman's words saying Michael had wanted to thank people who have stood beside him, noting that the gathering was for "family and friends to say thank you from Michael to people he loves and who have supported him...It's not a party. It's not a pep rally. It's not hoopla or celebration."

Michael will soon be traveling to England to fulfill unspecified contractual obligations in that country.

Source: AP / MJFC



'Number Ones' Ships over 1 MILLION!

Album still going strong!

MJNI are pleased to announce, as of this morning, Michael Jackson's latest album Number Ones has shipped over 1 MILLION units in the UK!

1,022,231 to be exact, and still going strong!



Reports Allegations Were Concluded As "Unfounded"

Allegations denied by alleged victim and his family

According to The Smoking Gun and several other news agencies, earlier this year probes made by Police and Child Welfare into allegations made against Michael Jackson and were concluded to be "unfounded".

A government memo shows that an investigation was taken out by the Sensitive Case Unit of LA's Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS) . The investigation was concluded as "unfounded" as the allegations of sexual abuse were believed to have no merit.

The allegation arose from a phone call made to the child abuse hotline by a "school official" after seeing the televised documentary, Living With Michael Jackson . An investigation was carried out and was concluded "unfounded" due to statements made by the alleged victim and his family.

The government memo refers to the alleged victim's mother stating that Michael was "like a father to the children and part of her family". The memo also states that the alleged victim and his younger brother "denied any form of sexual abuse" and that they "expressed a fondness" for Michael. The eldest child of the family, the alleged victim's older sister, also denied anything wrong had happened, stating she "had accompanied her brothers on sleepovers" at Neverland and "had never seen anything sexually inappropriate" between her brothers and Michael.


Microphones Found At Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office

Several wireless microphones were found outside the Santa Barbara sheriff's office on Sunday. Officials believe that this could be an attempt by journalists to gather information on the Michael Jackson case. The microphones were found in a brushy area where employees take breaks and in an area where reporters are not normally allowed access.

Source: USA Today / MJFC


Candlelight Vigils In Support Of Michael Jackson

Fans from around the world are gathering in various locations for a candle lit, peaceful rally in support of Michael Jackson.

News York,Paris,Budapest etc..

source:article l'express


'Number Ones' Charts

Here are first weeks chart positions for Michael Jackson's album 'Number Ones':

UK: #1
USA: #13
Australia: #8
Austria: #11
Canada: #26
Denmark: #26
Germany: #16
Italy: #22
Norway: #36
New Zealand: #14
Switzerland: #14
The Netherlands: #29

Australia: #3
Austria: #5

Source: Various / MJFC


Tom Sneddon Apologizes

Santa Barbara district attorney Tom Sneddon has finally apologized for the joking and comments he made at last weeks news conference regarding Michael Jackson. He responded to criticisim after he acted hugely unprofessionally by joking at last Tuesday's news conference.

Sneddon told CNN's Art Harris in an Interview: "There were certain instances where I used humor to deflect questions, and I guess some reporters took offense. I think the criticism was valid, I think that to some extent [the comment] was inappropriate," he said. "I feel bad about it because I think I should've known better. I feel bad about it because somebody would assume that I'm making light of a thing where I know there's a serious crime, and that there are victims that have been hurt, and family."

At the conference he referred to a glib comment, by welcoming the media circus surrounding the Jackson case because it would put money into the struggling California economy.

That's not the only apology he made. He also apologized for an interview which took place on November 20 with Diane Dimond defending allegations that he was merely targeteing Michael Jackson to advance his career, in which he referred to Jackson as "a guy everybody calls 'Jacko Wacko.'" He said,

"I made refrence to Mr. Jackson in some terms that are slang or jargon terms. I knew as soon as I said it , it was inappropriate, it was unprofessional [and] I was immediately sorry for it. My wife, when she saw the interview, chided me on it, and in all candor I'd have to say that if my mom was still alive she would take me to task for not being a good person, and I do feel badly for making that remark. I got more important things going on in my life than to listen to a song by a guy everybody calls 'Jacko Wacko,' said Sneddon. "I have my life and I do my job, and anybody who thinks I've spent 10 years sitting here waiting to read [lyrics] from Michael Jackson just has not got a clue. Or anybody who thinks that I'm doing this for political reasons is totally poppycock because I'm not running for re-election. I'm retiring in three years. And I've been successful, I have a good career. I'm not worried about getting another notch on my belt. The idea that I would subject myself to what I knew was coming, or the sheriff would subject himself, or that anybody in my office, to this avalanche of scrutiny that we all knew coming because we saw it in '93 and '94, should tell people something about why we were willing to go forward. It's our job, it's simply that."

Source: Associated Press / MJFC


Michael Jackson Wins Court Order On Illegal Videotape

LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David Yaffe granted Michael Jackson a court order against the aircraft company XtraJet, which was attempting to sell a surreptitious videotape of Michael and his attorney to the highest media bidder.

"The videotaping of my client conferring with me was illegal and outrageous, as was the aircraft company's attempt to sell that tape for profit," said Mark Geragos, Michael's attorney. "This entire case is about cash, and anyone who believes differently is living in their own Neverland. We will be absolutely relentless in our pursuit of any and all extortionists regardless of how they try to gift wrap their lies in the cloak of justice. Michael is not going to be a piñata for every money-hungry publicity seeker to strike in the hopes of hitting it rich."

The videotape was made on November 20th while Michael and his attorney flew from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara for the singer's processing on criminal charges. The judge's ruling prohibits XtraJet from releasing the tape until a hearing next month where a permanent prohibition will be sought.

Anyone watching this case can see that new lows are being hit every day. Motivated parties are taking obscene measures to injure Michael with false allegations. We will aggressively challenge the rogue's gallery of grifters who are seeking dividends from Michael's ordeal. There is a very real, human price being exacted here, and Michael will do what it takes to safeguard his family and his name.

Source: Stuart Backerman, Official Spokesman for Michael Jackson / MJFC


Elizabeth Strongly Supports Michael's Innocence

Actress Elizabeth Taylor made a statement today that she believes her good friend Michael Jackson is "absolutely innocent" of child molestation charges and will be "vindicated." She also criticized the press for behaving "abominably" toward Michael.

"Their whole reaction is that he is guilty. I thought the law was 'innocent until proven guilty.' I know he is innocent and I hope they all eat crow,"

Taylor said of the press.

Elizabeth Taylor said she would not be giving interviews to the media because of the way they have treated Michael Jackson.

"I believe Michael is absolutely innocent and that he will be vindicated,"

Taylor said in her statement.

Source: Reuters / MJFC

Michael Jackson Launches Official Press Room Site

To my fans, friends and family:

As you know, the charges recently directed at me are terribly serious. They are, however, predicated on a big lie. This will be shown in court, and we will be able to put this horrible time behind us.

Because the charges are so serious, I hope you all will understand, on the advice of my attorneys, I will be limited in what I can say about the situation. There will be times when I cannot comment at all. No doubt, this will be frustrating for all of us.

For that reason, I have set up this website to serve as a source of official communications on my case. Any statement that does not appear on this website must be considered unauthorized.

You are right to be skeptical of some of the individuals who are being identified in the mass media as my friends, spokespeople, and attorneys. With few exceptions, most of them are simply filling a desperate void in our culture that equates visibility with insight. We will not engage in speculation. We will not provide running commentary on every new development or allegation du jour. We intend to try our case in the courtroom, not in the public or the media.

I thank you all for your support and understanding.

God bless you,

Michael Jackson


New Book Detailing

Geraldine Hughes, the former secretary of Barry Rothman (Accusers lawyer) decides to go public about the conspiracy behind the allegations against Michael Jackson in 1993.

The book, entitled: Redemption: The Truth Behind the Michael Jackson Child Molestation Allegations , includes details of the events that took place that prove "beyond a shadow of doubt" Michael's innocence.

When discussing with MJNI, Geraldine Hughes states: "As far as the book, I am revealing facts that has never come to the public's attention which will prove Michael Jackson's innocence beyond a shadow of doubt. If Sneddon was really searching for the truth in this case in 1993, how did the sole secretary of Barry Rothman go completely unnoticed? Geraldine then goes on to say, "The book was originally called 'The Set-Up.' It is now called 'Redemption....'."

The book has been in the making since 1997, and is due for a January 2004 release.

The author also had these kind words for Michael's fans, "To all the fans of Michael Jackson I would say God has had his hands on Michael's life all along." She goes on to say, "After researching Michael's life, and learning how many people and children Michael has helped in his life and time, its no wonder why God gave Michael a ram in the bush. God never promises that we won't go through trials and tribulations, he just promises us that if we go through the fire with a right heart, we will come out as pure gold."


Michael Jackson's NUMBER ONES hits the top spot in UK

Greatest Hits album debuts at number one!

It's official! The King of Pop's latest album "Number Ones" has entered the UK Album Charts at number one, way ahead of nearest rivals Busted. This is a significant victory for Michael Jackson and proves once again that he remains a musical force to be reckoned with.


In Australia, the DVD "Number One" is 3

DVD Charts Top 40.



Music Stars Comment On

Michael Jackson Case

R&B and hip hop stars who attended Thursday nights Vibe Awards at the Civic Auditorium in Santa Monica were generous in their defense of Michael:

"I feel offended for him," singer Alicia Keys said, when asked for comment on the Jackson case. "I really think he deserves much more respect than he's getting right now."

Rapper LL Cool J was mindful of the presumption of innocence:

"You know plastic surgery doesn't mean you are a pedophile."

Others, like 'Thriller' producer Quincy Jones offered best wishes to Michael:

"God bless him."

Source: Yahoo Entertainment / MJFC


Michael Returns To Las Vegas


Michael has returned to Las Vegas, after his arrest at the airport in Santa Barbara this afternoon.

Michael Jackson's lawyer, Mark Geragos confirmed, that his client had to post $3 million bail at the Santa Barbara County main jail, posed for a mugshot, and was advised of the charges against him.

"Michael is here. He's come back specifically to confront these charges head on. He is greatly outraged by the bringing of these charges. He considers this to be a big lie. He understands the people who are outraged, because if these charges were true, I assure you Michael would be the first to be outraged, but I'm here to tell you today - and Michael has given me the authority to say on his behalf - these charges are categorically untrue. He looks forward to getting into a courtroom, as opposed to any other forum, and confronting these accusations head on."

Source: CNN / MJFC


Jermaine Jackson Interview

Jermaine Jackson said Friday that he will request a state and federal investigation into the authorities who are working on the child-molestation case against his younger brother, pop star Michael Jackson.

He defended his brother in an interview with ABC's Barbara Walters.

"He's not a criminal," Jermaine Jackson told Walters. "He's been innocent since day one, he's not a child molester, he's not a pedophile, and these things have got to stop.

"You got a bunch of racist, I'm sorry, racist rednecks out there who don't care about people.

"We are a family, my mother is very angry, we are all angry, and we're going to put our soldiers and generals together and prepare for war, that's what this is."


Statement On Behalf

Of Michael Jackson

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- "The big lie against Michael Jackson is anchored in the most vicious allegation imaginable, one that resonates across every culture: the spectacle of harming a child. That spectacle invites outrage, and it should. But this spectacle is rooted in a lie.

"Michael said, 'Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons. The truth will win this marathon in court.'

"Michael is going to defend himself with the force of his spirit, as would anyone falsely accused of something so monstrous."

Source: Stuart Backerman, Spokesman for Michael Jackson / MJFC


Statement On Allegations

Statement on Behalf of Michael Jackson

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The outrageous allegations against Michael Jackson are false. Michael would never harm a child in any way. These scurrilous and totally unfounded allegations will be proven false in a courtroom. Naturally, the implications are distressing to everyone who hears them, which is precisely the point.

We are disturbed by the levity of the environment surrounding the announcement of these very serious charges. When the evidence is presented and the allegations proven to be malicious and wholly unfounded, Michael will be able to put this nightmare behind him.

Michael through his attorneys, led by Mark Geragos, has already made arrangements with the District Attorney to return to Santa Barbara to immediately confront and prove these charges unfounded.

Source: Stuart Backerman, Spokesman for Michael Jackson / MJFC


King Of Pop Attends

Celion Dion In Las Vegas

"The Las Vegas Sun" reports that the King Of Pop Michael Jackson was a special guest in the audience for Celion Dion's performance in Las Vegas.


To All Of Michael Jackson's Wonderful Fans

At his 45th birthday party in Los Angeles, Michael spoke about the amazing dedication and loyalty you've shown him, his optimism for the future and some of his upcoming projects, including a fan communication center.

Michael has a tremendous desire to give back to all the people who've supported him throughout the years. And he's starting now: by getting to know you, your thoughts and ideas, just a little bit better.

We've put together some questions in an online survey because we believe in the crucial importance of reaching out to Michael's fans. While we have plans to improve communication, we are, at the same time, extremely sensitive to the extraordinary effort and value of web sites and other projects dedicated to Michael that have already been created by his fans.

Please take some time to complete this survey and then forward or post the link to people you think would also be interested in participating. Please don't wait to voice your opinion, as the survey will be live only until November 19, 2003.

Your valuable knowledge will be used to develop an even better fan communications center. The survey should only take about 15 minutes to answer, but it means the world to Michael and his new team.

Thank you so much for your help!

Stuart Backerman
Official Spokesman for Michael Jackson

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Halloween Interview

Below follows a transcript of the conversation:

Rick Dees: Hey Buddy, I miss you.

Michael Jackson: I miss you too.

Rick Dees: Aww, you looked great the other night on tv the other nigh and also, before we get into this world premiere, a lot of people are calling for this already. Thank you so much for allowing us to premiere it.

Michael Jackson: What a wonderful man you are. Thank you so much.

Rick Dees: Oh, you're so welcome. Are you on the ranch now?

Michael Jackson: No, I'm out still doing some business out of town.

Rick Dees: I can barely hear you.

Michael Jackson: Still doing meetings and things. I'm not back in California yet, I'll be there soon.

Rick Dees: Good, good deal. So you obviously don't get up at seven twenty in the morning do you?

Michael Jackson: No [laughs] I usually work all night. I usually go to bed this time.

Rick Dees: Mike You're a night person. Last time I saw you had stayed up all night and written about four different songs.

Michael Jackson: Yeah, I'm very nocturnal.

Rick Dees: Yeah, you're a very nocturnal guy (laughter). This is your day coming up I mean If it's not Halloween for Michael Jackson then it's not for anybody.

Michael Jackson: [laughs] Right

Rick Dees: Are you going to go out and trick or treat?

Michael Jackson: Yes, I'm going trick or treating. Taking my children.

Rick Dees: Do they have costumes?

Michael Jackson: Yes.

Rick Dees: What are they? We've got Prince and Paris and Tito?

Michael Jackson: Prince, Paris, and Blanket. Prince wants to be the black panther. And Paris, who is the girl, she's a tomboy. She wants to be spiderman. And the little one wants to be spiderman too. And I'm going to be a ghost.

Rick Dees: Oh yeah!

Michael Jackson: [Michael laughs]

Rick Dees: This ghost. Listen if you get a chance, I mean you're in the neighborhood, I have these huge beautiful candy apples and the long, huge, candy bars - the ones that no one gives out, the movie size candy bars like you serve at your place there, so come on in..I'd love to throw down a little something for Prince and Paris and the Ghost.

Michael Jackson: Oh, they would love it!

Rick Dees: Do you have a favorite chocolate, Michael?

Michael Jackson: I like.. uhm ... believe it or not, milk chocolate.

Rick Dees: You said milk chocolate?

Michael Jackson: Yes [laughs].

Rick Dees: I love milk chocolate

Michael Jackson: Me too [laughs].

Rick Dees: You know what I did this week Michael? I um, I have to confess - these kids came by here and sold 1,000 dollars worth of chocolate to the radio station.

Michael Jackson: Wow.

Rick Dees: I said I was donating it to charity. I did all except for 30 candy bars - I've been eating chocolate for thirty days. Every morning. I've got this thing about milk chocolate.

Michael Jackson: You ate the candy? [laughs]

Rick Dees: I ate the candy!

Michael Jackson: I'm sorry [still laughing...]

Rick Dees: Last time I was at your place I was got so hungry and this chef goes in here and I could smell this wonderful vegetarian pizza all afternoon and - there's candy everywhere at Neverland. There's candy everywhere in your home. I love that. I just love that. When you walk into Michael Jackson's place it's fresh candy and there's the fragrance in his home - it's a cross between chocolate and vanilla and there's a kind of buttery smell and fragrance - I could definitely hang out

Michael Jackson: Well you're welcome anytime.

Rick Dees: Thanks! Thank you so much.

Michael Jackson: You're always welcome.

Rick Dees: Did you have breakfast yet?

Michael Jackson: Pardon? [Laughter]

Rick Dees: What's that? He doesn't know what that is?
Listen Michael, we have this bet going on and you can certainly tell me 'No'. I'm going to end up playing 'Thriller' a tremendous number of times between now and this time tomorrow. And of course, your world premiere. People are calling for this song over over and over - 'What More Can I Give?'

Michael Jackson: Oh, God Bless them. It's for the children. It's so important.

Rick Dees: I'm trying to get something for the kids. Is there anyway you can say, "Hey what's up. It's Michael Jackson with Rick Dees as my Halloween gift to you. Here's Thriller". Obviously, I'm going to warn you in advance, I'm going to tape it if you will say that.

Michael Jackson: Okay, I'll do it for you.

Rick Dees: Okay, here we go. Use your own words if you want but with good energy like you're on the Mike Douglas show for the first time.

Okay, 3 - 2 - 1

Michael Jackson: Hi, this is Michael Jackson with Rick Dees, Halloween. This is Thriller - enjoy it.

Rick Dees: Good, now just say 2003 Halloween.

Michael Jackson: Okay, 2003 Halloween with Rick Dees.

Rick Dees: Awwww! [claps] That's like heaven. Okay. That one lost the bet. I was saying you probably might not do it.
Let's go back to the song for just a second. It's been some time putting together. And did it come to you at once or was it something you were working on with the tune and everything for a period of time?

Michael Jackson: No, it just came at once. Uhm, art of songwriting is a totally different art. It really is. It really is a gift from God. It really is. I feel guilty putting my name on it. It falls into my lap. It's a gift from Heaven. It really is.

Rick Dees: It's just a gift, isn't it?

Michael Jackson: It really is.

Rick Dees: Wow, so between now and the holidays are you going to stick around home, you gonna head back to Haveynhurst avenue ever?

Michael Jackson: Uhm, I think we're going overseas.

Rick Dees: Yeah, so much goes on over there. Once you hit the tarmak like in London or Paris, it doesn't stop, does it?

Michael Jackson: It doesn't. We go to London, and Ireland, and then we go over to Africa and then we come back.

Rick Dees: Where do they get the craziest? I saw some shots in the Budican also in Japan where they're carrying people out and everything. Does it get craziest in Japan or where?

Michael Jackson: To tell you the honest truth, Rick: It's the same wherever we go. It really is. The love and appreciation is so wonderful. The fans are so happy and animated and it just touches my heart. It's love. I pray is what I do. I thank God.

Rick Dees: Any word on whether or not you're going to put together a tour for 2004 or is it too early to tell?

Michael Jackson: I don't think so. We are really concentrating in other areas now. You never know, it might be a special event for something.

Rick Dees: Good deal. We'll certainly keep it open for you.
All those beautiful babies, are there plans for any more babies in your life?

Michael Jackson: Oh, I'm going to have a big family. I wanna have more and more children -I'll double my father

Rick Dees: You wanna beat your dad?

Michael Jackson: I am.

Rick Dees: He's the father of our country.

Michael Jackson: [laughter]

Rick Dees: Michael Jackson is here -doesn't it feel great to hear it on the radio?

Michael Jackson: Yes.

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Michael Jackson

Gives Halloween Interview

On October 30, Michael Jackson got up early (no easy job for Michael who readily admits to being nocturnal) to talk with Los Angeles disk jockey, Rick Dees. Michael talks about his plans for Halloween trick or treating with Prince, Paris, and Blanket and his favorite candy, among other things.

You can check it out at http://www.rick.com . You are going to love it!

Source: MJFC


CBS Documentary to Air in the US on 26th November

Show will feature One More Chance

The long-awaited official CBS documentary about Michael Jackson's career is due for transmission on 26th November in the USA. There are no plans at present for an international transmission.

The show is expected to feature a new performance video of the new single One More Chance .


2 years!

The famous "INVINCIBLE" album gets 2 years old today. If its promotion

hadn't been stopped so suddenly, we'd probably have the chance to see MJ on

tour at the moment! We can also imagine all the good clips that would have

been issued from the album. This is so sad, when everything gets ruined

after so many years of work!


MJ in Vegas

Below you can read Michael's speech:

"I want to say thank you for your love, your support, all that you´ve done. I´m very honored to be here tonight.´We Are The World´ was a project we did to feed people all around the globe who were starving. As you know it was a huge success. ´We Are The World´. This time the time has come for the sequel to ´We Are The World´ to express our feelings and hopes and lift those who need it most.

It´s been two years, a very long time, but with over 100 people participating and donating their per records, this project together finally arrived. It couldn´t have happened without you all(pointing to audience). It couldn´t have happened without Beyonce, she´s on there. A lot of artists (I love this woman here -she´s lovely (Beyonce) Incredibly talented artists that helped in creating this song that I wrote. Two years ago we survived a terrorist attack that not only changed our country, but the entire world. (I love you more). We will never forget (I love you more) that terrible tragedy that brought us together and finally brought this project together. Producing this song was a miracle in itself. Here is a video showing some of the highlights of the moving collaboration, and tonight you will experience it here first. Thank you to Radio Music Awards for giving us the opportunity to bring it to the world. I hope that once again we can set out on a mission to lead the world on a path of harmony by asking ourselves every day ´What More Can I Give´? The video begins to play........

Source: TMC


‘What More Can I Give?' Premiered at Aladdin Hotel

On October 27, 2003, in the conference area of the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, Michael Jackson premiered the short film for his latest charity single titled, ‘What More Can I Give?' The short film was first premiered to a small Clear Channel audience. Clear Channel is a collection of media and entertainment companies. Michael thanked the disc jockeys, producers, and radio in general and stated that he did not think that they get enough credit. He went on to say that they help artists get their music out and he wouldn't be here without their support. During the video premiere, Michael sat on the floor and watched with the audience. He invited the children in the audience to sit with him.

Immediately following, Michael went next door where the short film premiered again for a larger audience of radio stations. Again, he sat on the floor for the premiere. He thanked everyone and was extremely personable. Michael said that he feels his music is channeled from God; he sings it, but it's the radio that gets it out. He expressed his appreciation again for the continued support of his work.

Following the premiere of the short film Michael went back to the ‘Art of Music' store and did another signing. Some fans were able to get in and get tee shirts, and other memorabilia signed. He also made sure to greet the fans that were standing outside of the store.

In regards to this charity single, Michael simply stated, "Let's make this happen!" The single, ‘What More Can I Give?' will be available to download for a $2.00 fee beginning tomorrow on http://www.musicforgiving.org .

Source: MJFC


Michael Jackson To Present At Radio Music Awards

King of Pop to introduce star-studded charity single

In a report on 25th October, Entertainment Tonight confirm that Michael is to present the premiere of the charity video and single, What More Can I Give , which features stars such as Mariah Carey and Justin Timberlake, at the Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas on Monday.

However, NBC have denied reports that Michael will recieve a humanitarian award at the show, stating that he is to be a 'special presenter.'



Michael Jackson Official Website Update

Following Bayoubuzz announcement yesterday stating New Orleans-based Web

Consulting firm, Out the Box Web Productions, LLC had been commissioned to produce the new website

for Michael Jackson. Stuart Backerman, the official spokesman for Michael Jackson has confirmed

the following "After reviewing a number of proposals from web site companies Michael has personally

selected a firm from Vancouver, Canada named “Tribal". This firm has an excellent international reputation".


Album Update: Release Dates

The projected dates for the release of the new album 'Number Ones' will be as follows:
The album should be released in the UK on November 17 and in the US on November 18.

The new single from the album, a song entitled 'One More Chance', will be released on November 24.

The Billboard website story stated

"An hour-long CBS special is in the works for around Thanksgiving, which will feature
videos from Number Ones, career highlights and a performance of [the new song] One More Chance."

Stuart Backerman, Michael Jackson's official spokesperson, today
provided more information about the special in the following statement:

"Michael has a longstanding contractual obligation to the CBS Television Network
to do a performance on air. In order to fulfill this contractual obligation, MJ and CBS
have agreed, in principal, that at a date to be annouMichael Jackson, is gearing up for another phenomenal release; 'Number Ones' -a retrospective of his national and international No.1 hits; an undeniably thrilling collection on both CD and DVD - released on 17th November. nced (probably by Christmas season),
CBS will air a one hour special using old footage from previous concerts etc, and to shoot
MJ doing a taped performance of a new song, possibly One More Chance. However, there will not be an interview segment."

3.10.03 3
Album Artwork For New Album Released

The brand new Michael Jackson album will be released with four different album covers.
The tracklisting for the final release is still not decided, however tracklistings
will be different for the European and US versions.

Album Statement

To the Best Fans in the whole wide world:
On Tuesday at about 3:00 PM PST I received information that Sony had just put out
a press release regarding Mj's new album including the tracklist, release date and
cover title. Let me be crystal clear; Sony did this WITHOUT consulting Michael's
management. Why they did it is anybody's guess, and I won't waste your valuable
time in speculating.However I must admit that we were very upset about Sony's
unilateral action simply because certain decisions were still not 100% "put to bed."

Early this morning (I'm not getting much sleep lately...LOL) I received further information
from Sony that they have decided to retract the press release because it had NOT been cleared by their U.S. headquarters.

PLEASE be patient as we clarify certain issues pertaining to the release of the new album
which could change some aspects of the information you received from Sony's premature press release.

On another note; The Neverland charity event last weekend was fantastic. Michael was
in rare form and enjoyed himself very much.At the final cheque giving ceremonies (to the charities)
the Backstreet Boy's started a food fight with MJ's huge birthday cake.All I can say is that I never
laughed so hard because it was a spontaneous fun -filled moment which will surely go down as a
classic! To tell you the truth, the whole day was a classic.I've received dozens and dozens
of thank you's from guests, the media and most importantly the fans who attended the event.

With much love and gratitude,
Stuart Backerman

Source: Stuart Backerman (Michael Jackson's official spokesperson) / MJFC

MSN To Cover
"Celebration Of Love"

Finally, MSN "Hollywood Access" unveiled their exclusive "front row" access at this years LA Party. Following a three-hour show, MSN revealed a little less than expected - with just over two minutes of footage this was MSNs world exclusive. The web cast is a very big disappointment for those who could not attend. Their "exclusive" highlights did not even include the full thank you speech by Michael Jackson. You can see the amazing two-minute web cast, which is currently online. We would like to hear from the fans and hear your thoughts on this highly anticipated web cast

Michael Is Grateful!

MJFC received the following message from Stuart Backerman, Official Spokesman for Michael Jackson:
Dearest fans,
Michael is feeling absolutely fantastic following one of the great evenings of his life,
his birthday party on Saturday past. He was deeply moved and humbled by the enthusiasm,
loyalty and faith all of you displayed, not only at the party, but over the last few years.
As he said in his speech,"my birthday wish is that you, my fans, will join me in some
new undertakings and that we all travel into a bright future together." Over the next several months I,
as MJ's Official Spokesman, will be announcing a number of creative,
business and charitable initiatives- so stay tuned!

On another note; It has been brought to my attention that a certain fan has put out some
news that MJ's new album will be released on a certain date and that it will contain only
1 new track. First, let me say that we have not made any decisions yet regarding the
number of new songs, or an exact date for the release of this album. Believe me,
when there is real news to announce you'll hear it from me directly, not from the
" rumour mill." Be patient and trust that we're all entering a new era together.

With much love and appreciation,
Stuart Backerman, Official Spokesman for Michael Jackson

Source: Stuart Backerman / MJFC

Happy birthday Michael!

Neverland Valley Entertainment Press Release

Official word on charity bash at Neverland

Neverland Valley Entertainment released the following Press Release on 26th August:

Charities to Benefit From Artist's Tribute At Michael Jackson's Neverland Valley Ranch
Tuesday August 26, 7:01 am ET

Donations From Event to Honor Internationally Renowned Brazilian Artist, Romero
Britto, Will Go to The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Oneness and E Ai Como E Que Fica.

A golden ticket invitation-only, star-studded celebration honoring pop artist
Romero Britto will be hosted on September 13, 2003 at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara, California.
250 couples will enjoy a day-long extravaganza
in royal style, including red carpet access to Neverland's amusement park, zoo,
immaculately groomed gardens and more. Other events will feature a tribute to
Romero Britto, "Songs of Oneness" concert, silent auction and check
presentations to The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Oneness and E Ai Como E Que Fica.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions.

The Make A Wish Foundation of Southern Florida and Tri-counties California are proud to
be one of the beneficiaries of the "once in a lifetime" event at Michael Jackson's
Neverland Ranch. We appreciate the support of the donors, volunteers
and attendees who will help children with life-threatening medical conditions experience the power of a wish.

Oneness, a national non-profit organization located in Calabasas, California, has as
its mission the "elimination of racism and promotion of racial unity through music, the arts
and education. Founded in 1999, Oneness has produced dozens of programs to
implement their mission including multicultural after-school programs, plays, lectures,
concerts and more. Among the more notable of programs created include the
"Songwriter's Summit for Oneness," where both world-renowned and aspiring
songwriters/musicians gather to write songs reflective of racial unity and social justice.
The "Power of Oneness Awards" honors artists whose work contributes to the promotion
of racial unity. Founding supporters of Oneness include Carlos Santana, Sarah
McLachlan, Michael Jackson, Common, Chaka Khan, Brian McKnight, B.B. King and
many others. Oneness thanks Michael Jackson for supporting its efforts
to promote unity among all people through music the arts and education.

E Ai Como E Que Fica is a grassroots organization located in the slums of Rio de
Janeiro that provides food, clothing and medical care for children living in poverty.
Britto, a native of Brazil himself, states, "[I am] humbled and honored to have a
tribute party that will help E Ai Como E Que Fica .... I am very thankful for this
tremendous honor to be part of an event that will serve children living in poverty."

All three charities are honored to receive donations from the upcoming event and are
grateful to Michael Jackson for his support. The funds raised September 13th,
2003 will greatly help the organizations continue their vital services.



Studios have cracked down on even their beloved test-market screenings of movies in progress.
Last summer, Men in Black 2 director Barry Levinson complained that Sony would not let him try his film out on audiences.
If he had known the mere sight of Michael Jackson would get the biggest guffaws of the picture,
Levinson gripes, he would have edited in a few seconds of silence so that Jacksons dialogue,
which was intended to be funny, could be heard.

'Invincible' Re Enters the UK Charts

Michael Jackson's Invincible has re-entered the UK Top 75 Album charts, going in at number 63.
Meanwhile, Michael's Jackson's 'Greatest Hits' is placed at Number 50.

Source: Dotmusic / MJFC

Michael Jackson's Home Movies-The King Of Pop Up Close & Personal

The world cannot get enough of Michael Jackson. We here in the United States were given
a rare gift; two hours of selected footage narrated by the King Of Pop, Rock and Soul himself, Michael Jackson.

The theatre at Neverland Valley Ranch, nestled in the rolling hills of Santa Ynez,
is part of the paradise created by the genius of Michael Jackson. It is a dream of a
theatre where chocolates and ice cream are free, the comfortable red cushioned seats
tilt and swivel delightfully and the floor is free of the typical soda pop stickiness.
Special suites for bed-bound visitors rise above the theatre's floor, but you won't see
these accommodations this evening. This evening, the theatre is the setting for Michael's
personal narration of specially selected footage of his life; his musical life and his life
with friends and family. During these two hours, Michael shows back stage scenes
of concerts and short films but you also get to see him shopping, visiting relatives and family
and spending time with friends. But the best part of the show is Michael's narration.
To hear what he has to say about his fans, his first Christmas,
Elizabeth Taylor, water fights, children, the world and his family.

Each segment of the Private Home Movies special is introduced with music and film clips
easily recognizable to the Michael Jackson fans. Within a few beats, you are
instantly transported to that place where a particular song takes you... Jam...Smooth Criminal...
Bad...Remember The Time...the music is all there. Fans will recognize footage of Eddie Murphy
fleeing from the falcon in Remember The Time, Michael going one on one with Michael
Jordan in Jam, Macauley Culkin and Michael creaming John Landis with pies and
Chris Tucker and Michael on the set of You Rock My World. Fans will recognize
clips of concerts around the world and readily identify
with the phenomenon that is Michael Jackson in concert.

But there is so much more in this special. There are scenes of events that we have
heard about but never seen, such as Elizabeth Taylor's spectacular preparation for
Christmas at Neverland for Michael, who had never before celebrated the holiday.
Not to mention the presentation of the elephant and Michael's
delighted but slightly tenuous first encounter with the gift!

Some of the most interesting pieces of footage were those that were shot by the family.
The footage of the family's visit to relatives in Alabama was of special interest.
Many times, it is easy to forget that celebrities are real people with real lives and roots.
One of the most refreshing parts of the special was those candid moments of Michael with his family, being himself.

For the first time you see a side of Michael the press has done their best to hide.
The Michael Jackson fans around the world have known about for years.
Michael seems to have a passion for his memories and his friends.
He views his life as a gift and doesn't take a minute of it for granted.

Although the entire show's narration is done by Michael and therefore is all exciting
to hear, there are some comments that should be shared with those fans who didn't
get to see this show. First, at the beginning of the show he talks about touring and his fans.

"The record companies usually like you to support your album and go on tour.
And I don't like to. I do like relating to the fans, giving the fans a chance to see
you face to face because you go from Hong Kong to Africa to China to Brazil to Singapore,
Switzerland, London, Paris, Russia and the stadiums are just jammed and the energy is
great, it's fantastic. I don't know how they enjoy the show because it festival seating,
they don't want chairs even if there were chairs they would stand on them.
So we have a tent on the side, there's usually like 5,000 faints ever night and we have
all the stock there and paramedics. But it's a difficult thing to tour. You go from on continent to another,
you're sleepy, the time zones are different you can't sleep after the show, your adrenaline is up here."

Off camera "Can we just do it again without the negative saying you don't like to tour?"

Michael "I don't like it"

Off camera "I know"

Michael "I go through hell touring, I'll make it positive then, but you know the truth."

Off camera "And roll it. Action Michael."

Michael "I love to tour." (Everyone starts laughing, including Michael)
"Why'd you all start laughing? I was ready to get into it."

"No but seriously. There is a good part of touring it's the fans. I love my fans.
You go to any city anywhere in the world they know all the songs all the dance moves,
everything. They even come with the tape on the fingers the hats the gloves, everything.
It's just a wonderful experience. The fans are the reason I do the tours and it's very
important to give them the best show we can possibly give them."

"It's a spiritual thing also. When certain songs we play like 'Heal the World', 'We are the World'
or 'Man in the Mirror' the whole stadium is lit up with these Bic lighters they use.
And they know when to do it. You hit one cord and they know exactly what it is. It's very emotional,
I mean, its fun. And I love to entertain that's one of my favorite things. I think the fans see
that, actually, I know they see it because when I walk out on stage they give me so much
love and that's everywhere I go, every time I walk on stage. (Watching the film of concert
and birthday, 1993) One of the best moments is right here, right in the middle
of the show and it's my birthday and I'm thousands of miles away from my family, when
they surprised me with a full marching band and then they brought out this huge beautiful
birthday cake, I realized I've got family all over the world everywhere
I go because my fans show me the love and I love them just as much."

At the end of the show Michael shares his children with the world. For the fans, this is a
truly heart touching ten minutes. The footage of Prince and Paris is shown with
their faces blurred. They scoot around the wooden floors of the house on their riding toys
and are seen playing with friends. In one of the ending shots, Michael sits upon the
floor with both children scooped up in his arms.
It is evident that these children are happy, healthy and very well loved.

"You've seen a lot of footage tonight of my life, my joys, my happiness, you know.
But what you are going to see now is what I'm most proud of. What I think life is all about.
" (You Are My Life plays in the background while scenes of Paris and Prince playing at
home are shown. Their faces are obscured.) "I love and adore my children.
They mean everything to me. When they're in public though I conceal their faces, I want my
children protected. At home they have a normal life. They play with other kids, and they
have a good time, they're laughing a lot, they run around, they even go to school but in public I must protect them."

But the most precious moment in the entire show was when Paris was asked,
"What are you going to do when you grow up." To which she quickly answered, "I'm going to be like my daddy."

Paris, there are thousands of Michael Jackson fans around the world that are hoping you do just that!!



Jackson, who airs some of his home videos
on US TV tonight, says he is not an oddball.

"So many things are said about me and I have no idea where t
hey came from," he told People Magazine.

"I don't have sex with little kids, I don't sleep in hyperbaric chambers
and I don't have elephant bones in my body.

"I'm not a mean person. It breaks my heart to
think that some people have said that."

Child sex allegations resurfaced in February when he admitted that he still shares
his bedroom with children during an interview with Martin Bashir.

He told the documentary Living With Michael Jackson that he had formed
a close friendship with a 12-year-old boy, but that it was not sexual.

Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies shows footage of him relaxing at home with his
extended family and spending a Christmas morning with Elizabeth Taylor.

Producer Brad Lachman said it was more personal than
the Bashir documentary, but not controversial.

He said: "For whatever reason, a lot of people have not seen what he's
really like. I found him to be an extremely charming person."

Source: http://www.ananova.com

Michael Jackson Red Dragon Appearance

For those of you who do not know already. "Red Dragon" directed by Brett Ratner - Rush Hour 1 and 2,
and whom was with Michael recently in Miami. The recent DVD release includes a 40-minute
"directors journey" that goes from pre-production to the premiere. It is interesting to watch the rehearsal
of a scene and then the finished version. Included here is Michael Jacksons visit to the set.

Billboard: HIStory Videos 8x's Platinum!

History related videos sell 800,000 copies in the USA alone

According to Billboard Online, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
recently awarded the Michael Jackson HIStory on Film series (VHS and DVD) 8x's platinum.

The RIAA awards platinum certifications for video sales exceeding 100,000 units.
To date, Vol. 1 has sold 500,000 copies and Vol. 2 300,000 copies.

That means, the King of Pop's HIStory related music videos have sold 800,000 copies in the US alone, grossing
$12,000,000 at retail - an amazing feat for any musician, including Michael.


Working title" REVEALED THURSDAY, APRIL 24, ON FOX Leaving behind the glitz and glamour of film,
music videos and television, Michael Jackson opens up his private home movie collection,
giving unprecedented access to thousands of hours of never before seen footage revealing his real life, family and
friends in MICHAEL JACKSONS PRIVATE HOME MOVIES. This two hour special features new outtakes
and exclusive interviews with the King of Pop. MICHAEL JACKSONS PRIVATE HOME MOVIES airs Thursday,
April 24 8.00-10.00 PM ET PT on FOX. Brad Lachman is the executive producer of MICHAEL JACKSONS
which was produced by Brad Lachman Productions.


Moonwalker and The Legend Continues debut on DVD

that two new Michael Jackson DVDs are being released in Italy.

Moonwalker and The Legend Continues will be released on 14th April 2003.
Both DVDs will have both English and Italian audio tracks. Italian subtitles will also be added.

Both will have screen Format 4:3 and will feature an interactive menu with direct access to scenes.


The King of Pop is a surprise guest at Palm Beach event

Appearing as a surprise presenter at the recent Palm Beach International Film Festival was none other than Michael Jackson.

The Palm Beach Post of 6th April reports that more than 500 guests were stunned when the
superstar, who has reportedly been house-hunting in Palm Beach County for several weeks,
arrived at the $1,000-a-plate dinner shortly after 8 p.m.

He joined legendary producer Robert Evans at the center table, where several other unannounced
guests were seated: actor/comedian Chris Tucker and Brett Ratner, star and director of the popular
Rush Hour hits and good friends to Michael. Ratner presented the festival's Lifetime Achievement Award to Evans.

From an artistic perspective, the gala also was a success, thanks in large part to the greatest
scheduling coup in its brief history. The event is only eight years old.

The Post reports that Michael had heard about the festival during his
house-hunting trip and said he would like to attend.

"It's bigger, it's better, more people are going to festival films this year, and wow! What a night,"
said Randi Emerman, who is in her second year as the festival's executive director.


Madonna Speaks About 'Living with Michael Jackson' Interview

In the latest May Issue of 'Q' magazine, Madonna has talked about the 'Living with Michael Jackson' interview.
On speaking out about her critics and the media she says:

"Look on the bright side, you could be Michael Jackson. I haven't seen that documentary
[Living with Michael Jackson], but it sounds disgusting, like he [Martin Basher] exploited a friendship.
Publicly humiliating someone for your own gain will only come back to haunt you. I can assure you, all these people will be sorry.
God's going to have his revenge."
Earlier on in the interview she warns:
"You must be careful with what you read. Nothing is what it seems"

Source: Q magazine / MJFC

"Take 2" aired Thursday evening on M6: the results

The viewers were invited to give their opinion by SMS and on the website
Close to the end of the second airing, the results of these reactions
were broadcasted on TV.

To the question "Have You a good opinion of Michael Jackson as a
singer?"  The viewers replied "Yes" to 94%.

To the question "Have You a good opinion of Michael Jackson as a
person?"  The viewers replied "Yes" to 82%.

source: m6.fr

"Invincible" Best Selling Album of Month in Poland

Michael Jackson's 2001 album, "Invincible" was the biggest selling album in Poland in the month of February 2003.
Interia Music reports that Michael beat off competition from Norah Jones and many local artists to win the battle.

Important to note is that these sales took place before the screening of either Living With Michael Jackson or Take 2.


Michael Jackson To Pay $5.3 Million To Marcel Avram

After a two week of deliberating, a California jury has ruled Michael Jackson to pay German tour promoter,
Marcel Avram, $5.3 million. Marcel Avram sued Michael Jackson for a breach-of-contract lawsuit regarding
two cancelled millennium concerts which were scheduled to be performed on New Year's Eve of 1999.
Michael Jackson's attorney, Zia Modabber, said the verdict was in a way a victory for Michael Jackson,
since Mr.Avram had sued him for more than $21 million.

"He's fine with it," Modabber told Reuters. "He stood up for himself and went to trial and
Mr. Avram didn't get nearly what he wanted."
Zia Modabber also said they were considering whether or not to appeal the jury verdict.

Source: Reuters / MJFC

Michael Jackson has five albums in the Official UK
Top 75 Albums Chart - including TWO versions of HIStory!!

The chart positions are as follows:

HIStory Greatest hits #30 (down 6 places)
Bad #38 (up 30 places)
Thriller #39 (up 8 places)
Off The Wall #50 (up 16 places)
HIStory Past Present And Future Book 1 #65 (up 125 places)

And in the Official UK DVD Chart:

HIStory on Film Volume II #6 (up 6 places)
HIStory Video Greatest Hits at #7 (up 8 places)

Undeniably the King of Pop!


Hectare of Russian Rainforest Named After Michael Jackson

Ten Michael Jackson fans from Russia have given Michael a unique present.

Ten Michael Jackson fans from Russia have given Michael a unique present.

Katja Shabanova writes:

"We are supporters of The World Wildlife Fund. The WWF's mission is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

"In 1997, 70 000 hectares of forest were burned in the Altai Region in Russia. It was a real nature disaster. It was a heavy drought, and wind speed reached 24 meters a second. It was almost impossible to save the forest. Such fires are very uncommon. The lines of pine-trees whose width reached from 6 to 40 km stretched along many hundred kilometres through the Altai steppes. The trees grew on sandy dunes, they prevented dusty storms and the shifting of vast masses of sand, and they gave a shelter for many animals and plants.

"Now instead of coniferous forests there are just carbonized remains of trees and voids. If people don't revive just a part of the burned forest , about 3.5 million hectares of land will be lost. For the Altai Region it is an imminent disaster. So the Altai Region Forestry Department and WWF worked out a program for reviving the forest. Everyone can help this program by donating money. A donator has a right to give a name this part of forest he/she helped to revive."

"We have donated money to the WWF to revive 1 hectare (3000-5000 trees) of the forest where trees will be planted this spring (this April to be exact).

"This hectare was named in honour of Michael Jackson. Near that area a billboard with Michael's name will be established very soon. And this part of the Altai forest in Russia will be called by the name of Michael Jackson forever.


Michael Jackson Files Injunction Against Granada Television

On Monday, February 24, 2003, Michael Jackson's lawyer filed an injunction against the British television company, Granada, in an effort to block the release of unused footage from the 'Living With Michael Jackson' documentary which aired worldwide earlier in the month. Jackson and his production company, MJJ Productions, issued a statement that they were indeed seeking to file an injunction against Granada so that the unseen footage cannot be used until it has been determined whether British journalist, Martin Bashir "breached the terms on which he was permitted to film Jackson."

Michael Jackson's legal team allege that Granada has refused to place the unseen footage in the care of a neutral third party's possession until the legal questions have been answered. In a statement released by Jackson's London-based publist Bell Yard Communication, the following is noted:

"Consistently Michael Jackson has argued that Martin Bashir and Granada broke the agreement by which he was permitted to film Michael, concerning ownership of the filmed material and permissions relating to the inclusion of the Jackson children."
In response, Granada acknowledged that Jackson's lawyers have been in contact with them regarding the situation and a spokesperson, who spoke on anonymity, had the following to share in regards to the this ongoing legal matter:
"They relate to attempts by Michael to claim copyright in our footage. We shall be resisting such claims vigorously."

Source: MJFC

Jacko Defended By Brother

(CBS) Michael Jackson's older brother Marlon says the media is obsessed with his brother
Michael and called the current round of reports “a modern-day lynching.”

In an interview Tuesday on The Early Show, Marlon Jackson said, “Everybody is trying to
get their Jackson fix and here we are about to go to war. We should be talking
about how we can get the world leaders together to study peace.”

Marlon, who is launching his own TV network aimed at family programming, confirmed Michael's
account of having an abusive father, but dismissed accusations
that Michael is a poor parent or sexual predator.

Marlon was asked to provide some insight into his brother's life in the wake of a controversial TV
documentary. Marlon said he did not see the 90-minute program by journalist Martin
Bashir that stirred up comment because it captures Jackson saying o
n camera he sometimes lets children sleep in his bed.

In the voice-overs in the documentary, Bashir expressed concern about Jackson's treatmen
t of his three children, including the baby whom Jackson dangled over a hotel balcony in Germany.

Marlon said he has not talked to Michael since the documentary aired but that his own wife
has told him that Michael had mentioned to her “that he offered his bed
to them and he slept on the floor and things of that nature.

“I don't see anything wrong with that,” Marlon said. “The thing is that, I think the media
is taking things and twisting them around. To me, I think it's a modern-day lynching.”

Asked about the multimillion-dollar child sex abuse case that Michael settled in 1993,
Marlon said it was done to prevent a media-circus trial. “Well, you know, everybody can have
their opinion on this and their opinion on that,” he said. “But the true fact is that
those things didn't happen. So if you look at the truth, you'll be fine.”

Marlon confirmed Michael's accounts of abuse from his father, Joe, that Michael said
was most often aimed at Marlon . “My father was a disciplinarian," Marlon said.
“But you know, I got lit up. Yeah, it was Christmas for me every other day.”

"But, the thing about it is, is that in our neighborhood, that wasn't abnormal.
And that doesn't mean that it was right either. But that's the way they disciplined in those days.”

As for his brother's denials that he has had cosmetic surgery, Marlon said,
“That's his body; that's his face. We weren't put on his earth to judge others, OK.”

Michael Jackson's British-based lawyer said Sunday he would release a video,
no more than five minutes long, in which Bashir praises the way Michael treats children,
including his own. The video was shot during the making of the documentary.

In the statement, Jackson again denied that he molested a boy who had stayed at his home in 1993.
No charges were filed at the time and Jackson reached a financial settlement with the boy's family.

“I have never, and would never, harm a child. It sickens me that people
have written things that portray me as a child abuser," Jackson was quoted as saying.

The statement added that Jackson chose to pay a "considerable"
settlement to the boy's family "to avoid being subjected to a media circus."

In the Bashir documentary, Jackson said he had slept in a bed with "many children,
" including actor Macaulay Culkin and his brother, Kieran.

"When you say 'bed,' you're thinking sexual," the singer said. "It's not sexual,
we're going to sleep. I tuck them in. ...It's very charming, it's very sweet."


FOX Network To Televise Michael Jackson's
Footage Of Martin Bashir

The FOX network has announced plans to air outtakes from last week's, 'Living With Michael Jackson' special which was conducted by British journalist, Martin Bashir. The new two-hour special titled, 'Michael Jackson, Take Two: The Interview They Wouldn't Show You' is scheduled to air in the United States on February 20, 2003 at 8 pm (EST).

Jackson's British publicist said of the new footage, it "clearly shows that Bashir was actually continuing to praise Michael's abilities as a father and Bashir making many statements about how he feels it is a pity that the world is so quick to criticize Michael."

They will not feature any new interviews with Michael jackson, but will include extensive interviews with Debbie Rowe among others.

A Jackson spokesman, Stuart Backerman, said FOX was selected because it was the network "that packaged it with the best sensitivity to Michael Jackson." There were several networks interested, including the other top three broadcast networks, he said.

Source: Asscociated Press (AP) / MJFC

Statement on behalf of Michael Jackson regarding
allegations made in the UK press on Sunday 9th February 2003.

"I am bewildered at the length to which people will go to portray me so negatively.
I will say again that I have never, and would never, harm a child.
It sickens me that people have written things that portray me as a child abuser."


"Michael is My Children's Angel"

Boy's mother forced to defend her son against media perversion

The mother of 12-year Gavin Arvizo, who was featured in the Living With Michael Jackson documentary, has spoken to the
Australian Sunday Telegraph on 8th February about her family's relationship with Michael.

Since the UK transmission of the documentary on 3rd February, hypocritcal newspaper editors, apparently so concerned with
the welfare of children, have seen fit to plaster Gavin's image all over their publications while implying an improper
relationship between Michael and the boy.

Janet Arvizo says she is comfortable with her son Gavin and her two other children staying at the Neverland ranch
and that she sees Michael as her children's angel.

"Michael has brought something special into our lives," she said.

Gavin, who was given only two weeks to live when he was diagnosed with kidney cancer two years ago, tells his mother:
"I am living for my daddy, Michael."

The Telegraph reveals that struggling to scrape together enough welfare money to feed and clothe
Gavin, his brother Star, 11, and sister Davelin, 16, Mrs Arvizo was once so poor that the family was forced to live in a stable.

Thanks to Michael, they now have a car and live in a comfortable flat.

Mrs Arvizo told the newspaper: "All of my kids have stayed over with Michael. I am comfortable with that.
They are happy with him and have a lot of fun. They are hoping to travel the world with him. He is their angel."

Before meeting Michael, Gavin was at the lowest point in his difficult upbringing in a rundown district of Los Angeles.

"They were living in a stable with the hay and horses for a long time," said family friend Jamie Masada.
"Another time they were all living in a tiny room in Compton that wasn't big enough for one
person. They couldn't afford to buy clothes or food."

The Telegraph article sates:

"Ironically, it was Gavin's battle with kidney cancer that turned his life around. Surgeons were forced
to take out one of Gavin's kidneys and his spleen. Exhausting chemotherapy sessions
made all his hair fall out and sapped his spirit."

The paper also reveals that it was Quincy Jones who helped put Gavin in touch with Michael.

"No matter what people may say about Michael Jackson, he came in and has helped this boy to survive," says Mrs. Arvizo.


Michael Jackson Files Official Complaint with TV Watchdogs

ITC and BSC receive written complaint from lawyers

It was announced to the newswires on 6th February that Michael Jackson has filed complaints with two
British television watchdogs about the Living With Michael Jackson interview.

Michael's lawyers have filed the complaints with the Independent Television Commission (ITC) and the
Broadcasting Standards Commission (BSC), saying he had been "unfairly treated" by
the program which was an infringement of his privacy.

According to Associated Press, the complaint filed with the Independent Television Commission alleged the documentary
"contains the clear innuendo that Mr. Jackson is guilty of inappropriate behavior with children." It said the show's
voiceovers, questions and editing gave credence to allegations made against him in 1993 of a sexual offense against a child.

In the complaint filed with the Broadcasting Standards Commission, Michael said he was not given any prior warning
of the narrator's intent to interview him about the 1993 incident or to question the legality of his current relationships with children.

Michael has also complained that his own children were improperly filmed and he wasn't allowed to see the
documentary, as promised, before it was broadcast.

The watchdogs have the power to censure offending broadcasters.


Michael Jackson Releases Statement Regarding TV Interview

On Thursday morning, Michael Jackson issued a statement through his London representation,
Stephen Lock, regarding his unhappiness with the way in which he was portrayed in a
90-minutes documentary of his life entitled, "Living With Michael Jackson" which airs on ABC's "20/20"
with Barbara Walters tonight at 8 pm. In the statement issued by Michael, he states:

"`I trusted Martin Bashir to come into my life and that of my family because I wanted the truth to be told.
Martin Bashir persuaded me to trust him, that his would be an honest and fair portrayal of my life and told me that
he was 'the man that turned Diana's life around."
Bashir is well known for an interview with Princess Diana, during which she admitted being unfaithful to Prince Charles.
"Today I feel more betrayed than perhaps ever before; that someone who had got to know my children,
my staff and me, whom I let into my heart and told the truth, could then sacrifice the trust I placed in him
and produce this terrible and unfair program,'' Jackson said.
"Everyone who knows me will know the truth which is that my children come first in my life and that I would never harm any child."

Jackson also said he has received many messages of support from fans in Britain since the documentary was aired on Monday night.

Source: AP / MJFC

Michael Jackson's UK Sales Increase by up to 1000 Per Cent!

Michael Jackson's UK Sales Increase by up to 1000 Per Cent MJNI can now confirm reports in the
regional press that following the Living With Michael Jackson documentary, Michael's sales have dramatically increased in the UK -
in some cases by up to 1000%.

The Solent News has reported that HMV spokesman Gennaro Castaldo says the massive
increase in sales of Michael's albums was "utterly remarkable".

He said: "These albums are flying out of our music stores nationwide.
To give you some idea of how crazy it is, we have seen a 1,000 percent increase in
Jackson's Greatest Hits Volume 1 album this week. Sales of his Thriller album increased by 500 per cent just on Tuesday.

Sales of Jackson Five albums have also soared by up to 500 per cent.

1.4 million viewers in the Netherlands watched Living With Michael Jackson on Yorin on 4th February.
The audience share was 20.4%. These figures represent a ratings hit in the Dutch market.


Michael Jackson has collabrated
on with with rapper

the new song that Michael Jackson has collabrated on with with rapper Ja Rule and singer Ashanti.

The song was written by Michael and Murder Inc. boss Irv Gotti. Gotti also produced the track.


Michael Jackson Special With Martin Bashir

Michael Jackson will be shown on a 90 minute special edition of the UK programme 'Tonight with Trevor McDonald'.

The backstage special includes a prime-time interview with Michael by Martin Bashir.
The interview, which took place in Berlin two months ago, is described as a 'landmark film'.
Current affairs controller of programme makers 'Granada', Jeff Anderson said:

"We have made this film entirely on our own terms. No money has been paid and no areas
of the singer's career or personal life have been off limits."
One of Martin Bashir's most remembered interviews was one which he conducted with the late Princess Diana.
The special, which will go out on ITV1, is to be aired two weeks from today on February 3, 2003. It is described as giving a
"fascinating personal insight into the mind of one of the world's biggest stars". During the programme
Bashir also goes behind the scenes with Michael at his Neverland Ranch.

Editor James Goldston says of the programme:

"We have been filming with Michael Jackson throughout one of the most turbulent periods in his life.
The results are utterly compelling - viewers will not believe what they are seeing."

Source: ITV.com / MJFC

Michael Jackson Set To Attend Maurice Gibb's Funeral Today

Article A private funeral for Bee Gees singer Maurice Gibb is to take place later today (15th June)
at Riverside Gordon Memorial Chapel on Miami Beach.

According to Sky News on 15th January, the only celebrities who will be attending
are Michael Jackson and Maurice Gibb's former wife Lulu.


Maurice Gibb Dies

Maurice Gibb, member of the band Bee Gees, died in a Miami hospital at the age of 53 today.
He had been critically ill since an operation to remove an intestinal blockage after he collapsed at his Florida home last week.

The Bee Gees - Maurice, his twin brother Robin and their older brother Barry -
were known for their close harmonies and original sound. Maurice played bass and keyboard for the group,
whose name is short for the Brothers Gibb. Their contributions to the 'Saturday Night Fever' album (1977)
made it one of the best selling movie soundtracks ever. Among their hits on the album are
'Stayin' Alive,' 'More Than a Woman', and 'How Deep Is Your Love.' The Bee Gees won seven Grammy Awards together.

Source: CNN / MJFC

Tommy Mottola Steps Down As Sony CEO

Sony Music Corporation has agreed to release Tommy Mottola from his contract as the current chairman and
CEO of Sony Music two years earlier than expected. After 14-years of service with Sony Music Entertainment,
Mottola is stepping down to launch a new music venture which has yet to be named. Over the past year,
Sony has struggled with increasing sales declines, incurring operating losses exceeding $100 million dollars.
Rumors that Mottola was leaving Sony have been circulating for months now.

"I have been thinking about taking up this new challenge for about a year,
and really made the decision to go forward only recently," Mottola said in a statement.

"I am thrilled that I will continue my long-standing relationship with Sony to create a company that I believe
will become a blueprint for the music business in the coming years," he added.

After Sony acquired then-CBS Records in 1988 and replaced Walter Yetnikoff with Mottola,
it is believed that Mottola was instrumental in helping launch such artists as Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez,
Ricky Martin, Pearl Jam, Maxwell and John Mayer, while continuing to build the careers of superstars Dion, Bob Dylan,
Bruce Springsteen, Dixie Chicks, Billy Joel, Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson and Tony Bennett.

Source: Reuters / Hits daily double / MJFC

'Invincible' Favorite R&B/Hip-Hop Album Of The Year 2002!

Michael Jackson's album 'Invincible' has received a massive 79% share of the 29,705 votes on Billboards
most recent poll for favorite R&B/hip-hop album of 2002.

Fans voted on their favorite from the top 15 albums of the year. 'Invincible' received so many votes
that there was hardly a chance for any other albums to make any significant headway.
The nearest being Eminem for 'The Eminem Show' with 6% of the votes.

Source: Billboard.com / MJFC