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That made a few time  that the Internet of the fans of Michael Jackson is up side down. Whereas in July,
the first extracts of the new titles were diffused in format "RAM" and showing the real existence of new titles of Michael Jackson,
of long months imposed a heavy silence on the fans... A musical silence because, in the forums,
these new titles made noise. And what a noise! Polemic, slanging matches and names of birds fused through all,
aiming everyone and nobody. It should be said that there was to be lost in the conflicts,
the machinations and other plots around these songs. A core of French fans had copies of these songs. Some sold them,
at ransom price, under the jacket to fill their pockets soft euros. Some had these titles but could not diffuse
them because they hadnt' any autorisation, and it is all with their honor.
Others put short extracts of them on Internet without never wanting to diffuse them in their entirety.

And, since the summer, the "simple fans" (if there is really a gradation, inevitably misleading)
dribbles on the titles Monkey Business, For All Time or If you don't love me,
without never a charitable fan could put some on the Net. It is not fault of having tested. Because, indeed,
many are those which,  without making state of it, were tested there. Offering several hundreds of euro
(variable price between 150€ for the total - knowing that at this price, the salesmen retracted to 80€ part!)
to put the hand on the invaluable treasure. But unceasingly "the elite" of the fans (once again: if we can really use this term),
played of kind to prevent the diffusion of the news. How? While playing of influence and other handling.
By making wait the things quite simply. While proposing, for example, t
itles with the sale then while letting run several weeks...
"to save time". Or while trying to impose remorses to any person who would like
to diffuse them while claiming the interest of Michael Jackson.

But today, the bomb with delayed-action arrived in the long term. Some fans succeeded in releasing
the entirety of the songs on the largest networks. However, once again, a small reserve is issued... sound quality.
Like offering to the people some crumbs to eat, while keeping itself, once again, a privilege: sound quality.
But, today, the whole of the fans already gained ground on the privileges of the "lords"...

Infos +!

(Too much) monkey business
(written by Michael jackson)
Recorded at the Record One Studios of Los Angeles, 1989 - 90. Supposed to come out with Men in black as the second single
of the album Dangerous. Men in black had to be at the place of Black or White as lounch single.
The idea to release this song came out again back in late year 2001. It had to be added with For
All Time and If you don't love me into the special edition of Dangerous that had to be a double cd!
But Sony was afraid that it can be too much, and not good for the sales of Invincible.
Then they have cut all the republications, leaving us on our end !!

The noises of monkeys which we can hear in monkey business are made by Bubble, the chimpanzee of Michael and Michael himself !!!! yes !!! yes !!!

If you don't love me
(written by Michael Jackson/ Siedah Garret ) 1989.

For All Time
(Recorded at Record One Studios, Los Angeles, California, 1989)

For all time is the only one of these new songs entirely finished ! it just need to be cut !

Source:MJFC 3Generations

Celebrity photographer Herb Ritts Dies

Famed Hollywood celebrity photographer, Herb Ritts has died at the age of 50 of complications from pneumonia.

Herb Ritts was responsible for co-directing Michael Jackson's 1992 video for 'In The Closet' and was responsible
for shooting some promotional photographs for the 'Dangerous' album.

MJFC would like to offer our deepest sympathies to Mr. Ritts' family and friends.

Source: MJFC


Michael Jackson has just put the finishing touches to a new song entitled Xscape.

The up-tempo dance track has already been earmarked for a forthcoming project.


Michael Sends Christmas Message

Michael Jackson recorded a Christmas message and sent it to German magazine BUNTE. Go to BUNTE.T-Online.de, Michael Jacksons Weihnachtsbotschaft (german: Michael Jackson's Christmas message) click on the type of modem you have (Modem, ISDN or DSL) and listen to the message.

Here is the transcript:

"Good evening children and Merry Christmas,
When I create music I always hope that my music will give joy to many people. If that happens I am very happy. Giving joy makes one happy. Unfortunately there are many children that are not happy. In Germany and in other countries.

During Christmas this is especially hard for those children because it is on Christmas when they see what they miss. For some it may be just a small present, for some it may be a warm meal, for some it may be a family, for some it may be just a little bit of love.

That is why I need you! I need your help. Let us work together and help those children. Let us reach out to those who are alone - Let us all tell them: "You are not alone".

This year it is I, only I speaking to you, children in Germany and sending you a few little gifts. If you help me, then next year, we will do the same but in many more countries. We will speak together - maybe we will sing together - and we will give gifts together. Let us think big. Let us find many people to join our effort.

Here and all over Europe and then all over the world. We can do it! I know we can do it!

To all of the grown ups I like to say this: To us, so many things seem important. Sometimes, we think we are important. We are not important. Nothing is more important than our children! They are the future. They can heal the world. It is our obligation to be there for them. To advise them. To motivate them. To help them and to love them. Let us encourage them to go for their dreams. And let us as parents, friends and relatives help them to have good dreams.

I look forward to the new year, to working with you children and to create an organization that will help other children.

I promise, I promise you, if you come along, it will make you feel good and it will be so much fun!

Merry Christmas! I love you from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you so much!"

Parts of the message will also be shown on German TV, on Monday, December 23, 2002 on ZDF on the show 'Leute Heute' (5:40 pm) and on American TV also on Monday, December 23, 2002 on 'Entertainment Tonight'. Please check your listings for airing times.

Source: BUNTE / T-Online / MJFC

Michael Jackson To Visit India

Michael Jackson wants to visit India again after 7 years. He will be there in February or March to
give the mahurat clap for Hanuman,  which is a film of Producer Raju Patel under the banner of Film Club.
Patel is also one of Michael's partners in  Never Land Entertainment.

He said:

"Michael loves India and expressed an interest to visit the country again, so I suggested that this was a good occasion.
Since the project intrigued him, he agreed."
Further he stated:

"Hanuman is a Film Club product and Jackson will just be coming to India to formally unveil the film."
The bi-lingual movie tells the story of an immigrant family, which falls on bad times.
The family's son doesn't believe in the god Hanuman until he is rescued by him in the end.
Hanuman is similar to movies like Spiderman or Superman and is a multi-crore rupee project.
But the representation of Lord Hanuman is kept true to the mythology of India.

It is not yet known who will act in the movie. Patel and Michael have two more films planned. One of them is 'Tom Thumb'.
This movie includes animation like in 'Honey I Shrunk The Kids' and the story will also be similar.
The other one is 'Wolfed' as earlier reported and will be based on the novel 'The Wolf Leader' by Alexamder Dumas.

Source: keralanext / MJFC

Bee Gees/Michael Jackson et Barry Gib

Bee Gees principal Barry Gibb is currently collaborating with Michael Jackson on new material for an as-yet-undisclosed project,
Billboard Bulletin reports. Gibb adds that after 40 years together as an act, the Bee Gees are taking a brief hiatus "to find ourselves as individuals


The Billboard

Billboard magazine and Billboard.com have compiled the results of their annual year-end charts.
The results find Michael appearing several times in various musical categories on the Billboard charts.
The result of each are as follows:

The Billboard 200
#43 - 'Invincible' Michael Jackson/Epic
Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums
#8 - 'Invincible' Michael Jackson/Epic

Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks
#12 - 'Butterflies' Michael Jackson/Epic

This is a remarkable success for an album that got so little promotion!

Source: Billboard.com / MJFC

Michael Appears At 2002 Billboard Music Awards
.    .
After much speculation, Michael Jackson did indeed appear at the 2002 Billboard Music Awards via a satellite feed from his Neverland Valley Ranch. Michael received a special award to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of his best-selling recording, 'Thriller,' which spent more weeks at No. 1 (37 weeks) than any other album in the history of The Billboard 200.

Comedian Chris Tucker, who appeared via satellite with Michael, was on hand to present Michael with this prestigious award.

Cedric: All right everybody, it's that time. We're about to take a trip to the Neverland Ranch with my friend, Chris Tucker-y'all.
[goes to Neverland Theater]

Chris Tucker: Twenty years ago Michael Jackson was already a successful artist with seven number one hits to his name, four with the Jackson 5 and three on his own. But nobody was prepared for what would come next ... [in Michael's voice] 'cause this is Thriller, Thriller ... [vocal sound effects]

Michael Jackson: [laughing]

Chris Tucker: Sorry. 'Thriller' stayed on the Billboard 200 for nearly two years, spending a record 37 weeks at number one. It won dozens of awards including a record 8 Grammies. He gave me one of them. It set another Billboard record when seven of his nine tracks reached the top ten and Michael became the first artist at Billboard chart history to simultaneously and single handily album charts both on black and pop charts. I messed that up, I know y'all seen it but that's all right.
[shows parts of 'Thriller' video and live, 'Beat It' video and live, 'Billie Jean' video and live and back to 'Thriller' video]

Chris Tucker: Quite simply, 'Thriller' still remains the biggest selling album in the history of the world, period. That's why I'm thrilled to present this award to the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson: Thank you so much. I'm very honored. I'm very happy. I thank all of the people that appreciate my work. I thank the Billboard Awards. I've always admired you. And to the fans around the world, I love you. I couldn't be me without you. Thank to God. Chris Tucker your my favorite.

Chris Tucker: Could I keep the award for a couple days?

Michael Jackson: Yeah, we gotta share it.

Chris Tucker: At my house?

Michael Jackson: No, we have to share it.

Chris Tucker: Where can I stay at Neverland?

Michael Jackson: Anywhere you wanna stay.

Chris Tucker: All right, I'm in cabin three.

Michael Jackson: [laughing] Okay. Thank you so much!

Chris Tucker: Thanks y'all.

[commercial break]

Cedric: Hey, what's up y'all? They told me they still have Michael Jackson on the wire. Where Mike at? What's up, Michael?

Michael Jackson: I'm here.

Cedric: Hey what's up, Michael?

Michael Jackson: Hey, how are you?

Cedric: That's the King right there, bro. How you doin' man? Mike, I just wanna ask a question that's been on everybody's mind I'm sure, I know it's on mine. Mike, where's Bubbles at Mike? How the monkey doin'? Ain't nobody heard from the monkey in a while Mike. How the monkey doin' Mike?

Michael Jackson: [laughing] He's at Chris Tucker's house.

Cedric: Chris Tucker got the monkey. Man, right on man.

Chris Tucker: What's up brother?

Michael Jackson: I'm a big fan of yours by the way.

Cedric: Right on Mike, big fan here too Mike. I know all the songs.

Chris Tucker: [talking like Michael] Me too Cedric, I love you!

Cedric: You know this maaaaaaan.

Michael Jackson: [laughing quietly] You know this man.

Cedric: Right on, Chris Tucker and Michael Jackson, the new 'Rush Hour'.

Chris Tucker: Let's do it! Forget Jackie!!

Michael Jackson: [laughing]

Source: Billboard.com / MJFC

Jonathan Margolis Defends Michael Jackson

Article The Mail on Sunday (UK tabloid) carried a positive article about Michael Jackson on 8th December.

The piece, written by British journalist Jonathan Margolis, describes a Thanksgiving the author spent two years ago with Michael and his children.

Jonathan Margolis was with Michael when MJNI met with him last year to present the framed award version of the Billboard Happy Birthday advertisement. Jonathan wrote a positive piece for the Mail on Sunday at that time too, after the Oxford Union lecture.

The article is reproduced below in its entirety. Special thanks to Matt Dodwell for providing the text.

Wacko? No, He's a Good Father

Thanksgiving is the biggest day of the year for American families. In every home in the United States, dinner is turkey with all the trimmings and pumpkin pie. It was at such a typical dinner that I spent Thanksgiving two years ago - but with a rather atypical American family. For the guest's at my friends home in New Jersey were Michael Jackson and his five year old boy, Prince Michael The First, and three year old girl, Paris.

Yes, the same Michael Jackson who, after dangling his youngest child, Prince Michael The Second, over a 50ft Berlin balcony, is now condemned as the world's worst father. In spite of Jackson's abject apology for his crazy behaviour, I am told by social workers that if the incident had happened in this country, all three of his children could've been taken into care. And yet, on the basis of four whole months I spent around Michael and his two elder children before and after that Thanksgiving, I came to a controversial conclusion: Jackson isn't the bad dad he's portrayed to be. Not only that, but Prince Michael The First and Paris are, in my experience, among the best behaved, least spoilt and most balanced of children.

During my time with the Jackson children, I got to know them quite well. I read to them, with Paris on my lap, and Prince sitting next to me. I also told off Prince for running over my foot with a toy tractor. (He responded by politely saying sorry, and repeating the apology with the prompting from his dad, who didn't think the first sounded 'sorry enough'.) This was not the behaviour of the spoilt, dysfunctional brats I was expecting.

But there were other surprises. The Jackson children of popular mythology live in isolation and are denied contact with other kids. But I have seen them play for hours with friends.The Jackson children reputedly have all their toys destroyed at the end of the day for fear of infection. But I have seen them hugging and sucking the manky, unhygienic plastic junk that all children have.I have trailed around a toy shop with Prince and Paris on one of Michael's private shopping binges. It took place at 7pm and was brought swiftly to an end because the children's bedtime was approaching - they were allowed just one toy each.

Jackson may be neurotic, eccentric and downright flaky, but Prince and Paris are bright, confident, affectionate and considerate. They say Grace before meals, speak in sentences rather than monosyllabic American grunts and are forbidden, like many children, from using rude language. Prince has a solemn face, but an impish nature and a relentless curiousity. Although he is surrounded by staff eager to do his father's bidding, I found no hint of arrogance in the little boys manner.Paris was tiny when I knew her, with a cute, pointy little face. She would always compete with Prince to be the first to jump on Dad's knee.

Since Jackson is divorced from the children's mother, Debbie Rowe, they were looked after by Governess Grace on the rare occasion when Jackson wasn't around. A Hispanic lady, who kept herself in the background, she was always watchful. I do not believe anything would escape her attention and, if she is still the nanny, I dread to think what grief she would've given Jackson for the balcony nonsence.

The children's clothes seemed to be chosen by Michael in Prince's case, with help from Governess Grace in Paris's. On special occasions, Prince tends to be done up like a little Lord Fauntleyroy. Paris always seemed to be wearing dainty, lacy and slightly dated velvet dresses.

As a father of three, I could see Prince and Paris exchanged a healthy amount of argy-bargy that goes on between siblings. Over one meal, Prince spotted that Paris had smuggled her security blanket up to the table. 'Paris has a blankey, Paris has a blankey' he taunted. Michael pointed out that Prince really shouldn't laugh because he had a 'blankey,' too. The little boy look chastened and a little embarassed at this having been revealed. Thirty seconds later, but quietly, this time, Prince started again: 'Paris has a blankey, Paris has a blankey...' Paris ignored him.

Much of Jackson's eccentricity goes back to his own father's harsh discipline. With his own children, Michael is tough but in an infinitely more considered, humane way. He is resolutely anti-smacking, and somewhere inside the hazy fog of whatever it is that obscures his sharp mind is a solid determination that his children should have the most normal upbringing possible. He is anxious in particular, that when they all hit their teens they should avoid drugs and other distractions of a showbiz background. He insists 'no means no', but discipline must be administered without anger or yelling. When the children are naughty or unkind to one another, he favours taking things away from them and making them stand in the corner. At home in Neverland he rations their toys. They are not allowed to refer to toys as 'mine' when they have friends over and have been taught that the only reason to have money is to share its benefits with others.

Somewhat astonishingly, Michael claims to come down heavily on vanity. He tells how he caught Prince combing his hair in a mirror and saying 'I look good.' Michael corrected him sayi 'You look OK.'Prince and Paris are also taught to be diplomatic, but never to lie. Even white lies are wrong according to their father. He prefers to teach children to 'see things from a different dimension'. Prince, for instance, is afraid of turbulence on aeroplanes. If you tell him he's not on a plane but a rollercoaster, Michael explains, he will know it's a lie. But if you say we're on a plane, but think of it as a rollercoaster, it becomes a matter of perspective.

Michael is also hard on himself. One day when he was recording his last album, Invincible, Prince came to the studio and spilled popcorn on the floor. Michael insisted on cleaning it up himself. 'It's my son who made the mess. I'll clean it up' he told the bemused musicians as he got down on his hands and knees.Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, a friend of Michael, and host at Thanksgiving dinner, believes the star has a rare, instinctive empathy with children - possibly from never having grown up himself. He tells of the time his eight year old daughter got lost at Neverland. Finding her crying, his instinct was to tell her not to be silly, but Michael intervened and said: 'I know how you feel, I remember that happening to me when I was a little boy'.

I saw this empathy many times. Michael talks to all children as if they were adults. He will not tolerate them interrupting an adult conversation but is unusally attuned to hearing a child's voice asking a question when most of us choose to be slightly deaf. He is terrified of dogs but has bought his children a golden retriever, thinking it was wrong for him to pass on his irrational prejudice. He also dislikes making up answers to awkward questions the children ask. He likes to go to his vast private library to research the correct answer.

So what was Michael Jackson doing in the now infamous balcony scene? What led a man obsessed to the point of paranoia with his children's safety, to endanger his baby so needlessly? I can only guess he was a carrying out, in a daft way, another of his principles - that children should be taught not to be afraid of anything. He told me at dinner that night that he is in love with danger, but didn't know why.

It is hard to see his explanation carrying much weight with the social workers Michael may face if anything like the Berlin incident happens again. But perhaps they could take notice of a part of the speech he made about childhood and his children last year at Oxford University:

‘What if they grow older and resent me, and how my choices impacted their youth? “Why weren't we given a normal childhood like all the other kids?” they might ask. And at that moment I pray that my children will give me the benefit of the doubt. That they will say to themselves, “Our daddy did the best he could, given the unique circumstances he faced.”

‘I hope' he concluded, ‘that they will always focus on the positive things, on the sacrifices I willingly made for them, and not criticise the things they had to give up, or the errors I've made, and will certainly continue to make in raising them. For we all have been someones child, and we know that despite the very best of plans and efforts, mistakes will always occur. That's just being human.'


  Nelson Mandela asks Michael Jackson to Perform
at HIV/AIDS Fundraiser

Article Former South African President Nelson Mandela has announced that he will host an HIV/AIDS benefit concert on 2nd February 2003
on Robben Island, where he spent 18 of his 27 years behind bars.

Reuters of 6th December reports that Mr. Mandela has asked Michael Jackson to perform at the concert, which is being led by the U2 star, Bono.

Other artists who have been approached to perform at the show include legends Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Elton John.
Sting and Michael's youngest sister, Janet, have also been asked.

The concert will be televised globally with all funds raised going to the Nelson Mandela Foundation, UNAIDS and Robben Island Museum.

According to Reuters, at least one in nine South Africans (about 4.8 million people) has the disease or is infected with the HIV virus that causes it.


Billboard Appearance in Doubt

Article Yesterday, Michael Jackson's lawyer Zia Modabar told a reporter from the New York Post that the King of Pop's swollen leg could prevent him from attending the Billboard Music Awards show Monday night in Las Vegas.

"He has leg problems that have caused him extreme pain," said Modabar. "He's getting treatment for that. And when he can return, he will return."


Michael Tells The Court, "I'm a Visionary and Creative Person"

Yesterday, Michael showed up for his court appearance in Santa Maria, CA to defend himself from accusations that he pulled out of two
1999 millenium concerts costing German concert promoter, Marcel Avram $21 million dollars in lost expenses.
While on the witness stand Michael told the court that he relies on his managers, agents and accountants to handle his business
affairs while he focuses on his singing and dancing.

"I'm a visionary and a creative person,"
states Michael in response to one of his lawyer's questions. Adding that he was not good at working with complex lega
l documents or numbers.

"God blessed me with certain talents," Jackson said. "I hate to use an analogy, but Walt Disney was creative but not good with business.
His brother Roy handled the books."
Later in the proceedings, Michael was questioned by Marcel Avram's attorney who asked Jackson to elaborate on his previous comments.

"Walt Disney was a very creative man and a visionary," Jackson said. "He loved creating family-oriented entertainment and so do I.
I feel that was a gift and I have that gift also. I'm very honored to have been chosen."
Michael is expected back in court today for what is expected to be his last day of testimony.

Source: Reuters / MJFC

King of Pop Back in Court

Article The King of Pop kissed a little girl on the head and autographed her The Wiz album this morning as he returned to court to defend himself in the Marcel Avram millenium concerts lawsuit.
.     .
Reuters reported that as the media outside the courthouse shouted questions about the Berlin baby incident, Michael autographed the album and looked up with an expression of apparent annoyance over the questioning.

"It's my child," he said. "I love my children."

Michael emerged in a white satin vest and matching tie, waved to fans who squealed and shrieked with delight as he said "Hi, how are you?" Once inside, according to Reuters Michael put on a black tuxedo coat.

The King of Pop arrived at 9:30 a.m. in a van with about four bodyguards, one of them holding an umbrella to shield him from the sun while he signed 11-year-old Laurae Tyler's album. The Santa Maria sixth grader and her grandfather Manuel Anaya, 51, were among about 30 admirers gathered outside the Santa Maria courthouse.

Wooden barriers kept the fans at bay and about half of them got courtroom seats.

The girl told Reuters she was a lifetime Jackson fan because her father was a fan and a break-dancer.


Thriller's 20th

Article According to TV Guide Online, King of Pop Michael Jackson will mark the 20th anniversary of his Thriller album
during the 13th Annual Billboard Music airing live in the US on December 9th at 8PM on the Fox Channel.
However, Billboard.com has no mention of the Thriller anniversary award so it is not known whether the award presentation is official or not.
MJNI is currently looking to obtain that confirmation and we will of course keep you posted.

Slated performers for this year's show include Faith Hill, Creed, Avril Lavigne,
Nelly and the St. Lunatics and Justin Timberlake.


'Men In Black II' Available On Video Now

As reported earlier, 'Men In Black II' is on sale since yesterday on both video and DVD in the U.S.

Here the covers of the VHS Video (left) and the DVD (right).

Source: Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. / MJFC

Michael Jackson: "My Children Don't Watch TV Without Me"

Article "I don't like pop music," the King of Pop has told Bunte, a German magazine which interviewed Michael Jackson when he was
in Berlin last week.
The comments come in what many are assuming to be a tongue-in-cheek answer to the fact that he was spotted buying two classical music
CDs, but no pop, during a shopping excursion in Berlin.
Reuters of 27th November quote Michael further from the interview:
"I'd like to go shopping again for CDs in Berlin. It's just unbelievable. No matter where I am I'm always being followed. I need the experience that
I can walk into a store as a completely normal person going shopping."
Michael also dismissed criticism about covering the faces of his children with veils, which is believed to be a safety measure to prevent their
faces being recognised in any later moments when they are in public without their father.
"They love the Spiderman scarves," Michael said. "They've seen the film a dozen times. It's terrible. I know the whole film by heart myself.
I try to vary the film program by showing them Disney films. But they only want to see Spiderman!"
Michael complained to Bunte about the journalists who pursued him and his children in Berlin. "It was terrible.
With their big cameras they almost crushed us," he said.
Michael's children were only allowed to take home two presents from Berlin.
"But Playstations or computers are not allowed in the house," he said, adding that he reads his children fairy tales during breakfast.
"And they're only allowed to watch television when I'm around."


The New York Daily News on Sunday reported

The New York Daily News on Sunday reported what fans of Michael Jackson have know for weeks -
the King of Pop has signed a multi-million deal with American TV network CBS for the right to air a future music concert special.

Columnists Rush & Molloy write: "We hear that Jackson is ready to drop the hermit bit and promote a raft of new projects next year.
Word is he'll do a mini-tour culminating in a live show, probably from Las Vegas, to air on CBS, early next year.
The network will pay him millions."

The article continues: "Jackson will release another greatest-hits CD - the last album he owes Sony -
before putting one together for his own label, Neverland."

"Michael has hundreds of recordings, which he owns, that have never been released," said a source,
"including duets with people like Lenny Kravitz and the late Freddie Mercury."

The paper also wrote that "Brett Ratner has said he'll give Jackson a 'sizable' role alongside
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in the next Rush Hour" movie.


Michael Leaves Berlin

Michael Jackson left Berlin, Germany this morning at 5 am.
  Will next attend court on 3rd December 2002.

Source: MJFC

Michael Visits Art Gallery

Today, Michael Jackson visited the National Art Gallery of the old masters Berlin, Germany.
When leaving the gallery he signed autographs for the fans waiting for him outside.

Source: Sat1 / AP / MJFC

Michael Receives Bambi "Pop Artist Of The Millennium"

On January 21, 2002, Michael Jackson was honored as "Pop Artist of the Millennium" at the Bambi Awards gala in Berlin, Germany.

Towards the end of the show parts of a video were shown which featured the charity song 'What More Can I Give'.
The video featured stars recording parts of the song, including Celine Dion, Justin Timberlake, Ricky Martin, Mya and others.

Then Michael entered the stage while the song 'Thriller' was being played.
He received his award from three-time Wimbledon tennis champion Boris Becker,
accompanied by a standing ovation of the audience.

Michael was dressed in black pants and a glittering black/red jacket and black pants and seemed pretty nervous.
He handed the award back to Boris Becker and took some papers out of his pocket to make an acceptance speech:

"Thank you...Thank you...Thank you very much.
[towards Boris Becker] How are you? [Becker: I'm well].
Thank you so much for the nice words.
Oh boy. [Michael takes reading glasses out of his pocket] I'm sorry, I have to wear these reading glasses. Oh Jesus...here we go.
Dear Dr. Burda, dear Dr. Turnhofer, ladies and gentlemen.
I have wonderful memories of my visits to Germany. Coming back to Berlin...Berlin, a city so full of energy - it's very special to me.
Berlin, ich liebe dich! [German for: Berlin, I love you!]

September 11 has changed our world. Not long ago the Berlin wall came down. But recently new walls have been built. In 1989,
people in Germany said: "Wir sind ein Volk." [German for: We are one nation.]
We are Germans, we are Armenians, French, Italian, Russian, American, Asian, African... many other nationalities. We are Christians, Jewish,
Muslim and Hindu. We are black, we are white. We are a community of some many differences, so complex and yet so simple. We do not need to have war!!!

And to the children of Germany I want to say this: We need you! The world needs you! Please go for your dreams. Whatever your ideals...
you can become whatever you want to become. Become an astronaut or famous scientist, famous doctords. And of course become an artist...[he grins] ...
and maybe you get a Bambi award like me.

I want you to know that I love Germany and that you have a very special place in my heart. I love you so much ... really!

Always appreciate the gift of life. Be happy and have fun.
I love you.

Michael ended his speech by lifting aloft the award statuette and blewing a kiss to the audience.
The crowd was visibly moved by the speech and celebrated him with another standing ovation.

Source: ARD / AP / MJFC

Page on the line about the

Michael Jackson Raises €16000 For Charity In One Night

Article At a charity gala in a nightclub on Potsdamer Platz in Berlin on 20th November,
Michael Jackson auctioned off a rhinestone jacket for €16,000.
The money will go towards helping homeless children. In a speech, for which Michael wore his reading glasses in public for the first time,
ABC Australia quoted him as saying:
"I know that there are also street children in Germany. The money should go to children who need it the most."


Today, Michael Jackson visited the zoo as well
as other tourist attractions in Berlin.

He wore a dark suit and sunglasses and was accopmanied by his children. During the zoo visit Michael was especially interested in the famous "monkey house" where he stayed for about 15 minutes and paused to inspect one of the gorillas.

  Later that day he traveled outside Berlin to visit Potsdam's baroque "Sans Souci" palace.

On Wednesday evening he again showded up at the window of his hotel suite again, accompanied by one of his children, and waved to a crowd of several hundred fans on the street who had been chanting his name.

Source: Reuters / MJFC

Michael Jackson In Berlin, Germany

Michael Jackson has arrived in Berlin, Germany. He is staying at the hotel Adlon, Pariser Platz (just next to the 'Branderburger Tor').

Lots of fans have been there to welcome Michael. As reported earlier, he will be honored with the 'Bambi' award on Thursday.

Source: BZ Online / MJFC

Michael to Take Stand in Marcel

Article According to MTV, Michael Jackson will likely take to the stand today to testify in a lawsuit filed by
German concert promoter Marcel Avram.

The following article appreared in the Santa Maria Times:

"A deal is a deal," said an attorney for Michael Jackson, at the start of a trial Tuesday in which the
superstar entertainer is charged in a contract dispute.

It fails to be a deal when the entertainer backs out, countered the lawyer representing
German concert promoter Marcel Avram.

Avram is seeking $21.2 million in advanced expenses, charging Jackson failed to appear for two planned millennium
concerts the last day of 1999. Jackson's side said Avram "blinked first," after the financial failure of two earlier charity concerts.
Jackson is slated to testify today through Friday. Avram testified late Tuesday, talking about his past and his work as a promoter.
He will also return to the witness stand today.

The trial is being held in Santa Maria because Jackson's official home is his Neverland Ranch near Los Olivos.
A northern Santa Barbara County jury of eight women and four men are considering the case, with Santa Maria Superior
Court Zel Canter presiding. The case will continue into December. The long-debated trial lurched into session Tuesday,
as opening statements, planned for 9:30 a.m., began at 1:30 p.m. after a series of legal challenges to the opening by Co-counsels for Jackson,
Zia Modabber and Steve Cochran. Louis "Skip" Miller, with associates, representing Avram. The attorneys are from Los Angeles.

A juror could also be replaced. The woman juror notified Canter her aunt had died and she wanted to attend the Friday afternoon
funeral in Solvang. Whether or not she can go will depend on how the testimony of Jackson progresses, Canter said.
"We will decide Friday morning," she was told.

She could be replaced by one of the four alternates or the entire court could recess early Friday. C
anter blocked Miller from using blow-ups of what he calls the "two most important documents" in his case, two letters from Avram to Jackson.
One, written on Oct. 8, 1999, is a first mention of the cancellation of the concert, he said.

Miller had to exclude them from his opening, but may be allowed to present them later. The key issue, according to opening statements,
was "who canceled" the plans for the concerts. Both sides accuse the other in what is termed a commercial business dispute.
"It is pretty straight forward," Miller said of the case. He said that Jackson alleges he got a phone call from Avram,
telling him the concerts were canceled, but Avram said he never made the call. In January 1999 the two men signed
a contract agreeing to two charity concerts, in Korea and Germany, then the two millennium concerts, in Sydney, Australia and Honolulu,
with Jackson to be paid $15 million.

The two charity concerts took place, but were not financially successful because the expenses were too high, according to Miller.
Modabber argued that a "deal is a deal" despite the "risks and rewards." He showed the original contract, and a second revised contract signed by
the two men. The contracts state that Avram will take the risk by financing the concerts. He said the evidence will show t
hat Avram first postponed the millennium concerts when he realized he "could not live up to the huge promise ($15 million) to Mr. Jackson."
It is clear in the writings, Modabber said, stressing that Avram was an experienced businessman who wrote his own contracts.

And the contracts state that modifications can only come in writing, with the signatures of both men. This did not happen, Modabber said,
even though Avram proposed chances in the deal with several letters. "Avram's letters are not the contact in this case ... the contracts show who is
supposed to pay," Modabber said. And finally he asked "what was Jackson's motivation to cancel" with the promise of a $15 million payoff for the
"biggest show in his life guaranteed." Jackson spent the millennium relaxing at his Neverland Ranch, his attorney said, having left the
recording studio only weeks before.


Extracts from Interview given to Gold Magazine
while Michael was in London

"GG: Does it ever become a burden to be one of the most recognized stars in the world?

MJ: There's nowhere in the world I can actually go and have privacy. The thing that hurts the most is the fact that your privacy is taken away from you. To use the silly _expression, you live in a fishbowl, but it's true. I do disguises... People know them all, it's very hard, very hard.

GG: What kind of disguises?

MJ: Fat suits, buck teeth, glasses, afros, prosthetics, make-up jobs, everything. Just to sit in the audience and experience it the way an audience would experience a show; I want to feel how they feel.

GG: Do they find you out?

MJ: Sometimes, yes. In the beginning, no. Then they start looking me in the eyes. I put these things on and then they start looking behind the glasses... Girls are very smart, you know. You can trick a guy quicker than you can trick a girl. Women can just pick it up. They know the way you move your body, the way you walk, the way you gesture. I hear them go, 'Look at the way he moves his hand', or ' Look at the way he was walking', and I think, ' Oh no.'

GG: If You were invisible for a day in London, what would you do?

MJ: Oh boy. Who would I like to slap? Let me see {laughs]... I think I'd find one of the tabloid paparazzis and kick his ass, moonwalk style. I'd really like to knock them off one of those little scooters they ride around on, I really would, knock the cameras right out of their hands. They're so annoying. I'd go for them first, yeah. They drive you nuts. You can't get away from them. It's terrible.

GG: Who are your favourite people?

MJ: I love people who have really contributed to the pleasure and happiness of the planet and mankind, people with light - from Walt Disney to Ghandi to Edison to Martin Luther King. These are people with light, people who really cared about children, bringing families together, and love. That's what I try to say in my music and in my songs. If you go to one of my concerts, my shows, you will see 200,000 people swaying, holding candles, saying, 'We want to heal the world,' and 'We love you.' I've seen it around the world from Russia to Germany to Poland to Africa to America. We're all the same. People cry in the same places in the show. They get angry in the same places in the show, they get the pathos in the same places.

GG: If you could work with anyone, alive or dead, who would that be?

MJ: If I could work with anybody it would be Charlie Chaplin, who I love so much. Also, Laurence oliver was a genius, really. Those two guys, I think. And also the king, Brando.

GG: You had a cameo in Men In Black II, was that fun to work on?

MJ: The Men In Black project really was a lot of fun because I introduced myself as the new guy.

GG: It was obvious from the video of Thriller that you have a great interest in the visual arts.

MJ: Everything I do I like either to direct myself, or work closely with the director - we co-direct and come up with the ideas together. If you look at Ghosts, it says co-written by Michael Jackson and Stephen King. We wrote it on the telephone, Stephen and I - he's a lovely guy, he's amazing. We wrote it on the phone, just talking together.

GG: Who are the figures in the movie business you most admire, and why?

MJ: I just love Robert De Niro. I think he's such a multi-faceted actor. He can play anything from a comedian to a priest to a psychopathic killer to an idiot to a charming uncle to just anything. And of course, any of the great dancers.

GG: Who would be your ideal leading lady, and why?

MJ: An actress? {laughs} You and I should do a film together. Let's do it, I'd love that...

GG: There was talk of you going to the moon to perform an authentic moonwalk here. Is there any truth in this?

MJ: {laughs} There is some truth in it. It's not a rumour. I'll just say that.

GG: If one of your children came to you and said, 'Dad, I want to be a pop star,' what's the best advise you could give them?

MJ: The best advise that I would give them is it's a lot of hard work, and be prepared, because it's not all joy all the time. And that you've got to have rhinoceros skin, because the bigger the star, the bigger the target. The tabloid press are bastards, and you've got to have rhinoceros skin to deal with that kind of ignorance mentality. They do it simply to sell papers, because bad news sell, not good news. They simply make it up. If they don't have anything, they just make it up. I'm nothing like the way the tabloids have painted me out to be, nothing. Nothing like that. they're the ones who are crazy. They're ignorant. I always say to my fans 'Let's have a tabloid burning. Let's make a big mountain out of tabloids and just burn them.' The real fans who love me know that garbage isn't true. They know. They're smart.

GG: Have you always wanted to do film? If your family had not been such successful musicians, would you have turned to it earlier in your life?

MJ: I've always wanted to do film, but the tours got in the way. That's why I want to take several years off just doing film. I'd like to get six great movies behind me, and then I'll do a little bit of touring, then I'll do more filming.

GG: What kind of ideas do you have for film?

MJ: I have ideas for film and movement and dance and things that people have never seen. I can't wait to just surprise people. That's why I've been dying to start a film production company, and I'm very excited that that's what we're doing with Neverland Pictures. I get to just have a clean slate and play and create and sculpt.

GG: Tell me a little bit about the werewolf idea in your films, and how does it relate to video?

MJ: I haven't read the script yet for Wolfed - it's one of the movies that we're going to be making and I'm really excited about it. I'm so happy to be working with Sammy Lee {the co-writer of Music Box, who recently acquired 'first look' rights to Jackson's films}. We're doing some great projects together in film, and I'm really excited.

GG: And Wolfed will be the first film?

MJ: As of now, our schedule says that Wolfed will be the first film. that's going to be fun. I want it to be really scary. Rick Baker wants to do all the visual effects. He has seven Academy awards. Rick is very excited about it too - he did American Werewolf in London. He won an Oscar, and he said, 'Michael, that was nothing.' That's nothing compared to what he can do today. And he did Thriller and he said of that, 'It's nothing'. He can go way beyond that. He did all the Eddie Murphy films, Clumps and Nutty Professor and all that Men In Black stuff too. He does all that.

GG: So tell me how you would like to be remembered?

MJ: How would I like to be remembered? As a person who came and brought light to the world, some escapism. Also as the voice for the voiceless children, because I love them. I'm living for the children. If it weren't for the kids, I would throw in the towel. A baby, a child - now that's amazing. They're little geniuses, you know, little geniuses. They really are.

GG: Do you enjoy being a father?

MJ: It's my favourite thing. I love it. I love it. I love it.

GG: The other day I saw you pick up your daughter when she was sleeping. You just picked her up, and I could see the joy in your face...

MJ: Oh, I love them. The Jacksons have a lot of kids. I have a lot of nephews and nieces. There's a lot of us!

GG: What is your relationship with your brothers and sisters?

MJ: I love my brothers and sisters. When I'm with them we laugh. It's like a different version of yourself. We can just laugh and giggle and talk about old times. We're not together as much as we'd like to be. We're all busy. We're all in showbusiness. We're always doing something. If I'm in town, Janet's out of town. If we're both here, my brother's somewhere else. Everybody's running around, you know.

GG: Are you a family man? What do you like doing with your family?

MJ: My personal family? My Children? We love just sitting together, talking, shooting the breeze. We sit by the lake. I take them for a walk every day at my house. We sit by the lake and we throw rocks in the water and we just talk.

GG: What do you think is the deepest form of love someone can feel? And have you felt it?

MJ: Wow, I think that's really a matter of opinion. Have I felt the deepest form of love? I don't know what would be the deepest... {long pause} an interesting question... {repeats question a few times}. I love my children very, very much, and I always look in their eyes and tell them that - I think that's the most important thing."

Yeah! Fans are smart ... and especially girls ;o)

Bambi Award in Berlin

Michael is invited to the 54th ceremony which will take place at the Estrelle Convention Center, on November 21st (broadcast at 8.15pm at the German TV channel ARD). Elizabeth Taylor is among the presenters.

After the 2 new galleries with 40 pictures ! which you can see just here

another column will follow very soon with name "Memory" 97 to very next time!

Siegfried & Roy To Auction Celebrity Bears

Siegfried & Roy will launch their celebrity teddy bear online auction today in the Great Hall at the Fashion Show mall. The public is invited to see the more than 150 costumed and autographed teddy bears bearing likenesses of Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, and Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush among others.

The auction address is www.siegfriedandroy.com and bidding will begin on November 4, 2002 at 3:30 p.m. and run until November 29, with proceeds going to Opportunity Village.  http://www.opportunityvillage.org The bears will be traveling to Chicago, Dallas, Beverly Hills and San Francisco, where they will be on display at Neiman Marcus stores.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal / SiegfriedandRoy.com / MJFC

Michael Jackson Wins 'World Arts Award 2002'

Michael Jackson has won the 'World Arts Award 2002' from the World Awards which was held in Vienna, Austria this past Saturday, November, 2, 2002. Mikhail Gorbachev addressed the crowd with the following words:

"Dear friends, the next award winner enjoys incredible popularity and you could say a lot about that. But you can also say his name only. The next award winner is Michael Jackson:"
Following Mr. Gorbachev's words, a video montage is played which ends with 'Man In The Mirror' and a sequence from Michael's short-film, 'Ghosts' where he bows after the dance sequence. Ingrid Thurnher then speaks to the crowd with the following words:
"I would like to say now, ladies and gentlemen, welcome and congratulations Mr. Michael Jackson. But unfortunately Mr. Michael Jackson has cancelled at the last minute. He could not come. He sends his kind regards to you through us and through this video message."
The video is then shown and an unidentified woman passes the award to Michael. Michael begins his speech with the following words:
"Dear guest of honor. Dear Mr. Gorbachev. It is a great honor for me to be selected by Mr Gorbachev and the jury to receive the 'World Arts Award 2002'. This year the motto of the World Awards is 'Peace' and Tolerance'. These values are especially dear to me. In my own heart and mind I stand united with you for peace, love and tolerance in the world. I have to thank Mr. Günther Stampf, Mr. Georg Kindel [MJFC: Mr. Kindel = chairman of the World Awards] and I thank President Mikhail Gorbachev. I love you very much. Thank you so much. Thank you."

Source: World Awards / MJFC

Michael Jackson Nominated For World Awards

Michael Jackson is one of the nominees of the upcoming 2002 World Awards which are scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 2, 2002.

The event will be held in Vienna, Austria at the Imperial Hofburg Palace inside the Ornate Festival Hall. Hosted by the president of Men's World Day, Mikhail Gorbachev, this event honors men who have changed our world in 13 different genres. Although Michael is one of the nominees, he will not be on hand to attend the ceremony.

Source: World Awards / MJFC

1 year before "INVINCIBLE"

Oh yes how time is passing quickly, 1 year before "INVINCIBLE" was released, will it come back with a concrete promo ?
mm good question!

Jackson set to bring some magic to Las Vegas

Following the lead of Celine Dion, Michael Jackson is close to announcing plans to move to Las Vegas and create a show boosted by magical illusion.
"It looks like it's 80 to 90 percent sure it's going to happen," said a source with ties to Jackson.
Jackson spent about two months in Las Vegas recently, much of it checking out shows involving illusion. He stayed at the Four Seasons with his children and bodyguards.
The source said The Venetian, one of the properties where Jackson met with management, is not the hotel and casino that Jackson is negotiating with.
Hmmm, wonder if "Legends in Concert" has been ruled out.

Source: reviewjournal

Some Television History Coming Out On DVD

A nine disc DVD set featuring a collection of classic performances from 'The Ed Sullivan Television Show' is being released by Rhino Home Video.

This collection, titled 'Ed Sullivan's Rock and Roll Classics', has 144 full length performances from 1955 through 1971 on the television show by numerous performers, including The Jackson 5.

Source: Reuters / MJFC

What More Can I Give landed at #3

Michael Jackson's 9/11 charity song last night
on KTU's daily Most Wanted Top 8 at 8 countdown, a chart high for the song.
Besting requests for new songs by Madonna (Die Another Day) and Jennifer Lopez (Jenny from the Block),


The Making Of Ghosts

Debuting on October 26 on VH1 (USA) is The Making of Ghosts, a half-hour behind the scenes documentary of Michael Jackson's much talked about short film GHOSTS.

The program will also include on-set interviews with Michael and director Stan Winston and be followed by the actual film.

MAKING OF GHOSTS, Saturday Oct. 26 12-12:30 AM
GHOSTS, Saturday Oct. 27 12.30 - 1:30 AM


Michael Jackson met with tour-promoter Marcel Avram

Last week, Michael Jackson met with tour-promoter Marcel Avram in Los Angeles about confidental legal issues. The meetings were friendly, and followed two meetings earlier in the year.

Clarity on these issues should be reached in November 2002. Depending on the outcome, future projects between Michael and Mr. Avram could therefore be discussed after this time.

Indeed, there is no official news at this time about any tour or series of performances.


'Ghosts' the longest
clip-video in the HIStory!

As every year, Michael Jackson is featured in the Guiness book of
records - edition 2003. The King of Pop is mentioned for 'Thriller', the
best selling album in the world and for 'Ghosts', the longest
clip-video in the HIStory

Invincible Slips Into UK Album Chart!!

Michael's album 'Invincible' has re-entered the UK Hot 100 Album Chart at #84!
Michael makes a welcome return to the music charts!

Source: nme.co.uk and MJWN

One year!
In thank very mutch for the "Matin"!
One year ago the MJFC3G was present at the promo of "INVINCIBLE". To see the commentary again
come here
Laura Katrine ah what memories of that evening!


Paris Radio Playing WMCIG

Last week, ADO 97.8 Paris added What More Can I Give to its playlist, the only station in France to do so.

The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and the song - billed as an ADO "exclusive" - is currently in heavy rotation.
There is still no word on how or where the station got its hands on song.


Rush Hour Director on New MJ Video

Article Red Dragon and Rush Hour director Brett Ratner told BBC Radio 1 that Michael Jackson has asked him to direct the music video for Invincible, which Ratner says is the "next single." However, it is not known exactly when the interview took place (pre or post Sony battle), or if Ratner had mistakenly confused the song with Unbreakable, a more likely next single candidate.

"Michael Jackson has asked me to do his new video, so I'm hoping I can fit it in before I start production on Superman, he said. "We're good friends. (sings) You Are Not Alone!"

Then Ratner dropped a bombshell by revealing that the King of Pop will star in the next Rush Hour movie, along side Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. "I'm going to put Michael Jackson for sure into Rush Hour 3, he told Radio 1. "What Joe Pesci was to Lethal Weapon, he's going to be to Rush Hour 3. He'd love to be in the movie!"

Source : MJNI

Michael Jackson Hosts Party For U.S. Air Force

Michael Jackson will play host to more than 200 members of the U.S. Air Force and their families on Saturday, October 12, 2002 at his Neverland Valley Ranch located in Santa Ynez, California. Officials at Vandenberg Air Force said Jackson's invitation was "a gesture of appreciation" for Air Force members in the comunity that had served overseas in Operation Enduring Freedom and domestically in Operation Noble Eagle.

"We recognize our people who are returning from deployment every quarter," said Master Sergeant Ty Foster. "This group is very lucky Mr. Jackson has opened up his gates."
The party will be a daylong event and will not be open to the public or the media.

Source: United Press International / MJFC

Some MJ HIStory Hits The Auction Block

Michael Jackson's first signed contract, Elvis Presley's first guitar and what's being billed as the world's oldest guitar will be auctioned off this weekend by the Guernsey auction house in New York City. The auction is to be officially held on Saturday, October 12th and Sunday, October 13 at The Altman Building in New York CIty with previews of the auction lots to be held on Thursday, October 10 & Friday, October 11.

Source: Guernsey / MJFC

'What More Can I Give' Gets Air Play

Michael Jackson's 'What More Can I Give' the benefit single that hasn't to this day been released as yet, has been played on New York radio station WKTU-FM. The song, a benefit single in response to the September 11 terrorist attacks, was first played on WKTU-FM at 6pm on Friday. Even though there has been no permission, since then it's been played by the radio station around 6 times a day.

Source: MTV.com / MJFC

'BAD' Re-Enters The UK Album Charts!

'BAD', Michael Jackson's Epic album, which was originally released in 1987, has re-entered the UK Album Charts, standing at number 56
(week 39, September 22, 2002).

This link : Dotmusic

Source: Dotmusic / MJFC

'Butterflies' Played On MTV Base In UK

Michael's song 'Butterflies' from the album 'Invincible' was played yesterday afternoon on MTV Base in the UK. The song was accompanied by various video clips from some of Michael's past videos.

Source: MJFC

Auction For Flood Victims Raises A Staggering 3935 Euro

The auction for the flood victims of Germany, in which Michael donated 16 items consisting of signed CDs, videos and cotton napkins (see related MJFC news items dated September 8 & 11, 2002), has raised a staggering 3935 Euro (about 3814 US$).

The highest bid was on the 'Thriller Special Edition' CD which raised 450 Euros, just by it's self alone.

The napkins went for 380 Euro and 450 Euro respectively, and no item went for less than 150 Euro.

CD 'Dangerous, Special Edition'
Michael's signature on the card cover
final bid: 205 Euro

CD 'Dangerous, Special Edition'
Normal cover
Michael's signature on the booklet
final bid: 200 Euro

Double CD 'HiStory: Past, Present and Future Book I'
disc 1 is missing!
Michael's signature on the front inlay
final bid: 150 Euro

CD 'Greatest Hits, HIStory Volume I'
Michael's signature on the booklet and on the disc
final bid: 275 Euro

CD '20th Century Masters Of The Millennium Collection'
Michael's signature on the booklet ('Love' and signature)
final bid: 150 Euro

CD '20th Century Masters Of The Millennium Collection'
Michael's signature on the booklet
final bid: 200 Euro

CD 'Love Songs'
Michael's signature on the booklet ('Love'+signature+date '08.26.02')
final bid: 195 Euro

CD 'Motown Legends: Michael Jackson'
Michael's signature on the booklet and on the disc
final bid: 300 Euro

CD 'Motown Legends: Michael Jackson'
Michael's signature on the booklet
final bid: 155 Euro

CD 'Off The Wall'
Michael's signature on the card cover ('Love'+ signature) and on the disc
final bid: 235 Euro

CD 'The Best Of Michael Jackson'
Michael's signature on the card cover ('Love'+ signature) and on the booklet ('Love' + signature)
final bid: 180 Euro

CD 'Thriller, Special Edition'
Michael's signature on the booklet ('Love' + signature)
final bid: 450 Euro

DVD: 'Dangerous, The Short Films'
Michael's signature on the DVD cover ('Love' + signature)
final bid: 200 Euro

DVD: 'Video Greatest Hits, HiStory'
Michael's signature on the DVD
final bid: 210 Euro

White cotton napkin
used by Michael. Bordered 53 cm x 53 cm (20.87 inches x 20.87 inches)
Michael's signature: 'Love' + signature + 'Las Vegas, Aug 26 2002'
final bid: 450 Euro

White cotton napkin
Bordered 53 cm x 53 cm (20,87 inches x 20.87 inches)
Michael's signature: signature + 'Las Vegas, Aug 26 2002'
final bid: 380 Euro

Source: mdr / MJFC

Autographed Items On Auction For Flood Victims In Germany

Recently, Michael Jackson was asked whether he would be willing to take part in a charity auction to support the victims of the severe flood in Germany.

Of course Michael, who was in Las Vegas at that time, agreed and acted immediately. At a local Virgin Megastore he bought 14 of his own CDs and videos and signed these items as well as two cotton napkins.

German TV channel 'mdr' is responsable for the auction. See all items and make your bid online here.

Bids currently range from 70 Euro for Michael's CD 'Love Songs' up to 180 Euro for the CD 'Thriller', Special Edition.

Please note, that all information on mdr web site is in german language. MJFC is currently working on a translation into english language and checking on the conditions for bidders outside germany.

Source: MDR / MJFC. Thanks to Markus Thiele, T&S Medien for bringing the auction to our attention.

Michael, showed up at David Copperfield's show

The ubiquitous other Jackson, Michael, showed up at David Copperfield's show at the MGM Grand
on Monday night with his two oldest children, Paris and Prince I, and three bodyguards.


MTV Video Music Awards

  At the MTV Video Music Awards, which took place at the Radio City Music Hall in New York on August 29, Michael Jackson received a special award. At the beginning of the MTV show, singer Britney Spears came on stage to present the award. As it was Michael Jackson's birthday there was a huge four-layer cake, white with black musical notes and silver stars positioned in the back. The award, a silver treble clef, was on the table with the cake.

 Britney Spears started with the following words:

"I am thrilled to be here with you in New York on such a special night. And it's more special because it just so happens to be someone special's birthday. This is someone who's inspired me and just about everyone in this room and the world. I consider him the artist of the millennium. He's a true innovator who pioneered the true art of music video, broke down countless barriers and sold more records than any other artist along the way. So, happy birthday my friend, the King Of Pop."
Then Michael came on stage to the intro to Billie Jean and received a standing ovation from the audience. Wearing black pants, a red top with applications and white/golden knee pads, his hair was shoulder length and straight. He was smiling and looked very happy.
Michael hugged Britney Spears, took the award from the table with the cake and walked to the microphone for his acceptance speech:

Well...um...God Bless you. Um...I love you too [to the fans yelling at him]. Thank you very much, Britney Spears you're wonderful. If... when I was a little boy in Indiana, if someone had told me... if someone had told me that one day I would be getting, as a musician, the 'Artist Of The Millennium' award I wouldn't have believed it [laughs]. This is really amazing. I can't believe it. Thank you so very much.
But there's a couple of people I have to thank who made this possible [he reaches into his pocket for a piece of paper, and unfolds it]. First I'd like to thank God who makes all things possible. My mother, Joseph Jackson, Katherine Jackson, Trudy Green, Howard Koffman, the genius of John McClain, John Brenka, Berry Gordy, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, Quincy Jones, I love you. David Blaine your magic is real and I believe in you. And I'd like to thank... I think James Brown is a genius. And all the fans around the world, I love you. God bless you. Thank you.

Source: MTV / MJFC / Photos: © Gary Hershorn, Reuters & Beth Keiser, AP Photo

Michael Jackson's Message For Flood Victims

Michael Jackson released a videotaped message addressing the victims of the severe flood in Germany:

"To the people of Germany: I send my deepest concern, my deepest and most heartfelt condolences. You are not alone, I am here in spirit with you. And you are in my prayers. Remember - God is with you. And have faith in the fact that this too shall pass. All my love and caring. I love you forever. Thank you."

Following extremely heavy rain falls, the flood at the river Elbe in Germany caused damages which are currently estimated to run into billions. Hundreds of thousands of people had to be evacuated, thousands of houses have been destroyed or are uninhabitable, several people have been killed and several are still missing. The flood also caused severe damages in Austria and the Czech Republic and is considered to be the worst in the last 100 years in this region.

Source: MTV Germany / MJFC

Happy  Birthday

Michael, in the name of all the Fans of the whole world and all the children who loves you and the MJFC 3G we wish you a happy  birthday. You are 43 years, you are even more talented than before! your voice is stronger and purer, your dance, well all, you are at  200% perfect.

A word for you, Thank you!

MJFC 3Generations

News Album!!!!!!

Bet news have just reported that Michael jackson is putting the finishing to his new album,
which is produced and co-written by Irv Gotti. A release date for the new album is scheduled for 22nd,
according Bet Michael is set to sign with Virgin Records in the newt two weeks.
The new single entitle "Let's Make This Happen" features LL Cool J
is also set for a September radio release!!!


MTV Video Music Award 2002!
Michael Jackson will be present to the Video MTV Music Award 2002,
August 29 2002, to receive a price.


Siegfried and Roy

During his recent trip to Las Vegas, Michael visited his old friends
Siegfried and Roy

Source:Photo getty

Las Vegas Museum

It's not every night that a major Strip property makes certain a VIP gets a 2 a.m. museum tour, especially with six sleepy-eyed youngsters in tow.

But there was Michael Jackson, the kids, two nannies and two bodyguards getting a private tour at The Venetian of the Guggenheim Las Vegas and the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum.

Jackson is known for his bizarre after-hours requests and this was one of his wackier. It started with Jackson's people contacting the museum's 24-hour, on-staff security about 2 a.m. From there, the museum security director was awakened at home.

Permission was granted, and Jackson led the kids, including his own son, through the rare motorcycles and artworks for almost an hour.

"He pointed to a red Ducatti motorcycle and said, `I just ordered one of those,' " said Kimiko Haight, communications manager of the two museums.

Jackson was overheard saying he gave a motorcycle to one of his brothers, "but he sold it."

Jackson was seen shopping Monday night at the MGM Grand's Studio Walk and in the Star Lane shops. He planned to visit the lion habitat, but the crowd grew so quickly that he skipped the exhibit.

Source: http://www.lvrj.com


I received a call about an hour ago from a very good friend of mine that lives in Vegas. HE HAD JUST MET MICHAEL!! According to what he told me, Michael went shopping in the Forum shops at the Ceasars Palace. First he stopped at FAO Swartz, wasn't sure how long he stayed there, after that he went to Virgin Megastore. He wasn't taking any pictures with people outside the stores, but once inside, who ever was lucky enough to be in the store w/ Michael got to take pictures and he signed plenty of autographes. There was a HUGE crowd, very excited of course to be so lucky as to catch him in person! He spent over $6,000 according to the employees at Virgin. Not sure exactly on what. They closed the store down for him for over an hour!

Source:King Of Pop Discussion

Boyz II Men Speak On Racism In The Music Industry

Recently, Michael Jackson and many others spoke on racism in the music industry and artists´ rights during the Music Industry Initiative Summit. A lot of artists have come forward with their own experiences of racism in the music industry.

At a recent album release party, Shawn Stockman, of Boyz II Men, told Webster Hall curator Baird Jones that, while he hated to play the race card,

"if Boyz had been a white group they would have made the cover of Time magazine 10 years ago when they broke the No. 1 hit string earlier put together by Elvis Presley's `Heartbreak Hotel.´ It was like a full paragraph in Billboard and then nothing."
Fellow Boyz II Men, Nathan Morris agreed,
"When we had found out that we had broken Elvis' record we were in London. We came back to the States and it just seemed that everyone was so loyal to Elvis there was a complete media blackout. I mean, can you imagine the publicity that would have occurred if Celine Dion or Madonna had broken that record."

Source: Pagesix.com / MJFC

Jermaine Jackson Speaks Out For Michael

Jermaine Jackson, one of Michael's brothers, gave an interview to Access Hollywood's Pat O'Brien. He talked about the problems between Michael and music label Sony, as well as the public's perception of his brother, and came to Michael's defense regarding the name-calling and innuendoes.

Pat O'Brien: Has anybody talked to Michael? Have you talked to him? What's his mood and where's he at right now?

Jermaine: He's fine. He's doing what he needs to do at this point in his life. There is a lot at stake and there is a lot of things that are reported, because of who he is, that are not reported accurately. Things that are being said, and the thing that is most important that people wait for the facts instead of addressing things using their own opinions about things.

Pat O'Brien: What's been inaccurate?

Jermaine: It bothers me when people call my brother a pedophile. There has been Rosie O'Donnell and people like that who have called him a pedophile when my brother was never charged or never indicted on anything.

Pat O'Brien: But he did settle it?

Jermaine: No, what that was -- and I feel that I can speak out on it -- when someone really did something like that, would money solve the problem? No. I think I know this was motivated by money. There have been people who have been working on my brother who had said, 'If you ever get rid of me I'll make sure you never sell another record in your life.'

Pat O'Brien: So the pedophile - just the word ...

Jermaine: Do not call my brother that! My brother is the most loving person, he's a human being. He has children, we have children. They go to school and they've been asked these questions and they come home sad and crying -- people have no feelings. It's like they think he's down so they want to kick him and pick on him. That's not right, especially people who are in the industry and who are victims of the same thing.

Pat O'Brien: Let's talk about this album, because that's the centerpiece of this whole thing. Sony says that they put in $25-30 million.

Jermaine: That's what they say.

Pat O'Brien: They say they've put in $25 million of promotional money. $30 million to make it and the album is basically a bomb. Do you think it's a good album?

Jermaine: I think it's a great album. You know why? Because it was at a time when Michael knew he had to deliver, and he's not just going to put out anything. He was recording for a while and he turned it in.

Pat O'Brien: Where was Michael in promoting hits? They say he didn't go to promotional appearances. He went to one black radio station.

Jermaine: I'll tell you this: We played in New York. You were there, and I know for a fact that Sony did not buy one ad for our show and it was right in their backyard. I don't know the facts, but it could have been that he was upset -- I have a feeling. I just know that record companies aren't going to send you on a great launching to go somewhere else that's impossible. ... I'm not saying that things haven't happened. But until we get the facts we don't know. Let's open the books and let's see.

Pat O'Brien: As a brother though, would you have had a more dignified approach then calling him [Tommy Mottola] a devil and standing in a truck holding a sign?

Jermaine: You know what. To tell you the truth, the fans created the signs and he held them up. We don't know what has happened in the anger. I have heard from different press releases, like FoxNews, were in the room when he has threatened Michael.

Pat O'Brien: This Marc Shaffel [producer behind Michael's 9/11 charity recording] thing. This producer has ties to the whole gay-porn industry. What happened?

Jermaine: I really don't know, but I read about that. I will say that there are a lot of actors or actresses in this industry that started out in porn. There are a lot of directors and producers in this industry that also started out in porn. Whether Michael knew or not I don't know. I would say that he didn't know, but to make that a big issue, so what? That's not what Michael's representative of.

Pat O'Brien: Robin Williams was poking fun at him, you mentioned that a little earlier.

Jermaine: I happen to love Robin Williams very much. I still love Robin Williams. I think he's brilliant and what he said wasn't that much. But just to let him know that we have feelings -- we are like they are. We wouldn't go and poke holes at them. What Rosie O'Donnell said was wrong. It was wrong. And there were things said by Steven Seagal, and we've had our run-ins before. But what I'm saying is that we are family, we have children who go to school and we have a lot of friends who go to this house and they ask these questions. My kids are hurt by this.

Pat O'Brien: How's Michael about it? Is he hurt, or is there so much surrounding him that he just lets it go at some point?

Jermaine: He's very strong, but still he has feelings, and he has children who are very, very smart who ask him questions. And this name, 'Wacko Jacko.' I hate that. I hate it. That's crazy. What's wacko about my brother?

Pat O'Brien: Well, I think some people think his appearance might be a little different.

Jermaine: Pat, listen, there are people out there who do all sorts of things and they do things publicly. And they never call them any type of names. They just take it as their behavior. But I guess because when there's great responsibility, when there is a lot of success, that there's a lot of things that will be said inaccurately.

Source: Access Hollywood / MJFC 

Jackson Family Backs Michael,
Calls On Sony To Open Books On Invincible
Say Other Industry Types Who Blast Michael Should Also Investigate Facts

Los Angeles- The financial records related to the $55 Million Sony Music claims it has spent making and promoting Michael Jackson's 2001 Invincible CD are inflated and far from accurate, according to a terse statement issued today by Jermaine Jackson and members of the pop superstar's family.

"We believe that the amount of record sales attributed to Michael is underestimated," the statement said. "We believe that the financial records are inflated and not accurate. There are numerous artists who are deceived by record companies who overwhelm them with lawyers, accountants, publicists, double-talk, false practices and shady business dealings."
Jermaine said it was important that his family continue to stand behind Michael during these tumultuous times.
"When he's being attacked, every one of us are being attacked," he said. "Furthermore, my brother is black and no one has the right to question his race as he has done so much for so many of all races."
Jermaine said he is also announcing the establishment of a Global Information Network seeking the truth about the music industry's business practices. The goal is to provide a "Power 101 Analysis" of the top music companies; profile their board of directors; identify top African Americans in each company and to review their primary source of funding.
"We believe that Tommy Mottola has used nepotism and cronyism to assure total financial control. We want a complete listing of each person involved in every aspect."
Jermaine said also that industry types, such as Russell Simmons and Ricky Martin (both of whom have spoken out against Michael Jackson in his feud with Mattola) is uniformed and should wait to hear the facts before making derisive statements about Michael. He said also that comedians Dennis Miller and Robin Williams and others who bad mouth and make comedic references to the scandalous allegations that he faced several years, need to be reminded that not only was Michael not convicted of any crime, he was never charged nor was he ever indicted. Any statements to the contrary are libelous and subject to legal action.
"We warn those detractors and underminers that we will not allow lesser lights to dictate the issues, the process, or the plan to inhibit racism in the record industry,"
Jermaine's statement said. Jermaine is also calling on his brother to clean up his own camp.
"The people that he has working for him, where are they? Why won't they stand up for him? Their non-support is eerily similar to when Michael faced molestation allegations. None in his camp stood up for him. His family was left to take the fight to the media to refute the terrible allegations against him. I hope that Michael now understands that he must rid himself of those who only want to reap the benefits of being associated with Michael Jackson yet does nothing for the good of him. It is also our intention to insure those gifts of petty handouts, past or present, do not compromise all those who support Michael and our family. We want to assure all that together we can fight racism in the music business without limitation. The Jackson family hopes to serve as a vehicle for black artists past and present. There are numerous stories of our elder artists being cheated out of their life's work. We demand that Sony Music Corp. sign a full disclosure clause agreeing to justify each and every artist's account, record sales, distribution cost, and publicity accounts. Furthermore we want Sony to disclose standardize payments to artists similar to professional basketball contracts and calls on all negotiations to be regulated by draft placement and set by a minimum and maximum salary. We also want to state unequivocally our support for Michael. Michael Jackson is the foundation for Sony Music. He is the cornerstone upon which others were able to build a career. We believe that Sony has escaped responsibility for its own history by seeking to undermine our brother Michael to fulfill their own self prophesy. Michael's talents are God given and neither Tommy Mottola nor anybody else can take it away from him. He has earned his place in popular music history."

Source: Earth Vision - press release / MJFC

An Interview with Marc Schaffel

Marc Schaffel, the executive producer of the WHAT MORE CAN I GIVE project, has recently been interviewed by Pascale, one of Michael Jackson's most loyal fans.
In an exclusive interview, Marc Schaffel talks about the situation and the future of "What More Can I Give." Here is the complete transcript of the interview.

Who wrote and composed "What More Can I Give"?
—Michael Jackson.

Who are the artists who participated in the recording of the English and Spanish versions of "What More Can I Give"?
—Michael Jackson, English and Spanish; Celine Dion, English and Spanish; Billy Gilman, English; Reba McEntire, English; Usher, English; Mariah Carey, English and Spanish; Ricky Martin, English and Spanish; Beyonce Knowles (Destiny's Child), English; Mya, English and Spanish; Gloria Estefan, English and Spanish; Luther Vandross, English and Spanish; Shawn Stockman & Michael McCary (Boyz II Men), English; 3LW, English; Brian McKnight, English and Spanish; Anastacia, English and Spanish; Thalia, English and Spanish; Aaron Carter, English; Ziggy Marley, English; Tom Petty, English; *NSync, English and Spanish; Hanson, English; Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys), English;
Carlos Santana, English and Spanish; Alejandro Sanz, Spanish; Cristian Castro, Spanish; Jon Secada, English and Spanish; Julio Iglesias, Spanish; Juan Gabriel, Spanish; Luis Miguel, Spanish; Shakira, English and Spanish; Ruben Blades, Spanish; Laura Pausini, Spanish; Joy Enriquez, Spanish; Bryton, English; Olga Tanon, Spanish.

When was the song recorded and for what purpose?
—The Music was recorded previously to September 11th, as the original intention was that "What More Can I Give" would be the sequel to "We are the World." It was Michael Jackson's original idea that the funds would go to children's charities of all kinds around the world. After September 11th, the vocals were recorded by the celebrities above and the focus changed to be a fund-raiser for the victims, victims' families (survivors), and child charities (both directly related to September 11th and some that were just related to helping children).

What was your task as the executive producer of this song?
—My tasks included organizing the entire project, from the financial aspects to the actual daily production. This may include everything from musically related items of the recording, to all the video, behind the scenes, (Including documentary) deals with aspects of television, print, artists relations, legal matters, finances, etc. Pretty much put together the entire thing from beginning to end.

What are the reasons why the single has not been commercially released?
—As I had stated in the past, The singles were not released at first when completed because Sony Music felt there would be a conflict with releasing this at the same time as Michael Jackson's "Invincible" record. That was never my feeling or the feeling of many of Michael's supporters, who felt that releasing the two at the same time would only have help in the marketing of the both records. The other thing you have to remember is that even though Michael wrote the song and performs on it, there are 34 other artists involved that share in the credit. So this is not just a Michael Jackson project. That alone should have been enough to release it when it was first completed. After the "Invincible" release, the relationship between Sony Music and Michael had quickly deteriorated and the song became a "Bargaining chip," if you would, or a pawn, in Sony's corner. However it is not only Michael that gets hurt if this is not released, Sony is punishing many innocent people who would have been the beneficiaries of the much needed proceeds. This is the saddest part. It is the most blatant disgusting act of Corporate greed I have ever seen. Sony should be ashamed of themselves and the public should not let them get away with this without a stink. Michael Jackson and others, including myself, have already footed the bill to make these songs. It would not have even been any kind of expense for Sony to release this, and their could be no reason in the world to justify "throwing away" the hard work of so many artists who donated their time for this cause. Sony just does not want Michael Jackson to be associated with, or have any project out there that would be a number one hit (especially something that another label would release) when he might be shopping for another deal. They also feel that by the song not coming out, MJ will receive negative press for announcing his intentions and not following through. Every single person who had heard the two songs have been absolutely sure they are both number one hits. The Spanish version produced by Grammy Award winning KC Porter has been said to be a number one hit in both markets as well.

After Sony refused to release the single, have you tried to bring the project to another record company?
—I have met with other labels who all have said they would release these songs in a heartbeat if Tommy Mottola would allow them to. However, because it is a charity record and the record company would not be making the normal profits off releasing it, nobody is willing to start an internal feud with Sony for the ability to release it. If Sony were willing to give the permission to another label to release the songs, and would guarantee that the Sony artists involved be allowed to feature on this special record (something that all the other labels had already accepted when they thought Sony was going to release the songs), "What More Can I Give" could be released by another record company without any trouble.

Up to now, how have Sony Japan Headquarters been reacting to all this?
—They have not responded at all. They must not feel —even though people from all over the world were victims, both actually during the attacks and as a ripple result after— it is a big enough problem for them to step in and take over. I was shocked at no response at all, as I always felt the Japanese and especially a company like Sony would not fall to "Low Level" politics like this. This is not an honorable stance to be taking. This has completely changed my feelings toward that company, and anytime I would got to buy something, I will remember them and choose not to buy their products. If enough people in the world realized their actions, I feel they would do the same.

If the song was to be released after all, throgh Sony or another company, what proceeds could it create?
—That would depend on how much marketing and promoting they'd put into it. You should not have to "beg" anyone to be a part of such a worthwhile cause. That is one of the issues that I knew we were going to have problems with when we first discussed the release. If you just "dump" a release out without proper marketing and promotion it can only do as well as what is behind it. Obviously if there is something behind it and a push from the label, it would double or triple the sales. I feel, Sony could not believe that I was able to deliver the singles as promised, since previous Michael Jackson projects have missed their anticipated completion dates. I feel they agreed at first because they just figured it would never be completed as promised in a million years, and they just wanted to appease Michael who was so passionate about this project. I also do not think Sony anticipated the next problem of it being ready to be released at the same time as the "Invincible" album. However, with all that being in the past, there is no reason whatsoever why this should not be released for the one year anniversary.

How would the proceeds of the record be distributed to the victims?
—That will be an issue agreed upon by the designed charities and the artists who would be involved in researching the charities to be recipients. They would then instruct the record company who would be cutting the checks. I know in the past it was discussed to keep the charities as much "grass roots" as possible. So that the money reaches the needy receptionist without going through administrative challenged organizations. It was discussed that each charity would be capped as to the amount of funds they would receive so the amount of charities benefiting would be much greater. The other item discussed was in certain areas such as South America, having the funds generated there by sales going to organizations in that region.

What is the deadline to receive the green light from Sony to release the song in time for the September 11th anniversary?
—In order to have a successful September 11th release, the deadline is... NOW!

You probably know by now that Michael Jackson's fans have been very active in many ways to support their artist, including demonstrating against Sony, promoting "Invincible", advising the press about the feud, etc. What could the fans do to convince Sony to permit the release of "What More Can I Give"?
—Well publicly bringing this to the attention of the world is the best. I know that hitting Sony in the pocket book, and bad public relations, is another great way of ensuring this gets released and is done properly. The last thing we want is for this to be just "dumped" out for the sake of the pressure being taken off and minimal funds being raised. All eyes need to be on the company that puts this out to make sure proper attention is given. I know the Sony shareholders are meeting soon. Maybe the last effort should be made to focus on them. If they understand how this issue could potentially hurt Sony both in public relations and sales, they will demand the release or replace the people who are hindering this and have made this such a public spectacle for Sony. We need as much support now as ever. Every fan base from all the artists involved should be making the same demands. Charities that can show they give directly to the needy victims should be getting involved by publicly calling upon Sony to release this or let someone release this. They need to let Sony know not to "throw this away." You cannot just "throw" people's lives away because it is not convenient for you at this time. The charities and all people alike need to join in by publicly showing the world how "stupid" this game is that the record company is playing, and get the victims to write, picket, demonstrate, contact the media, etc. Sony only hopes time will pass and this issue will go away, they do not want to face the public in a bad light. It would be so easy for them to put a little elbow grease behind this and do it properly. Raising a lot of funds would sure help close this wound and give the public a different view. One journalist told me that Sony's nonchalant response was that they already donated 13 million dollars in the past for charitable purposes, and they do not need to do this to prove anything to anyone. They refuse to be "strong armed" into any fundraising effort. Maybe Sony needs to stop for a second and listen to the lyrics "WHAT MORE CAN I GIVE," and then ask themselves that same question.

Thank you to Marc Schaffel and to Pascale for her dedication.

Please support the release of «What More Can I Give».
Circulate the petition and sign it!

The WHAT MORE CAN I GIVE Petition http://www.petitiononline.com/WMCIG/petition.html


Michael Jackson Receives 30th Anniversary Award
.   .
During the '30 Years of Magic' Fan Celebration in New York, USA on July 6, 2002 Michael Jackson personally acepted the 'Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Award'. It was handed over by Nijel, BPG, the artist who sculpted the award.
.   .
The '30 Years of Magic' Fan Celebration has been organized by MJFC and Navi with kind support by The Magical Child, King Of Pop Fanatics, MJJ Forum, The Michael Jackson World Network, Together for a better World, Michael Jackson...Magic, Heal 4 Michael, The Invincibles, and Diana d'Alo'.

Source: MJFC / Photos copyright AP Photo (Chad Rachman)

Will Smith Speaks About Michael´s Appearance In MIB II
After the circulation of numerous rumors of Michael Jackson appearing in two scenes of the movie 'Men In Black II' ('MIB II'), Michael surprised an audience, who attended a screening of the film in New York City on Friday, June 21, by his onscreen appearance. The audience's reaction, was at first, a stunned sigh, followed by loud laughter and applause. It was reported that it was so loud, that it was impossible to hear Michael´s entire dialogue.

In addition, it was reported that Michael saw the first 'Men In Black' film in Paris, France and liked it so much that he wanted to have a role in MIB II as he had never seen something so creative before this movie.

In an interview with famous African-American Actor, Will Smith, who portrays Agent Jay in 'MIB II', Mr. Smith explained that seeing Michael, dressed in MIB trademenk attire, consulting MIB Boss Zed (Rip Torra) via a monitor, is a credit to Michael's sense of humor:

"You know, when he comes on the screen, people are really happy. It's as if Michael is saying to the world, 'OK, all right. I'm human just like everyone else. I appreciate a good joke just like everyone else does,' but the thing that I loved so much is he kept wanting to play it serious. You know, he was, like, 'You know, I'm a Man In Black, I just want it to be really serious.' I think people are going to be really shocked and really surprised, and enjoy seeing Michael in this film and in this light."

Source: Yahoo Launch / MJFC

Fan Demonstration & Michael's Speech

About 1000 fans from all over the world gathered in Great Malborough Street (London, UK) to demonstrate in front of Sony Music offices on Saturday morning. They were sporting very colourful banners and signs, and chanting 'TERMINATE MOTTOLA' and 'SONY SUCKS' with Michael Jackson's 'Invincible' on the background. MTV, BBC and other media were also present.
The fans were announced that Michael would show up around 1 pm, he arrived in a double deck London bus around 1:30 pm. The bus was swarmed with fans chanting and showing their support to Michael. He leaned out of the bus several times to get the banners and to greet fans who were going absolutely mad and then led the demonstration chanting against Sony with a megaphone. Thousands of people kept running after the bus down Oxford Street, one of London's busiest streets on Saturdays. It was amazing.

Later on at the Equinox Michael made a speech in which he laid out the truth about Sony, saying he is leaving them as a free agent, after the release of a box set with two new songs he has recorded a long time ago already.

And he is leaving them owning half of Sony. He outhought Sony and that's why they are mad and trying to sabotage his album.

Source: MJFC / Special thanks to Diana D'alo for this report.
Photos:Rex Feetures&mjangel

Exeter Excited!!
Michael Jackson has given a press release to the Exeter City Football club saying, "For the children and Exeter City Supporters, I love you, I'm here for you, I will always be here for you".

Uri Geller has also told MJWN that he has had dinner with Michael this week and on discussing the Exeter event Uri said both him and Michael are "really excited about it".

Source: Exeter City Football Club & MJWN

Michael Jackson at commences his London visit , Monday 10th June.

He is staying at the exclusive Renaissance Hotel in London's Chancery Court.

Named by The London Times as "one of the most exciting hotels in the world" the hotel is located in a landmark 1914 building transformed into a stunning five-star hotel.

He will be arriving at the hotel around 10pm tonight, Monday.

MJNI encourages fans to make their way to Michael's hotel in order to welcome the King of Pop to London.

The address of the hotel is:

252 High Holborn
United Kingdom

The nearest Underground Station is HOLBORN, which is on the Picadilly Line (purple) and Central Line (red). Come out of the station, turn right (around the corner), and then you are on High Holborn. Walk on for approximately 100 metres, and the hotel is on your right.

Source: MJNI 

In Exclusiviter the first photo of MIB 2!

Hollywood Understand
In the forthcoming edition of the magazine 'Hollywood Weekly', their front cover shows a picture of Michael singing 'Dangerous' last month. The front headline says ""Sony Wars" The 'King of Pop' vs. Sony Music. Letters from Fans Show Global Support for Superstar"

The magazine will be released on June 3rd, so go out and buy it!!
For more information on this edition of the magazine, read some of their stories inside and to view some of their pictures please click here

Source: Hollywood Weekly & MJWN 

Michael Not To Attend Songwriter's Hall Of Fame Ceremony
The MJFC at  confirm that Michael Jackson will not be attending the Songwriter's Hall of Fame ceremony on June 13, 2002 in New York City due to scheduling conflicts. If any new developments should arise within the coming weeks regarding Michael attending this event, MJFC will be the first to post this information.


Source: MJFC 

Michael Jackson Songwriting Contest
AOL Press Release

AOL Music and Tonos Entertainment Announce Alliance to Benefit Musicians and Songwriters Worldwide
Agreement Includes Exclusive Michael Jackson Songwriting Contest Where One Lucky AOL Member Will Have Their Lyrics Recorded by the King of Pop

NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 29, 2002-- America Online, Inc., the world's leading interactive service company, and Tonos Entertainment, the global musician's network founded by legendary music hitmakers Carole Bayer Sager, David Foster and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, today announced a wide-ranging strategic marketing agreement to benefit AOL members who are trying to gain exposure for their music and access top decision-makers inside the music industry.

As part of the agreement, Tonos and AOL Music are offering members access to top music industry opportunities, including record label searches for new artists, radio station requests for new songs, and searches by popular artists for new material to record.

Tonos will also develop exclusive contests and promotions for AOL members beginning with the "Michael Jackson Songwriting Contest," starting today at AOL Keyword: Michael Jackson and Keyword: Tonos.

The contest provides AOL members with the chance to co-write a song with three musical legends: the King of Pop Michael Jackson, 14-time Grammy-winning producer David Foster and Oscar winner/Songwriting Hall of Fame inductee Carole Bayer Sager. The winning submission will be recorded by Jackson and may be released as part of an upcoming album. Michael Jackson and luminaries from around the world will participate in the recording of the winning song. All proceeds from the song will be donated to children's charities around the world.

Runner-ups will also receive a tonosPRO membership - the subscription service from Tonos that helps musicians improve their skills, submit their songs to specific music industry decision makers, and connect with a global network of musicians, songwriters and producers.

"This 'Michael Jackson Songwriting Contest' represents yet another exclusive benefit that AOL Music is bringing to its members," said Kevin Conroy, SVP and General Manager of AOL Music. "As the leading online music destination, AOL Music is the ideal vehicle to extend the Tonos brand. We look forward to this alliance opening new doors for aspiring musicians and songwriters on AOL."
"The prominent exposure of Tonos on AOL Music enables us to introduce the Tonos brand to America Online's 34 million members worldwide, ultimately helping Tonos attract new members to our subscription service," said Justin Herz, CEO, Tonos Entertainment.

"When Tonos was founded, our desire was to give access and opportunity to talented people around the world," said Carole Bayer Sager, co-founder Tonos. "This agreement represents a significant milestone for us as it brings that goal to an exiting new level."

Co-founder Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds,
"We are thrilled to announce our landmark Michael Jackson songwriting contest, which will help us discover a new generation of aspiring songwriters."
About Tonos
Tonos is the global musician's network founded in 1999 by legendary music hitmakers Carole Bayer Sager, David Foster and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. Tonos is best known for helping musicians tap into the biggest names in the music industry, from its founders to top music industry executives to the Tonos hitmaker team, which includes Rodney Jerkins, Max Martin, Matt Serletic, Byron Gallimore and Diane Warren. Tonos recently introduced its tonosPRO subscription service, which helps musicians develop their craft, access new music industry opportunities, and connect with a global network of musicians, songwriters and producers. Tonos is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. For more information, please visit www.tonos.com or AOL Keyword: Tonos.
About AOL Music
AOL Music reaches the largest audience of online music fans in the world through a rich array of programming, products and services that make it easy to discover, experience, listen to and buy music on the Web. AOL Music's leading offerings include the number one Internet music destination, AOL's Music Channel; premier online radio products Radio@AOL and Spinner; and the most popular audio jukebox player, Winamp. AOL Music also provides music programming, products and services throughout the AOL Service, the AOL High Speed Cable service, and AOL's family of Web brands, including Netscape, CompuServe, AIM and ICQ.

About America Online
America Online, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL Time Warner, Inc. (NYSE:AOL - news). Based in Dulles, Virginia, America Online is the world's leader in interactive services, Web brands, Internet technologies and e-commerce services.

Click here for the song instrumental

Source: AOL / MJFC

"Michael to play MGM Grand, Las Vegas, in June"
Under a banner headline "Grand entrance ensured for King of Pop in June" the illusionists Siegfried and Roy announce that Michael Jackson is to play the MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, in June.

The announcement was made in the Las Vegas Review-Journal on 26th April 2002. Joking that they were letting "the cat … out of the bag" Siegfried and Roy declared "We have great news: Our longtime pal Michael Jackson will be playing the MGM Grand in June. That's all we can say about it for now."

We will bring you more news on Michael's appearance as we receive it.


Michael Jackson 'Rocks The World' Of Democratic National Committee
Pop superstar Michael Jackson and former US President Bill Clinton brought hundreds of Democratic supporters to Harlem, New York on Wednesday to raise money for the Democratic National Committee.

At the 'A Night At The Apollo' event Jackson performed the songs 'Black Or White', 'Dangerous', and 'Heal The World' for a crowd of about 1,400 people who stood, swayed and screamed his name as he appeared on stage in a sparkling white jacket.

Clinton spoke a few words before the pop star's appearance but did not join in on saxophone as many in the audience had hoped.

According to DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe, the two big names helped reap $2.7 million for party coffers.

Source: Reuters / MJFC / Photo ©: Reuters/Mike Segar; AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

by MJNI, Planet Jackson and Angel

On 22nd April, MJNI, Angel and Planet Jackson launch a major campaign of support for Michael Jackson.

CLICK HERE for more details and to read the latest updates.


Michael Performs At American Bandstand 50th Anniversary

  On Saturday (April 20, 2002), after a long wait in line and in the auditorium, Michael Jackson fans from around the world (e.g. USA, Spain, Mexico, Japan, China, Sweden) entered the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, California, USA to view a live performance by the King of Pop for the taping of the American Bandstand 50th Anniversary TV Special.

.  .
Fans were treated to two similar but also different versions of Michael's hit 'Dangerous' and they were encouraged by Dick Clark, the show's host, to do anything they wanted to do.

Fans also saw a live performance by legendary entertainer Cher.

Source: MJFC. Photo: © AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian

Michael Jackson Addresses MDP Worldwide Entertainment

Photo www.nationalpost.com

Montreal-based MDP Worldwide Entertainment Inc. is hoping to produce several movies starring Michael Jackson, including at least one blockbuster costing more than $60 million.

In a taped address at MDP's annual general meeting on Friday, Jackson explained his interest in working with an independent film production company instead of a major studio:

"The answer is simply that in the independent world I can make the films I want and be as creative as I want," he said, identifying four films he'd like to make.
The first would be 'Wolfed,' inspired by 'An American Werewolf in London,' which was the theme of Jackson's hugely popular 'Thriller' video in the 1980s. It would be filmed partially in Montreal. Michael Jackson would become a major shareholder in the company if the deal closes, as expected, within two months and 'Wolfed' could be out in theatres as soon as 18 months, according to Mark Damon, chairman and majority shareholder of MDP Worldwide.

Source: Montreal/Canadian Press (CP) / MJFC

Michael Jackson To Perform At Apollo Theatre

Michael Jackson has officially confirmed his participation to the Democratic National Committee's "Every Vote Counts" event that will take place in New York City on April 24 at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem.
The King of Pop will perform at the concert. Other performers include Tony Bennett, K.D. Lang, Ruben Blades, and BeBe Winans. Chris Tucker and former President Bill Clinton will also participate in the event.

Source: Planet Jackson

American Bandstand TV Special

Michael Jackson will make a special live performance at the American Bandstand 50th Anniversary TV Special.
The 2-hour special will commemorate the 50th anniversary of famous TV show American Bandstand.
It will air on ABC on May 3rd. The show will be taped over 3 days by the end of April. Michael Jackson's performance is scheduled for April 21st.
Other artists currently scheduled to perform are Alanis Morissette, Cher, Kiss, and Stevie Wonder. Other names will be confirmed in the following days.

Source: Planet Jackson

PS2 new game of  Mj in Japan!



The Daily News (Washington Bureau) reported on 22nd March that Michael will perform at the Apollo Theatre, New York, in April. The event, part of a Democratic Party voter registration drive project will include performances by various artists and celebrity figures. Former US President Bill Clinton will play his saxophone for the occasion and gospel singer BeBe Winans, is expected to perform a piece in memory of the 11th September terrorist attacks on New York.

Reportedly, "actor-comedian Chris Tucker and actress Cicely Tyson will be co-hosts of the event, with Jackson and Clinton as the headliners". Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe "said the event would raise money for the party's national voter registration project and every vote counts."


Thank for MJ-Day 1

Thanks to all the fans for coming to this fantastic Michael Jackson fest and especially to Thomas and the King Of Pop bar for the great music and friendship

Source: MJFC3G

Michael In OK Magazine

.  .

The latest issue of the British magazine OK (issue 308; March 28, 2002) features an article on Liza Minnelli's wedding to David Guest. The article covers 25 pages in all with lots of pictures of Liza, David and their celebrity guests - including Michael who was best man at the wedding.

The complete article comes in two parts, the second part being in next week's issue. Here is what the magazine has to say about the second part:

"Join the happy couple as they share their first dance as husband and wife, cut their beautiful wedding cake, and enjoy a toast from Michael Jackson".

Source: OK magazine / MJFC

Michael In Life

Life Magazine has come out with a list of the Top 100 Rock & Rollers of all time. They list Michael Jackson at # 9 on their chart of the best in this catagory.

And Life further writes on Michael:

"When Jackson moonwalked to the gritty disco-pop classic "Billie Jean" on Motown's 25th anniversary TV special in 1983, he created a sensation - people were gushing about it the next day at school and work. Jackson's early videos led to must-watch MTV. His fame was global to a degree not seen since The Beatles".
The top 10 rankings are:

1.Elvis Presley

2.The Beatles

3.Bob Dylan

4.James Brown

5.The Rolling Stones


7.Stevie Wonder

8.Chuck Berry

9.Michael Jackson

10.Kurt Cobain

Source: Life Magazine / MJFC

Michael Jackson Wins Magical Life Award!

Press Release: Celebrate the Magic Foundation

Children of the world vote International Recording Artist, Michael Jackson, winner of the 1st annual Magical Life Award. The humanitarian award is given to individuals who have demonstrated with true humanitarian service, the peace, love and happiness, characterized by the Magic of children and in so doing, has helped make the world a kinder and gentler place.

The Magical Life Award is being presented in honor of Celebrate the Magic Day, when 1 million children around the world, will sing an inspirational song, at the same time! An international event to promote world peace, love, and happiness through the Magic of children. Mr. Jackson's, song, Heal the World is among the songs being sung by the children.

Mark Magic Eberra, Author, and Chairman of Celebrate the Magic Foundation says,

"It was up to the citizens of the world, especially our children, to confirm who is deserving of this honor. This makes the Magical Life Award truly unique, in that it is an award from the hearts of children, and those adults who still have the heart of a child."
When given the opportunity to vote for the person that inspired them the most, to stay in touch with the Magic of their inner child, thousands of children from around the world, voted for Michael Jackson.
Mark Magic Eberra, Creator of Celebrate the Magic Day says,

"We have received boxes of letters and hand written essays from children in every country, even warring nations, on how Mr. Jackson has inspired them to create peace, love and happiness in the world. What better testimonial, could one ask for, than that which comes from the honest and true expression, of the heart of a child."
A different essay will be featured on Celebrate the Magic Foundations Web site at www.celebratethemagic.com, throughout the year, to honor Mr. Jackson. The actual award will be presented to Michael Jackson in a special ceremony in New York City, on May 1st, 2002 on Celebrate the Magic Day. The world wide celebration and award ceremony, is planned to be filmed for a prime time television special.

Source: Celebrate The Magic / MJFC

Missy Elliott Happy About Winning
'The Michael Jackson Award'

'The Michael Jackson Award For Best R&B/Soul Or Rap Music Video' went to Missy
"Misdemeanor" Elliott for her album 'Get Ur Freak On', who commented on winning:

"This is big. I won two Grammys, but (winning) the Michael Jackson award is major -
especially for somebody who always wanted ... videos to come across on a different level, like Michael."

Michael was nominated in the category 'Best R&B/Soul Album, Male' with 'Invincible'. This category was won by Usher's album '8701'.

Source: Associated Press / Dotmusic / MJFC

Michael went to New York for the marriage of LISA Minnelli.


He was accompanied by Liz Taylor & Diana Ross

Saturday,  most celebrities were present in New York, to celebrate
the event with dignity. Michael was wearing a very smart black suit, and  a beautiful white shirt...

Michael To Be Best Man

Liza Minnelli and David Gest  will get married today, Saturday March 16, 2002 at the 'Marble Collegiate Church', which is located at 1 West 29th Street at 5th Avenue in New York City, USA. The ceremony is to start at 5 p.m. local time.

Michael and Tito Jackson are to be best men at this wedding.

Source: Associated Press / MJFC

Michael Jackson Talks To Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey from the Steve Harvey Morning Show, on Los Angeles' infamous radio station The Beat in LA, did an exlcusive interview with King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Mr. Harvey stated that "this is the best call ever on this show!" Michael informed Mr. Harvey that he was a very big fan of the comedian and radio personality.

To hear the entire interview (22 mins) log onto the The Beat in LA's web site .

Source: The Beat in LA / TMC / MJFC


Michael has been nominated for the Dutch TMF Awards.
He has been nominated in the catogery Best Singer International along with Enrique Iglesias and Robby Williams.

Source: http://www.tmfawards.nl/

  Petition for Invincible!

Michael Jackson Salutes Lionel Richie

The latest issue of Billboard magazine contains a special section dedicated to Lionel Richie celebrating his career, and titled "The 20th Anniversary Billboard Salute."
Michael Jackson bought a page in this special Billboard issue to honor his long-time friend. The full-page ad is illustrated with the MJJ logo and reads:
"Congratulations on your 20th
Love, Michael"

Source: Billboard magazine

World Music Awards 2002

Michael Jackson won't be attending this year's World Music Awards in Monaco.
Michael Jackson is nominated in the World's Best-Selling Male Artist category with Enrique Iglesias, Robbie Williams and Shaggy.
The World Music Awards will take place on March 6th.

Source: Planet Jackson

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Taylor!

MJFC 3Generations  congratulates Elizabeth  to her 70th birthday!

Michael Jackson's Neverland To Invest And Partner With MDP Worldwide

Press Release

Neverland Entertainment, headed by entertainment legend Michael Jackson and film producer Raju Sharad Patel, have announced the signing of an agreement in principal with Mark Damon's MDP Worldwide Entertainment Inc. to enter into an investment and partnership for all of MDP's film production.

The agreement provides for a capital infusion of approximately USD$15 to USD$20 million in MDP by Neverland which will make them a major shareholder. The closing of the transaction is subject to customary regulatory and other approvals. With the investment by Neverland Entertainment, MDP will operate a new division called Neverland Pictures, which will be the production arm of MDP, and all feature films produced will carry the Neverland Pictures banner. Mark Damon, Chairman and CEO stated

"with this affiliation, MDP is at the forefront of the independent film industry to significantly increase production and distribution of mainstream, commercial feature films for the global audience."
Michael Jackson stated:
"Both Raju and I love the way classic stories can be reinvented for the screen. My favorite movies such as Raju's 'Jungle Book' and 'Pinocchio' were re-imagined as major features, and were produced outside the traditional studio system. Films have always been a passion for me as a fan and as an artist and there is nothing in the world like the magic captured forever in a time capsule like motion picture images. Raju and I are very excited to be joining together with MDP Worldwide and producer, Mark Damon, who has a very successful track record as an independent producer and distributor."
Raju Sharad Patel added:
"Michael Jackson and I have been friends for years, and every time we would meet, Michael would express his interest and desire to form an independent film company. Now we have been able together to create Neverland Pictures to make Michael's long cherished dream come to fruition. That dream cannot come true without proper domestic and international distribution affiliations, which this agreement brings."
Mark Damon said:
"When my friend Raju Patel brought me together with Michael, I discovered instant rapport with not only one of the greatest creative talents in entertainment history, but also a very savvy entrepreneurial businessman. This partnership will significantly expand MDP's production and financing capabilities as well as bring Michael's creative vision as a filmmaker -- demonstrated in so many pioneering video productions such as Thriller -- to film audiences around the world and we are thrilled to be working with him."
MDP Worldwide is a leading film entertainment company engaged in the financing, development, production and worldwide distribution of feature films in all media and whose shares are publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.
Raju Sharad Patel has developed, financed and produced several critical and world wide box office successes, which includes Rudyard Kipling's 'Jungle Book' which was distributed by Walt Disney, the 20th Century Fox cult comedy classic 'Bachelor Party' starring the Academy Award winner Tom Hanks, and 'The Adventures of Pinnocchio' for New Line / Warner.

Mark Damon has been a leader in the independent film industry for over 25 years. He is one of the original founders of the American Film Market and has produced and distributed over 300 feature films in his distinguished career, including such films as 'Das Boot', '9 1/2 Weeks', 'The Neverending Story', 'Short Circuit', 'Never Say Never Again', 'Prizzi's Honor', 'Cotton Club' and the recently released 'The Musketeer'.

MDP has been rapidly expanding its production and distribution slate and has most recently acquired international rights to the poignant drama 'The United States of Leland' which will be directed by Matthew Ryan Hoge and produced by Kevin Spacey and Bernie Morris for Trigger Street Productions. The film commenced production in Los Angeles on February 4, 2002 and features Ryan Gosling, Don Cheadle, Chris Klein, Lena Olin, Michelle Williams, Jena Malone and Kevin Spacey. MDP most recently distributed the action adventure film 'The Musketeer', directed by Peter Hyams, this past September that debuted #1 at the North American box office for Universal Pictures. MDP is also currently handling worldwide distribution for the extreme sports action film 'The Extremists', directed by Christian Duguay, which will be released later this year in the United States through Paramount Pictures and the cyber- horror thriller 'Fear.com' directed by William Malone, which will be released in the U.S. through Warner Bros. Both feature films are in the final stages of completion.

The transaction was negotiated on Neverland's behalf by producer Lawrence Mortorff, entertainment attorney Bruce Vann of Kelly, Lytton & Vann, and for MDP by Michael Eliasberg of Kaye, Scholer.

ABOUT MDP WORLDWIDE: MDP Worldwide (Toronto: MDP.A - news, MDP.B - news) is a leading film entertainment company engaged in the financing, development, production and worldwide distribution of feature films in all media. The company has offices in Los Angeles and Montreal and its shares of common stock are publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (symbols: MDP.A and MDP.B).

Source: Neverland Entertainment / MDP Worldwide Entertainment Inc. press release / MJFC

The 33rd NAACP Image Awards

Took place last Saturday, February 23rd, at the Universal Amphitheatre,
Universal City, CA. The event was taped before a live audience and will air on Fox in the USA in early March.
Michael Jackson was nominated in 6 categories and won 3 awards:

-Best Variety Special: "Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration"

-Best Performance in a Variety Special: "Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration"

-Best Music Video: "You Rock My World"

Michael Jackson did not attend the ceremony.

Source: NAACP Awards

'Ghosts' On MTV Spain

MTVBase Europe in Spain will be airing Michael's 'Ghosts' on February 22 at 8 pm and on February 25 at 10 pm (local time).

Also, there will be a half hour programme called 'Artists on Michael Jackson' on February 22 at 11 am.

Source: Plus.es / MJFC

Soon Michael Jackson on your screens

The 21.03.02 on M6 Music ( French télévision) in Pur Quizz

Source: michaeljackson.com

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Jacket from Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" Tour

Original Suit Worn by Michael Jackson on the "Thriller" Album Cover

Michael Jackson's American Music Award For "Bad"

Signed Collector's Edition Display of Michael Jackson's CD "Dangerous"

Tour Jacket from Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" Tour

Quincy Jones' Commemorative Sales Award for Michael Jackson's Album "Off...

Michael Jackson's Hat Worn in Germany During His Performance of "Billy Jean"

Plaque Displaying Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals Grammy Nomination for Screams
William Morris Agency Agent-Musician Agreement of "The Jackson 5"

Complete Set Of The Jackson 5 Collecting Cards

Source&Photos:  Sothebys.com

'Ghosts' On MTV Germany

Michael Jackson's 'Ghosts' will be aired on MTV Germany on February 28, 2002 at 12 a.m.

Source: TV Movie / MJFC

Moonwalker On DVD

Michael Jackson has finally decided to release his 1988 classic musical Moonwalker on DVD.The movie is currently being remastered for DVD and will be released this year by Sony Music.

Source: Planet Jackson

Happy Birthday Prince!

You have a very special  5th birthday!

Michael On Nomination List - UPDATE

The 16th annual Soul Train Music Awards nominations were announced by Faith Evans and Shemar Moore during a recent news conference at Paramount Studios.

Michael Jackson made the list of those nominated. 'Invincible' has been nominated for 'Best R&B/Soul Album, Male'. Other nominees in this category include:

'Ghetto Love' - Jaheim

'Invincible' - Michael Jackson

'Aijuswanaseing (I Just Want To Sing)' - Musiq Soulchild

'8701' - Usher

Also, the 'The Michael Jackson Award for Best R&B/Soul or Rap Music Video' will be given to one of the following nominees:
'Get Ur Freak On' - Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott

'Contagious' - The Isley Brothers featuring Ron Isley

'Girls, Girls, Girls' - Jay-Z

'Break Ya Neck' - Busta Rhymes

The award ceremony takes place March 20, 2002 at the Los Angeles Sports Arena (USA).

Source: Soul Train / The Hollywood Reporter / MJFC


Michael and Liz Taylor attended the Art For Aids gala yesterday.

Source: wireimage

Michael is expected to attend the Grammy Awards and even to perform You Rock My World. Michael's image is on the poster for the award show.

'You Rock My World' To Be Included On Grammy CD

The Recording Academy and Universal's UTV Records are to join together and release a GRAMMY Nominees 2002 CD. As Michael is nominated under the category of "Best Male Pop Vocal Performance", 'You Rock My World' is to be included on the CD.

The CD which is due in the stores on February 5 in the US, and world-wide on February 12, shows a year of established legends, newcomers, and talented singer/songwriters.

Source: The Recording Academy / MJFC

Vibe Interview: Michael Wants Global Children Holiday

As reported earlier, Michael has given an interview to Vibe Magazine where he says:

"There's a Mother's Day and there's a Father's Day, but there's no Children's Day. It would mean a lot. It really would. World peace. I hope that our next generation will get to see a peaceful world, not the way things are going now".
Michael has always cared deeply for children and given many ill children the oportunity to play at his Neverland Valley Ranch. Also, when he is visiting other countries he likes to surround himself with children. This was the case once in Germany, where they were having a water-balloon fight. He said that this immediately inspired him to write 'Speechless'.
The Children's Day idea developed when Michael started 'Heal The Kids', a charity launched by Jackson in August 2000.

When asked about his own children he says that this is the most fun time of his life:

"Because I am this big kid, and now I get to see the world through the eyes of the really young ones. I learn more from them than they learn from me."

Source: Reuters / MJFC


Michael On Cover Of VIBE

Michael is featured on the cover of the March 2002 issue of VIBE magazine.

The magazine includes additional pictures as well as an exclusive interview. Michael for example talks about Jay-Z, being a daddy, and why he likes hip hop (but not the dancing).

Please note that the magazine is not available in shops yet. Subscribers to VIBE magazine receive the newest issue one month before its release date.

Source: VIBE / MJFC

Michael Receives NRJ Award

Michael received the award as 'Best International Male Singer' at the NRJ Awards 2002, which just took place in Cannes (France). He did not attend the award show.

In a press conference following the show Britney Spears said about Michael:

"He's still my King of Pop."

Source: Reuters / MJFC

Michael Jackson Featured On Brandy's New Album

Michael Jackson will be featured on Brandy's new album, titled Full Moon, out March 5th.
The song "It's Not Worth It," produced by Rodney Jerkins, contains an original sample of Michael Jackson's voice from a voice session that took place during the recording of INVINCIBLE.

Source: Planet Jackson

MJIFC Closes Down!

Yesterday, the Michael Jackson Internet Fan-Club (www.mjifc.com) closed its website.
7 years of hard work and unlimited dedication. MJIFC was the first internet fan-club that began it all.
The fan community is losing a great service and source of information.
Thank you very much MJIFC and best wishes for the future.

Excellent Ratings For AMA & 30th Anniversary Special

The telecast of the 29th annual American Music Awards, where Michael received the 'Artist Of The Century Award', delivered impressive ratings for US TV channel ABC. According to Nielsen Media Research, the show averaged 16.02 million viewers and a 7.3 rating/18 share in the coveted adults 18-49 demographic. These are ABC's strongest Wednesday scores since January 2001 and this year's share of the award show is the best in 4 years. ABC won the night in adults 18-49, adults 18-34 and teens, with the American Music Awards doing especially well among young women.

The rebroadcast of the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Concert special, which aired on CBS that same day, averaged 11.51 million viewers.

Source: Nielsen Media Research / Reuters / MJFC

Michael Receives Artist Of The Decade Award

 Tonight at the 29th annual American Music Awards, which took place at the Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles (USA), Michael Jackson was awarded the 'Artist of the Decade Award'.

The award show was uplifting, the performers outstanding - but we all know what every Michael Jackson fan watching was waiting to see. Of course, Michael's award and appearance was the last five minutes of the show, but seeing him tonight was well worth the two-hour wait.

Chris Tucker came out on stage to present the award to Michael;

"Tonight we are presenting a landmark award to a remarkable artist. Here is his history and his story."
[Clips of the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson video clips, marching and, of course, screaming fans, closing with the un-veiling of the HiStory statue and the words "Michael Jackson's HiStory"]
Chris Tucker takes the stage again and continues;

"Michael Jackson is the biggest selling artist of all time. And Thriller remains the largest selling album all over the world. For his outstanding musical contributions in the 1970's, '80's and '90's the American Music Awards presents Michael Jackson with this year's 'Artist Of The Century Award'. Ladies and gentlemen would you please welcome a good friend of mine, the King Of Pop, Mr. Michael Jackson."
The crowd cheers and applauds. All stand up to honor Michael as he takes the stage.
Michael came out on stage blowing kisses to the fans. Dressed in solid silver sequenced jacket with gold sequenced military stripes and armband, his pants were tight black leather, his black boots blending in perfectly. His hair was shoulder length and straight. Michael, of course, acknowledges his fans in the wings holding up signs for him.

"First I would like to say; Chris Tucker, you are the funniest man in the world. Larry Cline, Dick Clark. [to Chris Tucker, handing him the award] Can you hold this for me? [while reaching in his pocket for a piece of paper] I'd like to thank people that are very important in my life. My mother and father, John McClain, Nicoletta Sotille, Rodney Jerkins, I think you're a musical genius, and Teddy Riley. I love you Quincy Jones, you're amazing. Trudy Green, Howard Cockman, Suzzane De Passe, Tony Jones, Diana Ross, Marlon Brando, Gladys Knight, and my other father, Marlon Brando, I love you."
Michael blew a kiss, graciously took his award from Chris Tucker and exited the stage.
Congratulations Michael, from everyone at MJFC.

Source: MJFC / AP Photo, Kevork Djansezian

Grammy Awards Nominations

The nominations for the 44th Annual Grammy Awards have been announced at a press conference at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California (USA) today. Michael Jackson has been nominated in the category "Best Male Pop Vocal Performance" for 'You Rock My World'. The complete nominees in this category are:

'Fill Me In' - Craig David

'You Rock My World' - Michael Jackson

'I Want Love' - Elton John

'Still' - Brian McKnight

'Don't Let Me Be Lonley Tonight' - James Taylor

Additionally, Alien Ant Farm's cover version of Michael's hit 'Smooth Criminal' has been nominated in the category "Best Hard Rock Performance".
'Invincible', Michael's latest album, was released in October 2001 and therefore is not eligible for Grammy honors until next year.

The complete Final Nominations List can be found here (pdf-file).

Grammy nominations ballots for the next round of voting will be mailed to the 13,000 voting members of the Recording Academy next week. The results will be revealed at the 44th Annual Grammy Awards, which will take place on February 27, 2002 at Staples Center in Los Angeles (USA). The show will be broadcast on CBS at 8 pm (ET).

Source: Grammy.com / MJFC