Alex Krasky



In the art world, sometimes we meet artists with something who makes them special. This is the case of Alex Krasky, the lively and brilliant colours give life to his paintings.
Born in former Russia, he starts to draw at the age of 5. In 1997 he's engaged by the army, so during 3 years he will visit 7 different countries which allows him to gather information and draw each of their cultures. Finally he decides to settle down in the United States.

In 2009 he follows his wife's advice, who believes in his talent, and decides to take painting lessons. His professor recognizes him immediately as an outstanding talent. Since he never stopped painting.



He realized numerous portraits of personalities, in particular a picture representing the last five Presidents of the United States which was worth to him a thank-you letter from the couple Obama. But what he likes above all is Michael Jackson.


"I adore his songs, his image. He inspires me. I think that he was really an incredible man. It is he I like painting most." Alex Krasky

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