It was yesterday and yet already 20 years ! We were waiting for it, we heard it in preview, great promo at the beginning, his voice was more pure and worked than on his previous albums, we could already see ourselves with Michael surprising us with new clips as he always knew how to do. And then finally, some people and media made that all this flame which animated the world of Michael extinguished, and it is for that that we must speak about this album which deserves to be brought more to light.

Invincible is Michael's tenth and last studio album. The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard charts and in thirteen different countries.

Invincible holds the record for the fastest selling album in record time. 3 million copies in less than 3 days!

It was certified double platinum in the United States on 3 December 2001.

It is unfortunately one of the most criticized and least sold. The reasons are simple, let's remember that at the time the cover of the record was not the one that was originally intended.


One of the many photos from 1999 that would have been the original album cover, by the French photographer, Arno Bani, with the help of great fashion designers, including Yves Saint Laurent.


Then the choice of songs, there are many beautiful ones that were released on other media:

On the Cry single, the song, Shout

Beautiful Girl

Fall Again

The Way You Love Me

We've Had Enough

The 4 songs released in the Collector's box "The Ultimate Collection" released in 2004.

What More Can I Give:

There have been 2 versions! also one in Spanish: "Todo Para Ti", Michael wrote and composed "What More Can I Give" in early 1999 but never released it. The song is inspired by Nelson Mandela. In March 1999, while preparing for his "Michael Jackson & Friends" concerts in Munich and Seoul, Michael sent a statement to the media in which he reported the creation of the song "What More Can I Give". He said at the time: "In a conversation I had earlier this year with President Mandela, we discussed the concept of giving and the words 'What More Can I Give' came to mind. It will be one of my songs and a theme for my next concerts. We all need to give and do whatever we can to help end the unnecessary suffering in the world."

If these 7 songs would have been included in Invincible, the album would have been just as Michael wanted it.


For his first autograph session in New York, Michael remained 2h30! in the Virgin Megastore.



The first clip You Rock My World for his TV premiere in France, they broadcasted it on Morning live M6!... a shame too, not the full version. As for the other clips, there weren't a lot.


With the great Marlon Brando

only two clips were shot: You Rock My World and Cry and a third but a short film! Unbreakable. It was to be released in early 2002. An extraordinary piece that was to amaze many. It was made at George Lucas' Light & Magic Star Wars Studios!

Sony stopped the promo, Sony wanted to force Michael to sell them his famous ATV catalogue of very famous songs, 251 songs by the Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan and others. We fans protested all over the world. And above all he was a father at the time and wanted to look after his children too. You can't do everything either, especially an artist like Michael needs artistic freedom and he didn't have it at that time, frankly it's not such a bad album between Speechless, You are my life, Cry, The lost children, Break of Dawn and others, just listen to it, it's worth it.

Total sales of the album are estimated at 50 million copies to this day!

The album was released in 4 colours:


the 4 singles released: