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Michael Joseph Jackson 


Michael Jackson is a certain value for us, the fans, but also for the world of music.

He invented the video clip, the looks of time and of future! 

His art is universal:

Composer-songwriter, singer, dancer, choreographer,showman, visionary, poet but also draftsman. Musician,he played several instruments, among others, the piano and the harp. 

Yes, he was a complete artist and a good,honest and generous man. 

Otherwise he wouldnt be here where he was. A real genius!

They published a lot of garbage about my subject.

They wrote so false things, lies on me.
Those are things about I want to speak.
The press published a lot of horrible rumours
on my subject.

It is often so far from the truth, that makes me
realize that more a person tells of lies,more we hear a lie, more we end up believe in it.

If we repeat it enough, people end up believe it.

Michael Jackson