25 June



25 Juin 2010

A year... what means a year in the sphere of time?

A moment, an eternity? All remains relative.

It seems yesterday when you appeared smiling to announce your return on stage. Then we were all excited about the idea of our next meeting with you. During your concerts, although we were thousands coming to see you, it was like a private meeting. We found that time was passing slowly to finally celebrate your "revival", such a phœnix. Unfortunately, this tribute to life for which we waited with so much impatience was transformed into nightmare during the fateful June 25th, 2009.

The seconds seemed centuries when we waited for the miracle to hear, " Michael is well, it was an error ". Regrettably, these words never arrived. Only the confirmation that YOU, Michael Jackson, our friend of everybody, you had gone joining the stars you so often admired from earth.

Our Michael will never age. You will remain for ever young and beautiful. And your voice will not go out over the years. You will always be there.

Many are going to pay you tribute on this morning day. Numerous will be those, who having condemned you inequitably in the past, will try to find profit in dreadful "business" of first anniversary of your departure.

But we from our fan club , we do not want to pay you a tribute to cry your absence. No. We want to celebrate the enjoyment of your being among us during more than 40 years and were able to investigate, thanks to you, in the depths of our consciousnesses to try to become better.

You were art and the art continues beyond the centuries.

We shall not cover with flowers the place of your eternal rest. For us, your real fans, you remain alive in our hearts and in our souls. For this reason, in knowledge of your worship as collector for the painting, today we want to present the story and work of a wonderful artist.

For painting YOU she found, at her 81 years, the envy to take back brushes. And through her paintings, today you take back life, for few moments or for eternity…


Michael Jackson Fan-Club 3Generations