You were art and the art continues
beyond the centuries.












"I always thought of him as normal," he says.

"He's the most thoughtful, respectful person I've ever met.

In 20 years, I never heard him raise his voice."

David Nordahl


A lie, the more you hear that lie, the more you believe it. If it is repeated long enough, you start to believe it.The things that have been said about me are terrible. They are completely false.

"I've seen lawyers who don't represent me and spokespeople who do not know me speaking for me. These characters always seem to surface with dreadful allegations just as another project, an album, a video is being released".

Michael Jackson, November 18, 2003 after a search warrant was served at Neverland Ranch








I suffer from a disease that destroys the pigmentation of the skin and I can't nothing about this.

Michael Jackson 1993







The MJ 30th Anniversary Award is an award for Michael

from YOU the fans.




















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