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A new book dedicated to the memory of Michael Jackson's long-time costume designer
Dennis Thompkins.

The book is called Pop Regalia: The Style of Michael Jackson and it will be an art book that focuses on the designing and tailoring of Jackson's wardrobe.

Bush reportedly posted on Facebook,"thank you all for the kind words with the passing of Dennis Tompkins I'm pround to announce 

"POP REGALIA-The Style of Michael Jackson" an art book dedicated to the memory of Dennis.

It will be a behind the scenes look at the art form of designing and tailoring of Michael's costumes from our time working with The King of Pop. It will be kinda like your personal museum of his clothing.

Source: MJFC / twitter.com / mjjcommunity.com



Merry Christmas




Video All In Your Name

Our Video Download section is now live. 

We will be regularly adding exclusive material spanning 5 decades of perfomances, home movies, special performances and much more.

Thanks for being patient and we hope you enjoy it




The Spanish newspaper El Pais proposes today a collection redrawing his whole career. 

Consisted of 7 CD, 3 DVD and 2 notebooks, each Sunday one.


New on our page:
" a moment, an image... "


Michael in Moscow 1993


Little footage exists of Michael's visit to Moscow, when on the ‘Dangerous Tour' in 1993.

Watch him as he relates to severely handicapped children, who were cared for in a children's home, and observe how they respond to him so positively.

There is also footage of him in Moscow's Red Square, and a short clip of him posing for one of his most iconic shots leaning against a lamp post.

A Stranger In Moscow!



Source: You Tube and MJWN


"Jermaine Jackson on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"





What Michael Jackson was planning to do next  children's album, cowboy film

Two members of Michael Jackson's inner circle, choreographer Lavelle Smith and supervising music editor for "This Is It," Michael Prince, are guests on "Piers Morgan Tonight." They give insight into what Jackson was planning next in his career before he died. "He wanted to do a modern musical on the life of Legs Diamond," said Prince. He had another idea about an innovative way to put out a new album: "While we were on tour, maybe a single every eight weeks, and then once you had ten out, you had two new songs, and you had a record."

Also on tap: a cowboy film, children's album and a classical album.

Source: Piersmorgan.blogs.cnn.com


Happy halloween!



10 Years  INVINCIBLE !

October 29th, 2001, one of the best albums of all-time made its arrival : Invincible.

10 years already! How time is flying away. But the magic of this magnificent work remains for ever in our hearts.

This record, often criticized by the press, is doubtless his most beautiful work at the vocal level. His ability to pass from a theme in crystal clear sound to a song in deep voice, no same does exist in the musical world.

The fact that Sony stopped his promotion did certainly influence its success which probably would have exceeded some of his own albums.

Invincible holds the record of the most sold album very fast: 3 million copies within 3 days!


One of the rare clips realized for the filmgoers and fans of that time. A return in force.

You Rock My World





Thank you Michael of us  make dream and dance.





Guitarist Slash fondly reminisces about his experiences working with Michael Jackson on the album Dangerous.



 Forever Michael TV

Confirmed  Forever Michael On Sky Arts

The concert will be shown in the UK on Sky Arts on October 22nd 2011.




Shrek perform Thriller in this funny video clip.




Liza Minnelli

Remembers Michael  On Ellen


3Generations of Jackson's family !

Several Jacksons were due onstage for the "Michael Forever" show at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium, alongside Christina Aguilera, Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight, Leona Lewis, British boyband JLS, Cee Lo Green — and, via video, Beyonce.
The concert has divided the King of Pop's family and followers. 

Brothers Marlon, Tito and Jackie — three of the original Jackson 5 — 3T! and sister La Toya and vocal group 3T are scheduled to perform, while the audience will include Michael Jackson's mother Katherine and his children Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and 9-year-old Michael Joseph Jr., known as Blanket.

“We’re very happy to be here on this special night to honor our father,” said Jackson’s 13-year-old daughter Paris, who made a brief onstage appearance alongside brothers Prince, 14, and 9-year-old Michael Joseph Jr., known as Blanket.

The concert will  in the UK on Sky Arts on October 15th 2011.


Cancellation of the broadcasting of the live " Michael Forever Tribute "

It seems that the diffusion is cancelled in the whole world for a point of copyrights. The concert, of dimensioned sound, is well maintained.



RELEASE OF THE MANAGEMENT OF THE Michael Jackson Fan Club 3Generations :


From the management of the MJFC3G, we want to inform you that further to the dénigratory information appeared on diverse supports of press, for the moment we shall give no information about the trial for the death of Michael Jackson. We find vilainous the media hype created around a so dramatic fact. The lack of respect and total absence of ethics on behalf of so-called journalists, let us in the most profound indignation.

We wish to offer to the close relations of Michael, his family and friends, as well as to his numerous fans, our moral support in so sad circumstances.

So we shall continue the dynamics realized until now to pay a sincere and devoted tribute to the one who for us remains one of the biggest artists of every time.

Rest in peace Michael.

Michael Jackson Fan Club 3Generations


Smooth Criminal


Vincent collaborated with Michael on a number of videos with his first encounter as the blonde gang leader in Beat It and then as a dancing zombie in the groundbreaking Thriller video.

We were fist introduced to Vincent when our very own Podcast King produced the Thrillercast series in 2008 commemorating the 25th anniversary of the greatest selling album of all time. Vincent contributed one of the most compelling episodes when he described his experience dancing and working with the musical genius. Although Vincent's early work with MJ was notable, one of his greatest contributions to the legend of MJ came in 1987 when he collaborated and choreographed the epic music video Smooth Criminal .

We recently spoke to Vincent and he gave us a behind the scenes view of the making of this memorable video. And if you've tried any of these moves yourself in the Michael Jackson Wii game, then you know it's not nearly as easy as they make it look, especially when it comes to that gravity defying lean that no one has been able to figure out. You'll have to read on to see if Vincent talks.

How did Jackson approach you to choreograph this piece and did he have an idea for the storyline and dance?
I had danced with MJ in two videos. I was the gang leader in Beat It , and a zombie dancer in Thriller , as well as being the assistant choreographer for Michael Peters. I was at home one night and got a phone call. A very soft voice asked for Vincent Paterson. I thought it was someone playing a joke on me, using a voice like Michael Jackson. “Who's calling? “ I asked. “It's Michael Jackson,” was the reply. “Who the hell is this?” I asked. Same response. “I'm gonna hang the f*** phone up if you don't tell me who is calling,“ I said. It really was Michael Jackson. I profusely apologized.

MJ was working on his latest CD at a recording studio in Hollywood and asked if I could stop by. I rushed over hoping he wanted to ask me to dance in another video. We went into the studio and he played the music to “Smooth Criminal” for me, and asked me what I thought. I loved it. He then asked me if I could come up with an idea for the video and would I choreograph and direct it. I was floored and honored and excited beyond belief.

MJ suggested a swanky club with 10 men in long tails and top hats. But he wanted me to conceive my own ideas and he also gave me advice I have used ever since, “Don't try to impose an idea on the music. Let the music tell you what it wants to be.”

Can you tell us about your process in putting this movement together.
I knew Michael liked the movies of Fred Astaire, so I researched movement from Astaire's musicals, usually choreographed by Hermes Pan. Michael was in the recording studio during much of my initial creative process with the dancers. He gave me a soundstage on which he had had a wooden floor constructed for the safety of the dancers. The bottom floor of the set that we had discussed was on the soundstage. He also gave me an incredible sound system, a video camera and 10 dancers with whom to begin choreography.

Every morning, we would have a dance class, then I would begin to choreograph movement on the dance floor and then move the dancers into the set. At the end of the day I would video what I had done. I would go to Michael's house and we would watch the work. MJ usually said, “That is really great. I think you need 10 more dancers.” I would hire more dancers and the daily routine would begin again. This happened until I had a second floor built on the set and had hired about 50 or so dancers to be in the video.??

How long did it actually take you to create, rehearse and shoot this piece?

I don't remember exactly how long the process went on, but I would say for about a month or 6 weeks. What began as a music video became part of the film, Moonwalker . I worked with Michael to extend the song and it became a 10 minute piece in the movie. After creating the piece, I worked with MJ alone. His rehearsal technique was mind-boggling. I would teach him a section I had choreographed, he would play with some of the rhythms and we would adjust the movement. Then Michael would stand in front of a mirror and perform one section of dance over and over and over until it was not only perfect, but also looked as if he was improvising the work at that moment. He had ceaseless energy and focus.?? 

How was Jackson to work with in the collaborative process?


I adored Michael as an artist and as a collaborator. He trusted me. I would create the movement for him and the dancers—every dancer is moving on every beat throughout this entire song. I would leave space for MJ to create his own movement and do his thing. He worked hard to come up with his own specific way of moving and I wanted to always afford him the opportunity to highlight his dancing.

In all the years I worked with Mike–over 16 years, I never heard him say anything cruel or unkind to anyone. In the collaborative process he would always say to someone, “This is very good, but I was thinking we could try something a little more like this…” Whether this was about costumes, sets, lights, whatever. He was a unique and brilliant man and he will always be missed. He was gone too soon.?

Is there a sequence of movement that you are most proud in this work?
Everyone asks about the leaning dancers. Everyone wants to know how we did it. I won't tell. However, it had nothing to do with shoes being nailed to the floor. Ha!?





La Toya Jackson performing at tribute show

The 55-year-old singer is planning a heartfelt performance at the concert on October 8. She is the latest name to be added to the bill and is looking forward to honouring her late superstar brother.

"I have put musical performance behind me for roughly two decades, but there will never be another magical moment such as this to celebrate Michael with his fans to perpetuate the importance of his legacy," La Toya said. "I am honoured to share the stage with the incredible performers in this line up and am certain that nothing would make my brother smile bigger or brighter than this tribute concert.”

Members of the Jackson family including Janet, Randy and Jermaine, are boycotting the concert because it is being held during the court case.

However, La Toya insists Michael would have wanted his family to pay tribute to him and his love of music.

“In speaking with my mother yesterday, I asked her where she thinks Michael would rather have us be, in this courtroom filled with negativity and lies or on a stage celebrating his music, his legacy and his life and she said without a second of thought, 'Celebrating his Life with family and fans.' I'm looking forward to putting on a great show and making my brother proud,” she added.

The Michael Forever Tribute will take place in Cardiff.


29 august 1958

Through the firmament, a star continues his way managing the planets dance at the rhythm of his music...

Today we celebrate the birth of the most all-round artist and also the most humble of all-time. For this opportunity, we offer you a special report on one of the persons who was member of the acquaintances circle of Michael, Mister Nijel Binns.




Frank Dileo

Michael Jackson’s former manager Frank Dileo, who managed Michael for much of the ’80s and again during the last months of Michael’s life, died at his home in eastern Ohio at age 63.

MJFC3G is very saddened by the news that Frank Dileo passed away today. 


Michael’s Art Collection Revealed

On August 17th, the WEEKLY published an article:

Until now, Michael Jackson's art collection was shrouded in mystery. It was said to be stuck in a legal dispute over possession. Then, people speculated that buyers such as Cirque du Soleil's Guy Laliberté were interested. It's been valued at the staggering (and slightly unbelievable) sum of $900 million.

One crucial fact: Jackson's art collection isn't art by other people -- it's mainly drawings and paintings that he created himself. So what does that art look like?

Yesterday, LA Weekly was the first to visit the (until now) top-secret Santa Monica Airport hangar that Jackson used as his studio and art storehouse. The collection is currently owned by Brett-Livingstone Strong, the Australian monument builder and Jackson's art mentor through the years, in conjunction with the Jackson estate.

Though the entire art collection has been mired in disputes and battles for rights, Strong claims that he is working with everybody -- the family, the estate, as well as others -- to exhibit and publish as much of Jackson's work as possible.

According to Strong, he and Jackson formed an incorporated business partnership in 1989, known as the Jackson-Strong alliance. This gave each partner a fifty-percent stake in the other's art. In 2008, Strong says, Jackson requested that his attorney sign the rights to Jackson's portion of the art over to Strong. Now, Strong is beginning to reveal more and more of the art as he goes ahead with Jackson's dream of organizing a museum exhibit.

Strong gave us a tour of the hangar, beginning with the Michael Jackson monument that Strong and Jackson co-designed several years ago. It's perhaps bombastic, but designed with good intentions and the rabid Jackson fan in mind. Strong explains, "He wanted his fans to be able to get married at a monument that would have all of his music [in an archive, and playing on speakers], to inspire some of his fans."

The current design is still in the works, but it's conceived as an interactive monument -- fans who buy a print by Jackson will receive a card in the mail. They can scan this card at the monument, and then have a computer organize a personal greeting for them, or allow them to book it for weddings. Jackson initially thought it would be perfect for Las Vegas, but Strong says that Los Angeles might have the honor of hosting it -- apparently, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa recently paid a visit and made a few oblique promises.

As for Jackson's art, the contents of the hangar barely scratched the surface of the collection, as Strong estimates Jackson's total output at 150 to 160 pieces. A few large pieces hanging on the walls had been donated as reproductions to the L.A. Children's Hospital last Monday, along with other sketches and poems.

In all of his art, certain motifs kept cropping up: chairs (usually quite baroque), gates, keys and the number 7. His portrait of Bubbles, his pet chimpanzee, shows a monkey-like face vanishing into a cushy, ornate lounge chair. "He loved chairs," says Strong. "He thought chairs were the thrones of most men, women and children, where they made their decisions for their daily activity. He was inspired by chairs. Rather than just do a portrait of the monkey, he put it in the chair. And you see, there are a few sevens -- because he's the seventh child."

Jackson, who was a technically talented artist -- and completely self-taught -- fixated on these motifs, elevating everyday objects into cult symbols. Strong added that Jackson's sketchbooks are completely filled with studies of his favorite objects, in endless permutations.

But Jackson also created portraits: a small sketch of Paul McCartney, and a large drawing of George Washington, created as Strong was working with the White House to commemorate the bicentennial of the Constitution back in 1987. He also sketched self-portraits -- one as a humorous four-panel drawing charting his growing-up process, and a darker one that depicts him as a child cowering in a corner, inscribed with a sentence reflecting on his fragility.

As an artist, Jackson preferred using wax pencils, though Strong adds, "He did do a lot of watercolors but he gave them away. He was a little intimidated by mixing colors." Some surviving pencils are archived in the hangar; Strong moves over to a cabinet on the far wall of the hangar and pulls out a ziploc bag containing a blue wax pencil, a white feathered quill and a white glove that Jackson used for drawing.

Jackson turned to art as times got hard for him. "His interest in art, in drawing it, was just another level of his creativity that went on over a long period of time," Strong says. "It was quite private to him. I think he retreated into it when he was being attacked by those accusations against him." The sketches and drawings certainly reveal an extremely sensitive creator, though it's clear that Jackson also had a sense of humor.

Jackson's art was kept under wraps for such a long time simply because of the pedophilia scandal, which erupted right around the time that he was looking for a way to publicize the works. "A lot of his art was going to be exhibited 18 years ago. Here's one of his tour books, where he talks about exhibiting art. He didn't want it to be a secret," Strong says, pointing at a leaflet from the 1992 Dangerous World Tour.

Prior to that period, Jackson and Strong had met and become fast friends. This marked the beginning of Strong's mentorship, in which he encouraged Jackson to create bigger paintings and drawings, and exhibit his work. The idea behind their Jackson-Strong Alliance was that Strong would help Jackson manage and exhibit his art. Notably, the alliance birthed Strong's infamous $2 million portrait of Michael Jackson entitled The Book, the only known portrait Jackson ever sat for.

In 1993, everything blew up. At the time, Jackson and Strong were both on the board of Big Brothers of Los Angeles (now known as Big Brothers Big Sisters), a chapter of the national youth mentoring organization established in L.A. by Walt Disney and Meredith Willson. They had planned out a fundraising campaign involving Jackson's art. Strong explains, "We thought that if we would market [his art] in limited edition prints to his fans, he could support the charities that he wanted to, rather than have everybody think that he was so wealthy he could afford to finance everybody." When the pedophilia scandal erupted, Disney put a freeze on the project. The artwork stayed put, packed away from public eyes in storage crates.

As for the spectacular appraisal of $900 million for Jackson's art collection, Strong says that it derives from the idea of reproducing prints as well. The figure was originally quoted by Eric Finzi, of Belgo Fine Art Appraisers. "The reason somebody came out with that was because there was an appraisal on if all of his originals were reproduced -- he wanted to do limited editions of 777 -- and he would sell them to his fan base in order to build his monument, support kids and do other things. You multiply that by 150 originals, and if they sold for a few thousand dollars each, then you would end up with 900 million dollars." Fair enough, though now Strong says he has gone to an appraiser in Chicago to get that value double-checked, and they arrived at an even higher estimate.

The story of Jackson's art ends up being quite a simple one, though confused by so much hearsay and rumor. Strong and the Jackson estate will slowly reveal more works as time passes, and an exhibit is tentatively planned for L.A.'s City Hall. Negotiations with museums for a posthumous Jackson retrospective are still underway, but Strong has high hopes. He's even talking of building a Michael Jackson museum that would house all of Jackson's artwork.

Source: L.A Weekly


New Column!


New column for the fans !







Kid dancing to Thriller at Safeco field





The GRAMMY Museum debuted


A new exhibit case on June 25, paying tribute to the life and legacy of Michael Jackson. This special display serves as a follow-up to the Museum's past exhibitions, Michael Jackson: HIStyle and Michael Jackson: A Musical Legacy .





Janet Brings MJ Back On Tour


Janet Jackson has recently been performing her virtual duet of 'Scream' with her brother Michael during her Number Ones tour and she recently opened up about how the song came to be to CNN.

"I was on the Rhythm Nation tour and Mike actually asked me to do a song with him and I told him no. I didn't want to do it. I felt I hadn't come into my own and I hadn't fully made a name for myself ... and I didn't want to ride anyone's coattails," she said. "And I remember being in the Janet Tour a few good years later and he asked me again if I would do a song with him. And I felt, at that point, I'd carved my own little niche in this world of music and I felt okay, I can do this now and that's how it came about."




All In Your Name News video plus entire track



All In Your Name is an unreleased song on which Michael collaborated with Barry Gibb, of the Bee Gees. Previously, we have only been able to listen to a small section of the song, but now the entire track is available.

Click here


Source : BarryGibb.com







New interface




Barry Gibb in Michael Part2!


Source : BarryGibb.com




Barry Gibb Shares Exclusive Video Footage Of Michael




Barry Gibb has released the following video footage of Barry & Michael singing.

Recorded & Filmed at Middle Ear Studios in December 2002. All footage was shot by Ashley Gibb on a High 8 camera. There is over 2 hours of footage.

Michael Jackson and I were the dearest of friends, thats simply what it was. We gravitated towards the same kind of music and we loved collaborating and he was the easiest person to write with. The more we got to know each other the more those ideas entwined and it all came to this song " All in Your Name".
"All in Your Name" is infact the message that Michael wanted to send out to all of his fans all over the World that he did it all for them and for the pure love of music. I hope and pray that we all get to hear it in its entirety. This experience i will treasure forever. 


Source : BarryGibb.com





King Of Pop At Madame Tussauds



If you are going to be in the New York area from now through June, you may want to check out the Madame Tussauds wax attraction in New York City. The world famous wax museum will feature a very special exhibit celebrating the King of Pop at three phases of his amazing career, beginning with The Jackson 5 and running through Invincible.

Michael Jackson was first immortalized in wax by Madame Tussauds' artists back in 1984 and had a second figure created in 1989. He has been sculpted in wax more times than any other celebrity in history and is currently featured at every Madame Tussauds wax attraction around the world.


Madame Tussauds New York is located in the heart of Times Square


Source: MJFC / Rubenstein Communications, Inc. / madametussauds.com




She joined her soul mate !


Today we heard with sadness about the death of Elisabeth Taylor. This great lady joined Michael there where nobody can reach them. The one as the other one, they led many fights to realize their dreams, their purposes and manage their private life.

They understood as nobody because the two begun very young in the world of entertainment. Liz was 10 years old when she started as actress. As all children stars, they often were misunderstood by the general public.

They were exceptional persons. Peace to their souls and respect for their memory.


All the staff of Michael Jackson Fan-Club 3Generations


Freddie Mercury & Michael Jackson Duets To Be Released



In the early 80's, Freddie Mercury (the late lead singer of Queen) recorded 3 songs with Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson and Queen were fairly good friends (according to Queen drummer Roger Taylor, it was Jackson who suggested they release “Another One Bites the Dust” as a single. It was the band's biggest hit in the U.S.)

Anyway, Freddie stopped by Jackson's house to work on a few songs. They were “Victory”, “State of Shock” and “There Must Be More to Life than This”. The demos were ran through a few times but sadly left unfinished as both men had their own tours/albums to work on.

In an interview with a Belgian magazine Roger Tayler says “We are now working on some never-before-released songs that Freddy made with Michael in the early 80's. I'm not allowed to say too much about it but they sound incredible!”.




MJ Duet With Barry Gibb


Click photo


Barry Gibb, one third of the great brother act, The Bee Gees, was a long-time friend of Michael Jackson's.

On his official website, Gibb posted a 26-second clip of a song that features Jackson titled, 'All In Your Name,' under the heading "New Music Coming From Barry Soon."


Source: BarryGibb.com




New photo




This photo is from The Way You Make Me Feel video .

Source: Sony Music Photo Sam Emerson





Happy Birthday To you Blanket in the 9years already

Michael Jackson Fan-Club 3Generations





Jackson Family Complex Given Extension



The city of Gary, Michael's birthplace, has given the developer of a proposed Michael Jackson family-themed complex until May 31st, to register as a tax-exempt nonprofit, in Indiana.

City Attorney Susan Severtson, tells The Times of Munster, that Gary officials realize that it takes time for an organization to meet the nonprofit requirements and wanted to set up a realistic timeline. The city signed a real estate deal last year with Jackson Family Heritage Foundation and Michael's parents to transfer, under certain conditions, more than three hundred acres of city land, for free, to the group to develop. Severtson says, the foundation must have tax-exempt status before it can receive the land.


Source :Northwest Indiana Times






Katherine Speaks To ABC News



Katherine Jackson spoke to ABC News' 'Goodmorning America' today and she talked about the constant pressure she feels from being in the courtroom to raising Michael's children.

"It's been a difficult time for me ever since my son passed," said Katherine Jackson. "When I'm in that courtroom I can't stand to look at that man [Murray]…and I go because I love my son... I just feel I have to be there. It's the same way when they was accusing him of molestation... I was there every day."

In addition to the case against Murray, Katherine is also dealing with a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by the Michael Jackson Estate against her business partner, Howard Mann.

"As far as the estate suing Howard Mann, my feeling is when they're suing Howard Mann they're suing me... because I authorized the book," Katherine said.

Howard Mann said Katherine is going through a difficult time.

"It's not just obviously the lawsuit filed against us, she's obviously going through a criminal trial towards as to the wrongful death of her son, the litigation with AEG, I think there's a lot of compound pressure right now," Mann said.

Katherine also spoke about how different it is to raise children in her 80's than it was in her 20's and says that she now has a different view about children in the entertainment business.

"Michael's children are good children, and he raised them out of love and understanding, " Katherine said. "I don't have a hard time with them, because they know what, how their father had them raised, and their very respectful and also it's a difference today."

"I wouldn't let (them) go into business at this early of age, like Paris wants to be an actress…and I don't think Michael would have let her," she said. "He talked about he didn't have a childhood, he wanted to be more...play more."






Friday Courtroom - Days 5


Using phone records and testimony from police and Murray's current and former girlfriends , prosecutors have developed a timeline that shows Murray was talking and texting on the phone during the time he should have been monitoring the vital signs of his patient .

Prosecutors hope to convince a judge of several key points - among them , that Murray delayed calling 911 while he tried to cover his tracks , that he botched CPR efforts and that Jackson had died before help was summoned .

The remainder of the hearing will likely have a decidedly clinical feel , with coroner's officials , propofol experts and police who interviewed Murray taking the stand .
Defense attorneys rarely present witnesses or their own theories during preliminary hearings . In Murray's case , they did not make an opening statement and have so far only hinted at their potential argument that Jackson accidentally killed himself as they questioned witnesses , asking a coroner's investigator about the singer's proximity to medications in his room .

A prosecutor objected to the question , and the judge blocked the answer .
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor said Friday that prosecutors told him they were ahead of schedule , although he did not indicate when the hearing may end . Sixteen witnesses have been called so far , and prosecutors appear to be at least halfway through presenting their case .
Deputy District Attorney David Walgren initially said the hearing would take seven to eight days and require approximately 30 witnesses .


Source: AP




Friday Courtroom - Days 4



Dr. Conrad Murray's private life today during day four of the multi-day preliminary hearing with three of the doctor's mistresses

Two former and one current - each taking the witness stand. Murray, 57, is married to a medical-school classmate and has fathered children with several women.

Only one of the girlfriends testified at length about Murray but all of the women's testimonies suggest prosecutors may try link the financial costs of Murray's romantic life with his desire to keep the $150,000-a-month job with Jackson.

“When you began an intimate relationship with Dr. Murray, were you aware he had six other children?” Deputy District Attorney Deborah Brazil asked Nicole Alvarez, Murray's current girlfriend and the mother of his toddler son.

Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor said the question was irrelevant and ordered Alvarez not to answer.

A second girlfriend, Houston cocktail waitress Sade Anding, gave testimony that bore most directly on Jackson's death and could provide the "smoking gun" as far as disproving Murray's version of events of that day.

Anding was on the phone with Murray at the time the doctor discoverd Jackson was in trouble. She said he abruptly stopped responding to her comments.

“I just remember saying, ‘Hello, hello, hello! Are you there? Are you there,'” Anding recalled. She said she heard “a commotion, as if the phone was in a pocket or something,” followed by coughing and a “mumbling of voices” that she didn't recognize.

Anding says she got the call from Murray at around 12:30 p.m. and it lasted approximately 5 minutes. Phone records show she actually got the call at 11:51 a.m.

That difference is important because the 911 call wasn't made until 12:21 p.m. If Murray did indeed realize Jackson was in distress at 11:55 a.m., then there was a long delay in calling for help.

Phone records brought to light in yesterday's proceedings showed that Murray made 11 calls during the time that authorities say he should have been closely monitoring Jackson.

Bridgette Morgan, another former girlfriend, testified briefly that she had phoned Murray about a half-hour before Jackson stopped breathing, but did not reach him.

The most extensive testimony today came from Alvarez, a 29-year-old actress who met Murray in 2005 when he was a customer at a Las Vegas “gentlemen's club” where she worked.

Asked by Brazil if she knew Murray, who lived in Las Vegas with his wife and children, was married when they met, she said she couldn't remember. However, later in her testimony she said that Murray's permanent residence was “in Las Vegas with his wife.”

Alverez gave birth to Murray's son in March 2009 and said she was planning to take the baby to London with Murray for Jackson's planned concert residency at the O2 Arena.

Brazil produced packing slips showing six deliveries from a Las Vegas pharmacy - the same pharmacy from which Murray ordered the propofol - to the apartment where Alvarez lived and Murray paid the rent. She said Murray told her he was having packages shipped to the apartment, but she never opened the boxes or looked closely at the return address.

Alvarez, who was often a hostile witness for the prosecution, said that she knew Murray left her apartment each night to treat Jackson, but that the doctor told her “absolutely nothing” about those treatments.

“Dr. Murray and I were on a need-to-know basis. He's a professional man and I know my position and my place in his life and it is not my duty to know” [the details of his medical practice].

Alvarez asked the prosecutor to repeat questions so many times that the judge eventually admonished her to pay better attention.

When Brazil asked about her expectations of Murray's schedule while he was treating Jackson, she replied testily, “To begin with, I don't have expectations of Dr. Murray, so I wouldn't expect anything … that's just a rule I live by.”

Since there seems little doubt that the judge will throw the case out and a jury trial is imminent, Murray's defense team has chosen not to play their hand until then in a bit of a strategic move, letting the prosecution lay out its evidence virtually unabated.


Source: MJFC / AP




3 days of trial


A paramedic who was called to the scene of Michael Jackson's rented mansion in Holmby Hills, California on June 25, 2009, said he had a "gut feeling" the superstar's doctor was not being truthful as emergency personnel worked to revive him.

Richard Senneff, who has worked for the Los Angeles Fire Department for 25 years, said that when he arrived at Jackson's home, Dr. Conrad Murray told him Jackson's condition had “just happened.”

Yet based on Jackson's dilated pupils, dry eyes and his skin, which was cold to the touch, Senneff said he believed the singer may have been dead for more than 20 minutes.

“All I can tell you is my gut feeling at the time was this did not just happen, it's been a period of time.”

The paramedic said other things Murray told him did not add up - like saying Jackson had no underlying condition and was only being treated for dehydration, and that the only medication he had been given was the sedative lorazepam.

Even when pressed repeatedly by emergency personnel about what medication he had given Jackson, Murray never mentioned the powerful anesthetic that was eventually determined to have caused his death.

“At that time or any time, did Dr. Murray tell you he'd given the patient propofol?” Deputy District Attorney David Walgren asked.

“No, sir,” Senneff responded.

Senneff testified that, when he first entered the room, he initially thought Jackson was a hospice patient because he appeared pale and underweight, with an IV stand and a personal physician at his bedside.

Members of Jackson's family, including both his parents, all three of his sisters and brother Randy were all in the courtroom on Wednesday as Alberto Alverez, one of Michael Jackson's employees testified that Dr. Murray ordered him to carry away medical vials and an intravenous bag before calling paramedics that day.

Alverez said he received a call from Murray telling him to rush to Jackson's bedroom because the singer had "a bad reaction."

"He [Murray] then grabbed a handful of bottles or vials and instructed me to put them in a bag," Alvarez said.

Alvarez said Murray instructed him to take away an intravenous bag that had "a milky substance" inside, and put it with the other bottles in a plastic bag that was placed inside a canvas carrying case. He then said he did not know where the bags went.

Attorneys believe the hearing could last up to two weeks, and at the end the judge will decide if there is enough evidence to make Dr. Murray stand trial for manslaughter.

Other witnesses during day three of the multi-day preliminary hearing to determine if Dr. Murray should stand trial for involuntary manslaughter included two doctors from the UCLA Medical Center .

Dr. Richelle Cooper testified that when Jackson arrived at UCLA there were " no signs of life . " Dr. Cooper added that Murray was not forthcoming about the drugs he had administered saying Murray copped to giving Jackson lorazepam , but made no mention of Propofol .

Dr. Thao Nguyen testified Murray denied giving Jackson any sedatives or narcotics , other than the lorazepam .

Other testimony coming from phone company representatives revealed that , during the period he should have been closely monitoring Michael Jackson's vital signs , Dr. Murray was talking on the phone and texting several people - but none of them 911 .

In the approximately five hours before Murray discovered that his patient had stopped breathing , he had 11 phone conversations on two different phones . Three back-to-back calls lasting 45 minutes led directly to the moment when prosecutors say the doctor realized Jackson was in cardiac arrest .

Murray sent or received a total of five text messages on his iPhone during this period . His phone conversations on that phone and a Sprint cellphone included calls with his practice in Las Vegas , his clinic in Houston , an employee and another doctor . All total , Murray spent close to an hour and a half on the phone in the five-hour period .

The phone records also show the frantic call Murray made to Jackson's personal assistant and two text messages he sent within a minute or two of the time when prosecutors believe he realised Jackson was in trouble .

Yet based on Jackson's dilated pupils, dry eyes and his skin, which was cold to the touch, Senneff said he believed the singer may have been dead for more than 20 minutes.

“All I can tell you is my gut feeling at the time was this did not just happen, it's been a period of time.”

The paramedic said other things Murray told him did not add up - like saying Jackson had no underlying condition and was only being treated for dehydration, and that the only medication he had been given was the sedative lorazepam.

Even when pressed repeatedly by emergency personnel about what medication he had given Jackson, Murray never mentioned the powerful anesthetic that was eventually determined to have caused his death.

“At that time or any time, did Dr. Murray tell you he'd given the patient propofol?” Deputy District Attorney David Walgren asked.

“No, sir,” Senneff responded.

Senneff testified that, when he first entered the room, he initially thought Jackson was a hospice patient because he appeared pale and underweight, with an IV stand and a personal physician at his bedside.

Members of Jackson's family, including both his parents, all three of his sisters and brother Randy were all in the courtroom on Wednesday as Alberto Alverez, one of Michael Jackson's employees testified that Dr. Murray ordered him to carry away medical vials and an intravenous bag before calling paramedics that day.

Alverez said he received a call from Murray telling him to rush to Jackson's bedroom because the singer had "a bad reaction."

"He [Murray] then grabbed a handful of bottles or vials and instructed me to put them in a bag," Alvarez said.

Alvarez said Murray instructed him to take away an intravenous bag that had "a milky substance" inside, and put it with the other bottles in a plastic bag that was placed inside a canvas carrying case. He then said he did not know where the bags went.

Attorneys believe the hearing could last up to two weeks, and at the end the judge will decide if there is enough evidence to make Dr. Murray stand trial for manslaughter.


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The trial of Dr Conrad Murray is opened


Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine, sister La Toya, and brothers Randy and Jackie sat in the second row of the courtroom during Tuesday's opening session.




Michael Jackson in the studio Akon talks memories



Akon sat down in an interview Monday morning on CBS news to talk about the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The artist had the chance to work with Jackson before he died and felt it was an opportunity that he will never forget. The celebrity talked about the experiences in the studio and how working together changed him as not only a musical artist but also a producer.

“Watching MJ work and being part of that creation and give him pointers was an amazing thing ever,” says Akon. The older popstar was keen to Akon's pointers and would do as directed to make the singles on the album the best, but on the same token Michael Jackson also wanted to try a few items as well.

“If there was something he wanted to do he would ask politely if he could try this,” shares Akon. Obviously being Michael Jackson, the big time celebrity there wasn't going to be a disagreement coming from Akon as they were working together for the perfect album.

“The way I look at this album is it is something he left behind and remembers him for,” says Akon. “It can't be compared to his other works.”


Source:CBS News